Wagram Music


French independent label and distributor, ranked among the top 10 independent European labels. Wagram Music covers all musical styles, the entire territory, and all distribution channels. Founded in 1998 by Stéphan Bourdoiseau and the help of a financial partner by acquiring assets of Arcade Music Company France.

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Label codes: LC 12545 or LC 24761

Parent Label:Wagram Music S.A.
Sublabels:2CD Essentials, Collection Diamond, Collection Légende, Collection Rock & Folk, Diggin' Collection, Electronic Music Anthology, Esprit Robert Doisneau, Fever (7), Frenchcore, Give Me The Funk!, ...
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Wagram Music
19 rue des Plantes
75014 Paris
Email: [email protected] , Facebook , , Facebook , Soundcloud , Soundcloud , X , YouTube


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  • bsdjs Avatar
    I have two items by Wagram Music and must say very disappointing quality (at least for house/techno). Not loud at all, cannot play at a club, or even a large house party.
    • dibyendu.sharmas Avatar
      Any idea on the source of these compilations on LP, is it all digital RIPs on LP? or really pure analogue source? any idea
      • MarioPenatis Avatar
        "French independent label and distributor" looooooooooooooooooool and 3 more words
        • cutjuless Avatar
          Anyone could give a feedback of the quality of their vinyl pressings please ?
          • Simon_Dragness Avatar
            Vor 4 Jahren bearbeitet
            The label who continiously release the same songs over and over on different compilations.