Sony Music Entertainment International Services GmbH


German record (and holding) company, operating under this name from 17 March 2009 to 19 April 2016, and again since 25 May 2016. Also seen on releases as:
- Sony Music International Services GmbH

In 2009 Sony Music Entertainment outsourced its European Supply Chain Management organization ”European Services“ to Arvato. Arvato is now operating Sony Music‘s legal entity ”Sony Music Entertainment International Services GmbH“ - managing supply chain activities from release to retail on behalf of and in the interest of Sony Music Entertainment worldwide.
On more recent releases "Sony Music Entertainment International Services GmbH" is credited as a company alongside Sony Music UK (see Pearl Jam - Vs. as example).

Corporate chronology:
Company 1:
Registered 12 January 1988 as 'Bertelsmann Software GmbH' (Gütersloh company number HRB 2324)
Name change: 7 October 1988 to BMG Music International Service GmbH
Re-registered: 20 January 1989 in Munich (company number HRB 86489)
Parent: from 2 July 1991 to 28 September 1994 'Reinhard Mohn GmbH' (Gütersloh company number HRB 1490)
Parent: from 28 September 1994 to 31 January 2003 'Bertelsmann Music Group GmbH' (Gütersloh company number HRB 2867)
Parent: from 31 January 2003 to 30 November 2004 BMG Deutschland GmbH (Gütersloh company number HRB 4066)
Parent: from 30 November 2004 BMG Records GmbH (Gütersloh company number HRB 68279)
Name change: 17 March 2009 to 'Sony Music Entertainment International Services GmbH' - this page
Merged: 19 April 2016 into Sony Music Entertainment Services GmbH (Berlin company number HRB 107677 - see below)

Company 2:
Registered: 28 July 1970 (Cologne company number HRB 4418) as 'Sony Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung'
Name change: 12 June 1980 to Sony Deutschland GmbH
Acquired: 'interberg-electronic industrievertretungen gmbh' on 26 May 1989 (Berlin company number HRB 4273)
Acquired: 'Sony Europa GmbH' on 1 June 1995 (Cologne company number HRB 16614)
Acquired: 'Sony-WEGA Produktions GmbH' on 3 January 2005 (Stuttgart company number HRB 20918)
Acquired: 'Sony International (Europe) GmbH' on 3 January 2005 (Berlin company number HRB 73525)
Acquired: 'Sony Precision Technology Europe GmbH' on 17 August 2005 (Stuttgart company number HRB 20809)
Re-registered: 4 June 2007 in Berlin (company number HRB 107677)
Acquired: 'Sony Europe GmbH' on 17 June 2010 (Berlin company number HRB 73470)
Name change: 4 April 2016 to 'Sony Music Entertainment Services GmbH' - this page
Acquired: 'Sony Music Entertainment International Services GmbH' on 19 April 2016 (Munich company number HRB 86489 - see above)
Re-registered: 25 May 2016 in Munich as 'Sony Music Entertainment International Services GmbH' (company number HRB 225935 - this page)

Parent Label:Sony Music Entertainment
Sublabels:Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH
Contact Info:

Registered address:
Balanstraße 73
Haus 31
81541 München

PO Box 510
33311 Gütersloh
Federal Republic of Germany


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