Le Chant Du Monde


French label and music publishing house founded in 1938 by Léon Moussinac.
Label Code: LC 0609 / LC 00609
Supported by prestigious allied Georges Auric, Roger Désormière, Arthur Honegger, Charles Kœchlin, Darius Milhaud, Francis Poulenc, Manuel Rosenthal et Albert Roussel, Chant du monde gathered the first collection of traditional music recordings, and commissioned composers to transcript French oral traditions and music alike.
After WWII, they acquired les Editions sociales internationales. CDM became shortly the French editor of Russian composers Serge Prokofiev, Dimitri Chostakovitch and Aram Khatchatourian and also the first producer of Léo Ferré, Mouloudji, Cora Vaucaire, then Colette Magny, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Uña Ramos or Vladimir Vissotsky to name just a few.
In January 1982, Le Chant Du Monde went bankrupt and was reactivated six months later with Harmonia Mundi becoming the distributor.
In 1993, Le Chant Du Monde merged with Arlesian-based French distributor and music label Harmonia Mundi. They're now focused on classical music, pop music, children and traditional music.

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Parent Label:Music Sales Group
Sublabels:"In" Special, "Mémoire", 50 Ans De Chansons Sovietiques, Anthologie de la musique bulgare, Anthologie De La Musique Traditionnelle Française, Berceuses, Canto Libre / Le Chant Du Monde, Chants & Danses, Chants Des Peuples Soviétiques, Chants Et Danses, ...
Contact Info:

- Mas de Vert, B.P. 20150, 13631 Arles Cedex, France
- 31 Rue Vandrezanne 75013 Paris, France

tel : 04 90 49 90 49
fax : 04 90 49 58 33
tel : 04 90 49 90 49
tel : 01 53 80 37 98

Information: contact-lcdm[at]
Presse: cbreugnon[at] ,


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