"Napalm" was founded in June 1994 by Martin Damm and Michael Zosel, active until 2003. It was self-distributed.

"Napalm" was a 12-inch-label for an uncompromising combination of Industrial elements with Hardcore Techno. What you hear on a Napalm-record is rather noise than sound and most of the track-elements used are indeed distorted sound-effects.
Due to the fact that only 4 different persons (of the Shockwave-family) are responsible for the whole Napalm-output the label has a very linear appearance. "Napalm" was "members-only", but the sub-label "Agent Orange" was open for demos in Napalm-style.
Phone: +49-(0)631-793 99
Fax: +49-(0)631-793 99
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P.O. Box 538
55529 Bad Kreuznach
Phone: +49-(0)671-8408484
Fax: +49-(0)671-8408485



Status Katalognummer  Image Künstler Titel (Format) Label Katalognummer  Land Jahr Aktionen
NAPALM 1 Napalm 1 Plattencover Napalm Napalm 1 NAPALM 1 Germany 1994 Diese Version verkaufen
NAPALM 2 Napalm 2 Plattencover Napalm Napalm 2 NAPALM 2 Germany 1994 Diese Version verkaufen
NAPALM 3 Napalm 3 Plattencover Napalm Napalm 3 NAPALM 3 Germany 1994 Diese Version verkaufen
NAPALM 4 Napalm 4 Plattencover Napalm Napalm 4 NAPALM 4 Germany 1995 Diese Version verkaufen
NAPALM 5 Napalm 5 Plattencover Napalm Napalm 5 NAPALM 5 Germany 1995 Diese Version verkaufen
NAPALM 6 Napalm 6 Plattencover Napalm Napalm 6 NAPALM 6 Germany 1995 Diese Version verkaufen
NAPALM 7 Napalm 7 Plattencover Napalm Napalm 7 NAPALM 7 Germany 1996 Diese Version verkaufen
NAPALM 8 Napalm 8 Plattencover Napalm Napalm 8 NAPALM 8 Germany 1996 Diese Version verkaufen
NAPALM 9 Napalm 9 Plattencover Napalm Napalm 9 NAPALM 9 Germany 1996 Diese Version verkaufen
NAPALM 10 Napalm 10 Plattencover Napalm Napalm 10 NAPALM 10 Germany 1997 Diese Version verkaufen
NAPALM 11 Napalm 11 Plattencover Napalm Napalm 11 NAPALM 11 Germany 1998 Diese Version verkaufen
NAPALM 12 Napalm 12 Plattencover Napalm Napalm 12 NAPALM 12 Germany 1999 Diese Version verkaufen
NAPALM 13 Napalm 13 Plattencover Napalm Napalm 13 NAPALM 13 Germany 2001 Diese Version verkaufen
NAPALM 14 Napalm 14 Plattencover Napalm Napalm 14 NAPALM 14 Germany 2001 Diese Version verkaufen
NAPALM 15 Napalm 15 Plattencover Napalm Napalm 15 NAPALM 15 Germany 2003 Diese Version verkaufen
PKGCD 11 Braindead 2003 Plattencover Various Braindead 2003(2xCD, Comp) Psychik Genocide, Psychik Genocide PKGCD 11 France 2003 Diese Version verkaufen
PKGCD19 The Cycore Megamix Plattencover The Speed Freak The Cycore Megamix(CD, Mixed) Psychik Genocide PKGCD19 France 2004 Diese Version verkaufen

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15. Dezember 2020
geändert 4 months ago
Excellent label, thank god that most of the vinyls are repressed around 2003/2004, probably all of them. That was the change to buy them for a normal price. Quality terror / darkcore / industrial. Distributed by Soundbase Music


27. Mai 2020
Even 20-25 years after its zenith, the sounds presented on this label continue to stand out in the history of music in general, and of hardcore in particular. Whenever these tracks where featured in a DJ's mix, or on a compilation CD, the tracks coming from the NAPALM collective provided some of the highlights in the mix or compilation. This is hardcore, of various tempos, from slower to faster, with lots of emphasis on the experimental side of sounds. Some tracks even feature heavy metal sampling! This is what constitutes to me the best example of what Hardcore ought to be about: experimenting, exploring the darker side of music! To find beauty and art in the chaotic abyss of darkness!
This is a type of hardcore for those who seek the opposite of commercial happy melodic hardcore!


27. Januar 2016
You don't want to start your evening with Napalm, but if you get there by the end, you know you've had a party.