Noise International


A German label that specialized in heavy and thrash metal releases.

Noise International was a division of Modern Music Records GmbH. Modern Music created the Noise International label in 1987 when they expanded their operation to the UK and US markets. The logo appeared mainly on European releases. In 1993 the Noise International name was dropped and the company reverted to using the Noise (3) label (without "International") for all releases. Then, in mid 1990s, Modern Music Records GmbH changed the label again - it started using the Noise Records name.

Also SEE US Division label F.A.D. Records

In addition to the main office located in Berlin, Noise International also had offices in London and New York. The US company, Noise International Inc., most often used the Noise (3) label for their releases (with a new logo), although it wasn't 100% consistent.

Catalogue numbers:
Releases intended for the european market had the following cat. num. format:
N #### or N ####-#
Releases intended for the US market (where Noise International is usually mentioned only as the copyright holder ) had the following cat. num. format:
WK ##### later replaced by 0-3612-#####-# or 48##-#-U
Releases marketed in the UK also had this cat. num.:
NUK ###

Usage details:
Noise International can be used both as a label and copyright holder where applicable. Use only when Noise International logo is present on the release. If there is the Noise Records logo, please use Noise Records, if the label logo says only "Noise", please use Noise (3).

Label Code: LC 9066

Parent Label:Modern Music Records GmbH


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  • noizsteppers Avatar
    Vor 13 Jahren bearbeitet
    Very diversified Metal Label in the 80th and early 90th! Most talented artists like overkill, celtic frost, coroner, voivod and even experimental acts like mordred and killing joke were releasing albums at Noise back than.
    Also most of that acts were allready gone, they left some very beautifull memories thinking back at my youth.