Original Jazz Classics

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US reissue label.
Label Code: LC 7638 / LC 07638
Created in 1982 by Fantasy Records to present classic jazz albums from the Fantasy-owned labels (i.e. Prestige, Riverside Records, Milestone Records, Contemporary Records and later Pablo Records), with their original artwork and liner notes. Over 1,000 titles to date have been reissued on the label.

Parent Label:Concord Music Group
Sublabels:20 Bit Remastered, Collectors Choice 50, Original Jazz Classics Collections, Original Jazz Classics Limited Edition Series, Original Jazz Classics Remasters, Prestige Soul Masterpieces


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  • KzManics Avatar
    I own large numbers of OJC vinyl pressed in 80's - 90's as well as some related vinyl reissues manufactured by the parent label Fantasy Records, Inc. at that period, including some selected titles released on Wave Jazz Classics or the products that have the credits "Manufactured from master owned by Fantasy, Inc., Berkeley, California" on the back sleeves.

    I've been getting also current audiophile reissues on vinyl constantly and clearly say the quality of mastering and pressing of OJC/Fantasy products kick back almost all of them reissued after the millennium.

    If you have any chances to get OJC/Fantasy reissues for the realm of Jazz, do not hesitate to pick them up or cry later seriously.

    Simply, 80's-90's OJC/Fantasy vinyl reissues are still your best choices for actual audiophile listening and archiving.
    • revellidrums Avatar
      I just got the four Miles Davis Quintet reissues on OJC (those being ("Cookin'", "Relaxin'", "Workin'" and "Steamin'"). They are all excellent in every way. The pressings are super quiet, the records themselves are completely flat and centered, and the remastering in very present Mono is a joy to listen to. Great cover art reproduction and non-paper inner sleeves are also noteworthy. Personally, I simply cannot justify spending hundreds of dollars to get originals of these fine albums when these issues would certainly meet any enthusiasts' criteria. Highly recommended.
      • duffy-ducks Avatar
        I love OJC series, everything I have is like a gold for my library. Fortunately I purchased them at '80s and '90s and now many of them are rare.
        • Mark42662s Avatar
          Are they still doing pressings? The last dated reissue is from 2018. Concord's web site no longer shows an OJC page. It would be nice to know what is currently in print on vinyl.
          • BillyBirds Avatar
            I have OJC the Sonny Rollins LP "Way Out West" and the Bobby Timmons Trio CD "In Person" and the sound is perfect in both cases. It feels the sound.
            • pointaschs Avatar
              I have a lot of there 80´s records, all vinyl and they sound really great. Cover art is very good too, you don't have the thick cardboard sleeves, thats all, printing is very good. They still are possible to buy at a decent price, get them when you can.
              • jamilmac14921763s Avatar
                Just scored a five vinyl OJC lot of 80’s records from the Hoffman forum! I’m super pleased to read that this is a pretty solid label. Looking forward to spinning!
                • GoodTuness Avatar
                  For Jazz LP Collectors on a budget, this label is a dream! Lots and lots of classic albums for inexpensive prices. I own a few of their 80's pressings and a few of their 00's pressings, both vinyl, and they all sound terrific. A total bargain compared to purchasing audiophile/high-end pressings or originals. Also, on an aesthetic note, I LOVE their Japanese-style Obi's they placed on their early 80's vinyl pressings. A great touch.
                  • bigbasssounds Avatar
                    I have just purchased two OJC CDs, secondhand, very cheap - both by Sonny Rollins: Way Out West and Freedom Suite. Released 1988-89. Very smooth pleasant listening. I'll be looking for more.
                    • patientots Avatar
                      I'm glad Concord Music Group is keeping this label alive as it's a treasure trove of classic jazz. That said, I wish they would take a bit more care with the current iteration of CD and LP releases they are pressing up now.

                      I've noticed that many of the CD releases are now being printed as well-disguised CDRs rather than real CDs. That's a damn shame. I know CD sales are down, but Concord is shooting themselves in the foot with that tactic, as anyone that still buys CDs wants the real thing, not an inferior CDR.

                      On the LP front, the quality is definitely a bit more hit or miss than the old OJC LPs from the 80s and 90s as Concord seems to subcontract the work to whatever plant has capacity at the time. The ones pressed at QRP and RTI are generally good quality, but things get dicier when Rainbo and United are involved. Laquer cutting is also handled by a few different folks, though that's mostly not a problem, but sometimes is (one Chet Baker LP had a digital skip in it!). In rare cases you might find one of these new OJCs that are pressed from an old mother/father plate but these are mostly new cuts. I'm guessing the old metalwork was lost or destroyed years ago.