Disco Magic S.r.l.


Italian record company which was founded by Severo Lombardoni in 1982 and closed in 1997. As Disco Magic S.r.l. the company was active until 1994, then changed to legal form of 'S.p.A.' (Discomagic S.p.A.) and then later again to 'S.a.s.' (Discomagic S.a.s.).

Managed more than 100 sub-labels that specialized in various Electronic music styles such as Italo-Disco, Eurobeat, Italodance, Italo House, Trance.

Includes entries given as: Discomagic srl / Magic / Discomagic (2) / Disco Magic / Disco Magic srl / Disco Magic, Italy

Sublabels:Discomagic (2), Discomagic Records, Lombardoni Edizioni Musicali, Metalmaster
Contact Info:

Address since 1986 until 1994 (1997):
Disco Magic S.r.l.
Via Mecenate, 78/A
20138 Milan, Italy
Phone: 02/58012071 R.A.
Fax: 02/55400364-58012566

Address since 1983 until 1986:
Disco Magic S.r.l.
Via Fantoli, 7
Milan, Italy

Address until 1983:
Disco Magic (S.r.l.)
Via Fogazzaro, 11
Milan, Italy
Phone: 02/5469087-585691


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