EMI America


US-based record label launched on Jan 1, 1978 and operated as a subsidiary of Capitol Records-EMI, Inc.
Label Code: LC 05717 / LC 5717

In EMI's 75th Anniversary year, 1973, the company restructured a number of its heritage labels worldwide, renaming them or replacing them with labels bearing the EMI name. In the USA, Capitol's Tower imprint was scrapped and replaced with EMI, the first time the brand had been used in the States. Like Tower, EMI in the US acted as an outlet for UK and other international artists that didn't fit within Capitol's framework. The first three album releases on EMI in the USA were Ross Ryan - A Poem You Can Keep, Shoot - On The Frontier and Blue Swede - Hooked On A Feeling, released in September of 1973. The label was active with a few successful artists such as Pilot and Steve Harley's Cockney Rebel, for the next 5 years.

On January 1, 1978, the EMI label disappeared, replaced with EMI America, bearing a new logo and corporate purpose. The "new" label still acted as a US outlet for UK EMI artists like Cliff Richard, but they also signed US artists such as Rocky Burnette and Gary U.S. Bonds). David Bowie was notably signed to EMI America, which became a part of the EMI portfolio worldwide. In 1979, Capitol bought United Artists Records and re-christened it with the old name Liberty, folding it into the corporate structure of Capitol alongside EMI America, whose promotional and sales reps handled both labels.

EMI America Records was deactivated in 1987 when it was merged into with Capitol's Manhattan Records to form EMI-Manhattan Records.

Label Dating:
- At launch in 1978, EMI America record labels for both Lps and singles was a bright green with the EMI America logo block at the top.
- A very few releases from late 1979 on the green labels had, in addition to the main EMI America logo at top, a "ghosted" logo in a checkerboard pattern across the entire label.
- Upon assuming operation of the Liberty label in Fall, 1980, labels were redesigned to show corporate kinship. Both EMI America and Liberty labels were gray with multicolored logos at the top of the label. Many earlier EMI America releases were repressed with this label design. It was used through 1987.

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