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Note: do not confuse with the unrelated Precision Record Pressing, Inc., active the 1960s and '70s. Please do not use this company for releases produced before 2017.

Record pressing plant (20,000 square foot) located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, that officially opened May 11, 2017. It is a joint venture (50-50 ownership) between Canadian company Isotope Music Inc, founded by Gerald McGhee, and Czech company GZ Media.

In March 2016, Canadian vinyl broker Samo Media merged with Precision Record Pressing, becoming their sales and service branch located in Toronto.

Most of cutting and all plating and test pressings production is done at GZ Media and runout etchings will look very similar to records pressed at GZ Media.
Records with Precision Record Pressing ordering identifiers, i.e. a number that begins with 10- followed by five digits (example 10-83451), are generally pressed by Precision Record Pressing, but some more complicated colored vinyl records, 7″ and 10″ were pressed by GZ Media. Records produced from externally supplied lacquers and metal parts are pressed without these PRP IDs. The pressing ring is 33mm.
Releases pressed at Precision Record Pressing will nearly always have a "Made in Canada" sticker attached to the shrink wrap or seal, or it is printed on the shrink wrap directly.

Black vinyl releases:
Pressed By = Precision Record Pressing 10-83451
Mastered At = GZ Media 157850E
Example: Broken Social Scene - Hug Of Thunder
Test pressings (all):
Manufactured By = Precision Record Pressing 10-84415
Pressed By = GZ Media 170195E
Example O.C. - A New Dawn

Later colour releases or less complicated/complex earlier releases:
Pressed By = Precision Record Pressing 10-84421
Mastered At = GZ Media 170256E
Example: Stars - Heart

Pressed By = Precision Record Pressing
Mastered At = GZ Media 244049E
Example: Astronaut Pushers - EP

Earlier colour releases or more complicated/complex releases:
Manufactured By = Precision Record Pressing 10-83451
Pressed By = GZ Media 157850E
Example: Broken Social Scene - Hug Of Thunder

Parent Label:GZ Media
Contact Info:

Client Center:
136 Geary Avenue, Unit 217
Toronto, ON

Pressing Plant:
875 Laurentian Drive, Unit 1
Burlington, Ontario L7N 3W7

Warehouse & Pickup:
3260 South Service Road West,
Oakville, ON L6L 0B1

(289) 635-1811
[email protected] , Facebook , X , Instagram


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  • peterbourbons Avatar
    I have no idea what happened to Precision lately, but their pressings start to consistently sound bad (but were great back then). Constant clicks and crackles with each and every record I buy, not so with their parent company GZ. Either they ditched QA or their compound imports to Canada have quality issues. Or both. What a shame.
    • Tommyboy65s Avatar
      Vor 10 Monaten bearbeitet
      Precision has issues pressing problem free records. While not as bad as MRP, they use subpar quality vinyl. One can hear low level surface noise throughout their pressings. Right there, they are ripping the customer off. Other issues include non fill, surface noise that affects the first the first tracks on each side for 10 seconds or so, dimples, and hairline marks. The sad part is that they press records by the Beatles and Stones and can’t get them right. Precision have also pressed titles by Marvin Gaye and Little Feat within the last year and managed to screw them up. Precision’s questionable QC comes as no surprise, since they’re a subsidiary of GZ.
      • MalachiLuis Avatar
        it seems like a lot of more recent pressings don't have the 10-##### codes, instead they'll simply have GZ codes (catalog number and part number) and a 'made in canada' sticker. this seems especially common for releases where GZ does the EU pressings and seemingly send parts to PRP for north american pressings. maybe this PRP profile should be updated to reflect that, but i'm not sure there's any way to 100% confirm it (but i don't think GZ would press discs then send just the discs over to canada for packaging).
        • analogkid8s Avatar
          Vor einem Jahr bearbeitet
          Have several Precision pressings and while the pressing quality is not bad, like MPO, they always seem to manage one side off center which is annoying to say the least. If they can step up their QC, they'd be a good plant.
          • vinylfilmaholics Avatar
            One of my favorite plants out there right now but a couple of records I’ve bought pressed by them lately have been off center (Taylor Swift “Lover” on its third side). Hopefully they can stop that because I love me some PRP!
            • movceos Avatar
              This pressing plant, in my experience, is one of the better ones out there today. Some of their early pressings suffered from non-fill but they were very responsive to the situation and have made great improvement since. Their work is way better than their parent company (GZ). Most PRP pressings I’ve purchased in the past year or so have been nice quiet slabs of vinyl.