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Italian record company and wholly owned subsidiary of Thorn Emi Plc. It was the successor of Electric & Musical Industries Italiana S.p.A and was established on 28/04/1965 (registered on 20/05/1965) and existed until January 1997, when it was renamed to EMI Music Italy S.p.A.. Between then and 29/11/1988 it was also part of Thorn EMI Italia S.R.L.

The company also operated EMI Italiana Varese, its (now defunct) own vinyl pressing, cassette duplication and CD manufacturing plant located in Caronno Pertusella (province of Varese, Lombardy).

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Name variants:
- EMI Italiana S.p.A.
- EMI Italia S.P.A.
- EMI Italiana Electric & Musical Industries Italiana S.p.A. (extended caption found on some sleeves between 1970 and early 1971).

Parent Label:Thorn Emi
Sublabels:Costa Est, Disc Jockey Series, Discoteca Classica, EMI Italiana, EMI Italiana Varese, EMI Special, Historical Archives, Musica Maestra
Contact Info:

HQ, administration, manufacturing, logistics, publishing:
Via Bergamo 315
21042 Caronno Pertusella

A&R, marketing, PR, label management:
Via Montezebio 30
00195 Roma


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