Monotonik is a that _exclusively_ releases music online in the mp3 format. All of our releases are freely downloadable and distributable under a Creative Commons license that allows free non-commercial distribution, and we’ve been releasing .mp3 and .mod files online since May 1996. The label was founded by Simon ‘h0l’ Carless as an outlet for talented electronic musicians who weren’t getting the attention they deserved.

Since then, Monotonik has released over 300 tracks from a variety of talented idm-ish electronic musicians from all over the world, including such artists as Lackluster (DeFocus/Merck), Bogdan Raczynski (Rephlex), Sense (Neo-Ouija), Tim Koch (Surgery/DeFocus), BrothomStates (Warp), Proem (Merck/Hydrant), Fun Tourist (Worm Interface/Sony Finland), Vim! (Surgery/Oggum), and many more.

Monotonik and its sister breakbeat sublabel Mono211 have been through a lot since ’96. We’ve been featured in “Spin” magazine, have soundtracked a Sony Playstation game, were invited exhibitors at the Ars Electronica festival in Austria, have been played out on radio stations from Australia to Slovenia, featured on a Webby-nominated weirdass radio station, and have had millions of downloads of our tracks.

If you like the music we release, please support the real-world (CD/vinyl) releases of our artists, or if you’re a label owner, sign them up to a deal.

We do this for fun. Music is great, and giving great music away for free is even better. Hope you dig it.

In a blog posting by owner Simon Carless in December 2009 it was announced that the label would be on indefinite hiatus.



Status Katalognummer  Image Künstler Titel (Format) Label Katalognummer  Land Jahr Aktionen
mtk.cdr.001 CDR#2 Plattencover Lackluster CDR#2(CDr, Album, Ltd) Monotonik mtk.cdr.001 UK 1999 Diese Version verkaufen Mix1 Plattencover Mix1(File, MP3, Mixed, 32 ) Monotonik US 2000 End Of The Halcyon Days Plattencover Rents End Of The Halcyon Days(File, MP3, Mixed) Monotonik US 2000 Cwatch Mix1 Plattencover sys(2074)* Cwatch Mix1(File, MP3, Mixed, 32 ) Monotonik US 2000 Md Showcase Plattencover Elektroblef Md Showcase(File, Mixed, RAM) Monotonik US 2001 Really Underground Plattencover Rents Really Underground(File, MP3, Mixed, 32 ) Monotonik US 2000 Space Bar - Session 1 Plattencover GD (3) Space Bar - Session 1(File, MP3, Mixed, 32 ) Monotonik US 2000 Oldskoolmonotonikantiks Plattencover DJ Nova / Elektroblef DJ Nova / Elektroblef - Oldskoolmonotonikantiks(File, MP3, Mixed, 64 ) Monotonik US 2000 Pharis Wheel Plattencover ~aD Pharis Wheel(File, MP3, Mixed, 112) Monotonik US 2002
mtk.mp3.001 Sous L'eau A Pied Plattencover Jiva (4) Sous L'eau A Pied(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.001 UK 1999
mtk.mp3.002 Gobblad Plattencover Distance (2) Gobblad(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.002 UK 1999
mtk.mp3.003 Deep Impact Plattencover Hoffman (2) Deep Impact(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.003 UK 1999
mtk.mp3.004 702 Plattencover 3818919/w 702(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.004 UK 1999
mtk.mp3.005 Contours Of Infinity Plattencover Kuu Contours Of Infinity(File, MP3, 160) Monotonik mtk.mp3.005 UK 1999
mtk.mp3.006 Bothersome (Mother Mix) Plattencover Lackluster Bothersome (Mother Mix)(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.006 UK 1999
mtk.mp3.007 Rewired Electronics Plattencover Hoffman (2) Rewired Electronics(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.007 UK 1999
mtk.mp3.008 Nachos Supreme EP Plattencover 3818919/w Nachos Supreme EP(4xFile, MP3, EP, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.008 UK 1999
mtk.mp3.009 Selling Puppies From A Tray Plattencover Bearded Vault System Selling Puppies From A Tray(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.009 UK 1999
mtk.mp3.010 Obatem By Night Plattencover Thug Obatem By Night(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.010 UK 1999
mtk.mp3.011 Shadowfighter (Frank B Remix) Plattencover Sushi Brother Shadowfighter (Frank B Remix)(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.011 US 1999
mtk.mp3.012 Vim! 4-Bit Xmas EP(2xFile, MP3, EP, 160) Monotonik mtk.mp3.012 US 1999
mtk.mp3.013 Plutonics EP Plattencover Vektrex Plutonics EP(2xFile, MP3, EP, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.013 US 2000
mtk.mp3.014 Eksajoule Plattencover Lindon Eksajoule(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.014 US 2000
mtk.mp3.015 13/10/99 Plattencover Lackluster 13/10/99(File, MP3, 192) Monotonik mtk.mp3.015 US 2000
mtk.mp3.016 Lionfish Plattencover Sushi Brother Lionfish(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.016 US 2000
mtk.mp3.017 Scopedog, Mechanical Man Plattencover Colongib Scopedog, Mechanical Man(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.017 US 2000
mtk.mp3.018 Fit At The Front Plattencover Vim! Fit At The Front(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.018 US 2000
mtk.mp3.019 Assault System Plattencover Hoffman (2) Assault System(File, MP3, 160) Monotonik mtk.mp3.019 US 2000
mtk.mp3.020 Sudafed x2 Plattencover Thug Sudafed x2(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.020 US 2000
mtk.mp3.021 Foob Plattencover Sleepy Foob(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.021 US 2000
mtk.mp3.022 Counting Stars Plattencover Radix Counting Stars(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.022 US 2000
mtk.mp3.023 We're Like Air, Everywhere At Once Plattencover Super Science We're Like Air, Everywhere At Once(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.023 US 2000
mtk.mp3.024 Oranje Bloom Plattencover Pretty Boy Crossover Oranje Bloom(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.024 US 2000
mtk.mp3.025 Werdan Plattencover Thug Werdan(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.025 US 2000
mtk.mp3.026 Supermariountwirled EP Plattencover Various Supermariountwirled EP(8xFile, MP3, 128 + File, MP3, 160 + Comp) Monotonik mtk.mp3.026 US 2000
mtk.mp3.027 Bubble Blower Plattencover Sense Bubble Blower(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.027 US 2000
mtk.mp3.028 Harry Slazenger (Theme For A Movie) Plattencover Vae Harry Slazenger (Theme For A Movie)(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.028 US 2000
mtk.mp3.029 Timecrunch EP Plattencover Vim! Timecrunch EP(2xFile, MP3, 160 + File, MP3, 128 + EP) Monotonik mtk.mp3.029 US 2000
mtk.mp3.030 220500 Plattencover Sense 220500(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.030 US 2000
mtk.mp3.031 Fusion EP Plattencover Binary Fusion EP(2xFile, MP3, EP, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.031 US 2000
mtk.mp3.032 Dreamtime Plattencover 4T Thieves Dreamtime(File, MP3, 192) Monotonik mtk.mp3.032 US 2000
mtk.mp3.033 Woozy Dog Plattencover Aquaboogie (2) Woozy Dog(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.033 US 2000
mtk.mp3.034 Domestic Scilence Plattencover Duann Domestic Scilence(File, MP3, 192) Monotonik mtk.mp3.034 US 2000
mtk.mp3.035 Untitled000 Plattencover Vom Untitled000(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.035 US 2000
mtk.mp3.036 Binatone Plattencover Binary Binatone(12xFile, MP3, Album, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.036 US 2000
mtk.mp3.037 Powerman Plattencover _ And The Secret Formula Powerman(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.037 US 2000
mtk.mp3.038 Sometimes We're Happy Plattencover Super Science Sometimes We're Happy(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.038 US 2000
mtk.mp3.039 Kieko Plattencover Sense Kieko(File, MP3, VBR) Monotonik mtk.mp3.039 US 2000
mtk.mp3.040 The Art Of Falling Down EP Plattencover Crashkid* The Art Of Falling Down EP(2xFile, MP3, EP, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.040 US 2000
mtk.mp3.041 Too Many Cookies EP Plattencover Proem Too Many Cookies EP(4xFile, MP3, EP, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.041 US 2000
mtk.mp3.042 Emotion EP Plattencover Prob. Emotion EP(2xFile, MP3, EP, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.042 US 2000
mtk.mp3.043 Please Annihilate Oulu Plattencover Please Annihilate Oulu Please Annihilate Oulu(2xFile, MP3, EP, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.043 US 2000
mtk.mp3.044 Sing, Silverduck, Sing Plattencover Vae Sing, Silverduck, Sing(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.044 US 2000
mtk.mp3.045 DDD Plattencover Fun Tourist* DDD(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.045 US 2001
mtk.mp3.046 Me And My Friend Lobstah Plattencover Tweeter Me And My Friend Lobstah(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.046 US 2001
mtk.mp3.047 Bumpshaltr Plattencover DJ Cowbell Bumpshaltr(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.047 US 2001
mtk.mp3.048 Little Star EP Plattencover Aquaboogie (2) Little Star EP(2xFile, MP3, EP, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.048 US 2001
mtk.mp3.049 Connect Plattencover Aereal Connect(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.049 US 2001
mtk.mp3.050 Sweaty Palms Plattencover MD Sweaty Palms(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.050 US 2001
mtk.mp3.051 The Force May Be With You Plattencover Idmonster The Force May Be With You(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.051 US 2001
mtk.mp3.052 Autumn Week Plattencover Pretty Boy Crossover Autumn Week(File, MP3, 160) Monotonik mtk.mp3.052 US 2001
mtk.mp3.053 Beacon Plattencover Basehead (2) Beacon(File, MP3, 192) Monotonik mtk.mp3.053 US 2001
mtk.mp3.054 8-Bitten Break Smitten Plattencover Vim! 8-Bitten Break Smitten(File, MP3, 160) Monotonik mtk.mp3.054 US 2001
mtk.mp3.055 One-Offs EP Plattencover Lackluster One-Offs EP(6xFile, MP3, EP, VBR) Monotonik mtk.mp3.055 US 2001
mtk.mp3.057 This Is Over By Inches Plattencover Super Science This Is Over By Inches(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.057 US 2001
mtk.mp3.058 Let's Cruise Plattencover Sushi Brother Let's Cruise(File, MP3, 192) Monotonik mtk.mp3.058 US 2001
mtk.mp3.059 My Human Side Plattencover Idmonster My Human Side(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.059 US 2001
mtk.mp3.060 FX EP Plattencover Virt FX EP(6xFile, MP3, MiniAlbum, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.060 US 2001
mtk.mp3.061 0EO Plattencover Proswell 0EO(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.061 US 2001
mtk.mp3.062 Transitions EP Plattencover Aereal Transitions EP(2xFile, MP3, EP, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.062 US 2001
mtk.mp3.063 Console-Related Depression EP Plattencover AY88 Console-Related Depression EP(3xFile, MP3, EP, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.063 US 2001
mtk.mp3.064 Petting Zoo EP Plattencover Phasmid Petting Zoo EP(3xFile, MP3, EP, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.064 US 2001
mtk.mp3.065 Where's My Parka? EP Plattencover Ckid Where's My Parka? EP(2xFile, MP3, EP, VBR) Monotonik mtk.mp3.065 US 2001
mtk.mp3.066 Rubik Plattencover Mosaik Rubik(File, MP3, 192) Monotonik mtk.mp3.066 US 2001
mtk.mp3.067 Thoughts Blend To Dreams (Zyad's Magic Carp Ride) Plattencover Starmode Thoughts Blend To Dreams (Zyad's Magic Carp Ride)(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.067 US 2001
mtk.mp3.068 Icy L Tap Plattencover Sense Icy L Tap(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.068 US 2002
mtk.mp3.069 Monkeywarning Plattencover Goto80 Monkeywarning(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.069 US 2002
mtk.mp3.070 Rainy Afternoons Plattencover Xela Rainy Afternoons(File, MP3, 192) Monotonik mtk.mp3.070 US 2002
mtk.mp3.071 Bananadittydub Plattencover Luminfire Bananadittydub(File, MP3, 192) Monotonik mtk.mp3.071 US 2002
mtk.mp3.072 Low Flying Planes Plattencover Idmonster Low Flying Planes(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.072 US 2002
mtk.mp3.073 Maruera Gum Plattencover Pliant Maruera Gum(11xFile, MP3, Album, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.073 US 2002
mtk.mp3.074 The Sun Pictures Plattencover Phasmid The Sun Pictures(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.074 US 2002
mtk.mp3.075 Miss EP Plattencover Sleepy Town Manufacture Miss EP(4xFile, MP3, EP, VBR) Monotonik mtk.mp3.075 US 2002
mtk.mp3.076 Floss Plattencover Machine Drum Floss(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.076 US 2002
mtk.mp3.077 _ EP Plattencover Vim! _ EP(3xFile, MP3, EP, 160) Monotonik mtk.mp3.077 US 2002
mtk.mp3.078 Music Box Plattencover Aleksi Eeben Music Box(18xFile, SID + 7xFile, MP3, 128 + Album) Monotonik mtk.mp3.078 US 2002
mtk.mp3.079 Jump Math Cupboard EP Plattencover Ilkae Jump Math Cupboard EP(3xFile, MP3, EP, 192) Monotonik mtk.mp3.079 US 2002
mtk.mp3.080 Remixed Sampler Plattencover Thug Remixed Sampler(3xFile, MP3, EP, Smplr, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.080 US 2002
mtk.mp3.081 Among Plants Plattencover Mosaik Among Plants(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.081 US 2002
mtk.mp3.082 Wittle Star Plattencover Idmonster Vs Stina Nordenstam Idmonster Vs Stina Nordenstam - Wittle Star(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.082 US 2002
mtk.mp3.083 Simpel Plattencover Epoq Simpel(File, MP3, 160) Monotonik mtk.mp3.083 US 2002
mtk.mp3.084 Mommylove & Daddypride EP Plattencover Secede Mommylove & Daddypride EP(4xFile, MP3, EP, 160) Monotonik mtk.mp3.084 US 2002
mtk.mp3.085 Time For The Squares Plattencover Vim! Time For The Squares(File, MP3, 160) Monotonik mtk.mp3.085 US 2002
mtk.mp3.086 FX 2.0 Plattencover Virt FX 2.0(7xFile, MP3, MiniAlbum, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.086 US 2002
mtk.mp3.087 Spinach Gas Room Spaghetti Straps EP Plattencover Grandma Spinach Gas Room Spaghetti Straps EP(4xFile, MP3, EP, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.087 US 2002
mtk.mp3.088 Four Thousand Years EP Plattencover Sabi Four Thousand Years EP(3xFile, MP3, EP, 160) Monotonik mtk.mp3.088 US 2002
mtk.mp3.089 Ruminous (Ambient Mix) Plattencover Sense Ruminous (Ambient Mix)(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.089 US 2002
mtk.mp3.090 The Grand Rules Plattencover Aleksi Eeben The Grand Rules(File, MP3, 128) Monotonik mtk.mp3.090 US 2002
mtk.mp3.091 European EP Plattencover Toby1 European EP(2xFile, MP3, EP, 160) Monotonik mtk.mp3.091 US 2002
mtk.mp3.092 Thinmute Plattencover Esem Thinmute(File, MP3, 160) Monotonik mtk.mp3.092 US 2002