German label.
Label Code: LC 0366 / LC 00366.
The history of this German label dates back to shellac times, when Telefunken took over the Ultraphon label in 1932. For some time Telefunken re-issued older Ultraphon records with that same label.
Attention: In 1974 the cat# system changed to an x.xxxxx or xx.xxxxx format. To help determine accurate release dates, releases after 1974 have a dot after the second digit.
In 1976 label codes were introduced. The label codes can therefore be used to identify the releases correct ℗&© date.
If there is any code after the cat#, this should be denoted too.

Through the 1930s until the early 1950s Telefunkenplatte G.m.b.H. was the parent company, but hardly ever appeared on releases. The successor is the wellknown TELDEC »Telefunken-Decca« Schallplatten GmbH since 1950 until 1983, when this Decca/Telefunken fusion split up. The new company was TELDEC Schallplatten GmbH. At this point, the Telefunken label began to be replaced by the new TELDEC label.

Telefunken was the former parent label of Das Alte Werk.

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Telefunken Records
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