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Rē Records was founded by Chris Cutler in 1978, as a vehicle for Art Bears and then other projects of his own. At the same time he launched Recommended Records, a specialised mailorder service which established its own label for outside releases. A Recommended shop opened in the early '80s, and in mid-decade the shop and distribution functions separated from the labels, becoming a workers collective and changing its name to These Records (independent branches were also opened in mainland Europe by Recommended Records Italia, Recommended Records (Switzerland), Recommended Music and Recommended Records France). In the early '90s Cutler merged the labels under the name ReR Megacorp and set up a new distribution and mailorder service under the same name. These Records continued until 2006, when it finally closed.

Label Code: LC 2676 / LC 02676

Often telling which label a release is on can be confusing, even with the release in front of you. The way to tell them apart is by the catalog numbers:
Re or Rē numbers = Rē Records [generally releases featuring Chris Cutler]
R.R. or RR numbers = Recommended Records [releases by other artists]
RēR numbers = ReR Megacorp [releases after 1988]

Sublabels:Arc Records (3), Freedonia Records, Image Print Resources, Third Step Printworks
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