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Publishing company affiliated with Warner Bros. Records.
Use this entry if no further information is given. If a specific company/entity is mentioned such as
1) Wb Music Corp. (including variants such as Warner Bros. Music Corp., Warner Bros. Music Corporation etc.) or
2) Warner Bros. Music Ltd. (including variants such as Warner Bros. Music Ltd., Warner Brothers Music Ltd. etc.)
use these entries. First of these entites is since 2019 known as WC Music Corp., second of these is since 1988 known as Warner Chappell Music Ltd.

Note: If "Warner Bros. Inc. - Warner Bros. Music Division" or similar is mentioned, please use Warner Bros. Music Div. instead. This entity still functions in WarnerMedia (formerly Time Warner) even after spun-off of Warner Music Group in 2004 - it is a music publishing division of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Additionally, its management is still passed to Warner Chappell Music, despite different ownership.

Name variations:
- Warner Brothers
- Warner Brothers Music
- Warner Bros Music
- Warner Bros. Mus.
- Warner Bros. (as Publishing)
- Warner Bros (as Publishing)

Parent Label:Warner Chappell Music
Sublabels:Warner Brothers Music, France


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