BZRK Records


Dutch gabber/(happy) hardcore label owned by Mark Vos (a.k.a. Buzz Fuzz).

Founded in 1995 by M.Vos as a division of ID&T but the part of that catalogue is now owned by Be Yourself Music. Only the original tracks!

From the releasenote that came with BZRK 001:
"Bzrk records was founded by Bertocucci Feranzano in Feranzano's Attic. Bzrk records will contain hardcore in all possible ways, that means happy or aggresive and from producers all over the world."

Nowadays in 2015 BZRK is back where it supposed to be!
Buzzy goes BZRK again in 2015!

Parent Label:ID&T
Sublabels:Bzrk Records Black Label, Bzrk White Label, Frank 'N Fuck
Contact Info:

BZRK Records 2015
E-mail: [email protected]
licensing: [email protected]

Be Yourself Catalogue B.V.
P.O. Box 426
4200 AK Gorinchem
The Netherlands

email: [email protected]
licensing: [email protected] (back catalogue original tracks only)


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