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German label.
Label Code: LC 0113 / LC 00113
Founded in 1949 as "Musikhistorisches Studio Der Deutschen Grammophon Gesellschaft", dedicated to research on and preservation of historical scores and performances on authentic period instruments or exact copies thereof, the brand still exists as a label within the Deutsche Grammophon.
For the English variant, please use Archive Production.
For the Spanish variant, please use Archiv Produccion.
CATALOGERS: Please be careful not to enter the series and sub-series information in the title field - as with other classical releases, the titles of the works performed on the LP(s) are the actual titles.
When adding LPs from the Geschichte Der Abendländischen Musik series, please enter the series information in the following sequence, to insure that the LPs are listed properly:
1) optional - Series Geschichte Der Abendländischen Musik, if noted
2) Next enter the appropriate Forschungsbereich series (beginning with I. Forschungsbereich - Gregorianik and ending with XII. Forschungsbereich: Mannheim Und Wien). All Forschungsbereich begin with a Roman Numeral before the words "Forschungsbereich".
3) Finally, enter the Forschungsbereich's sub-series in the Catalog Number field next to the Forschungsbereich series. Note too that some releases may belong to multiple Forschungsbereich sub-series - just enter each appropriate sub-series as a Catalog Number for additional Forschungsbereich. DO NOT enter this sub-series as a primary level series on its own. Please refer to Claudio Monteverdi / Giacomo Carissimi - Lamento D'Arianna - Santa À 8 Sopra "Sancta Maria Ora Pro Nobis" / "Jephte" (Oratorium Latinum) for reference on entering in this information correctly.
4) optional - add English variants, if noted

Parent Label:Deutsche Grammophon
Sublabels:3D Baroque, Al Fresco, Archiv Blue, Archiv Codex, Archiv New Best 50, Archiv Produktion Galleria, Archiv Produktion Masters, Archiv Produktion Privilege, Archiv Produktion Resonance, Bach Compact Edition, ...


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  • r.courbs Avatar
    Found a dozen of them en el Palacio de Bellas Artes en México D.F. back in 2009 and in a gipsy runned outlet in the southwest of France...
    • pickless Avatar
      Vor 9 Jahren bearbeitet
      i have EPA 37045 & 37230 7'' unplayed condition..
      • Urdatorns Avatar
        Where are all the records of the 40s? Would love to see (and hopefully acquire) some oldies...
        • kleinnick23s Avatar
          Archiv does a great job of collecting wonderful classical music and the sound quality is top notch, but beware- the vinyl is usually incredibly flimsy. Shouldn't be a problem if you take good care of your records, just a warning.