Australian Electronic Labels

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aktualisiert over 6 years ago

In no particular order. The only requirement is that the label releases (or released) mostly electronic music.

  1. Vapour Recordings

    Kasey Taylor's excellent label which does prog, and more recently, techier music.

  2. 405 Recordings

    Small Melbourne label run by James Brooks which focusses on trance and licenses much of its catalogue from overseas.

    Sub-label of Xelon Entertainment.

  3. Proxoz Recordings

    Trance label.

  4. Psy-Harmonics

    Started in 1993, the label intitally focussed mostly on trance. As time's gone on, things have got more psychedelic and experimental.

  5. Juice Records (Australia)

    Australia's first techno label, apparently.

  6. Alpha Delta Division

    Sub-label of Juice Records.

  7. Hardware

    Richie Rich's label, for techno.

  8. Reachin Records (2)

    Sydney-based label.

  9. Truck Musik

    Techno label owned by Voiteck Anderen.

  10. Wetmusik

    Founded and established by Melbourne by DJ's, Will E Tell and Simon Digby

  11. Digital Recordings

    DJ Rob Little's Adelaide-based imprint.