Kompakt was created in 1998 when the Delirium record shop in Cologne (founded in 1993) was renamed.
The label is based in the Kompakt record store which also has a webshop. In the last years Kompakt also became the booking agency and distributor for various artists and labels.
Kompakt is owned by Wolfgang Voigt, Michael Mayer and Jürgen Paape. It is managed by Jon Berry (4).
Labelcode: LC 12012

Parent Label:Kompakt Schallplatten
Sublabels:Connected (5), Connecting The Dots, Imara, Immer, K2, KOMP3, Kompakt Digital Edition, Kompakt Exklusiv, Kompakt Extra, Kompakt Klassiks, ...
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Kompakt Schallplatten/Mayer Paape Voigt GbR
Werderstrasse 15-19
D-50672 Köln
Tel.: +49 221 94995 110
Fax: +49 221 94995 150
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+49 221 94995 120
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  • J_Oxapampas Avatar
    Kompakt label surely was a groundbreaking label in the beginning years. If you compare the releases from producers like the Voigt brothers, Markus Guentner, Sasha Funke, Dettinger, Tobias Thomas, Jurgen Paape and that of the recent output by Kompakt, then I can only conclude that Kompakt really departed from their distinct Cologne Techno & Ambient sound. Their recent records sound like recycled trance tracks from the 90's, that has totally nothing to do with their trademark Cologne Techno sound. Call me old fashioned but I prefer the sound that made Kompakt in the very beginning as an avant-garde label.
    • Julien_75011s Avatar
      the label that introduced my ears to Techno and electronic stuff.
      And years after years, I never stopped to follow the release, artists, ect.
      Great great thanks to this smart Cologne label.
      I'm definitely kompaktized !!
      • adam01s Avatar
        Vor 12 Jahren bearbeitet
        Lovely label with some classic releases and essential artists. The most important question for Kompakt is " Where is Dettinger?" We really need a new EP or LP from this original Kompakt resident.
        "Intershop" remastered for a double Vinyl release would be sublime. It could be the first in a new Kompakt Vaults series. ;)
        • ToYKillASs Avatar
          The revolution started in '93, but the real evolution of electronic music is described in thirteen characters, "Wolfgang Voigt". It all started more than fourteen years ago, at a time where trance and acid ruled europe. Two years later something really big was set to happen, the creation of "(electronic) minimal music" what is (by kids) now often referred to as "mnml music".. In any case, who would have believed that "Studio Eins" would be the base of "the" electronic music standard. This article is written in respect of X people: Wolfgang Voigt, Jörg Burger, Jürgen Paape, Michael Mayer, Reinhard Voigt, Tobias Thomas.., i don't need to write them all because they know were they stand. THANKS KOMPAKT and welcome back Meister GAS..
          • Zauberbergs Avatar
            Vor 18 Jahren bearbeitet
            After long, disappointing years of boring electronics from late 90's to 2000+ (with only few exceptions), KOMPAKT comes as a true refreshment over the dying scene of ambient sound. Full of innovations, yet minimal but rather consistent and always reGENRErative; it is a true landmark of ambient techno in all aspects. Markus Guentner, Hiroshi Watanabe (Kaito), Ulf Lohmann and some other peoples music is deffinately something new. Congratulations!
            • tweeclrs Avatar
              Simply breathtaking ambient pop from Germany. Somehow subversive, but really easy to get into. This is the real future pop. Keep up the good work please!
              • allengoodmans Avatar
                One of, if not the most notorious German labels. Extremely prolific, but always consistent; the sound varies – everything from ambient to acid to hard techno.