Bushido's Album-Releases Sorted from Best to Worst

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This is a list of all Bushido albums sorted after how much I like them. From best to worst. Of course with some comments as to why I rate them like that. I remade this list completely and put everything into one single list. Before I had a good and bad list but I wasn't really satisfied with the lists as a whole.

  1. Bushido (2) - Vom Bordstein Bis Zur Skyline

    7 zum Verkauf ab 88,89 $

    Definitely his strongest release. If you are a fan of German Rap and you didn't listen to this, then you definitely have to do something. RIGHT NOW. Sadly it is really difficult to acquire. Not only is it indexed but also rare and from a now dead label. The only way to get it by legal means is to be 18+ and pay 100+ Euro. Urgh. Try to acquire it by other means... Or send me a message and I might help you out.

  2. Sonny Black & Frank White - Carlo, Cokxxx, Nutten

    2 zum Verkauf ab 54,44 $

    Pretty much the same as with VBBZS. A must listen and one of the best collaborations ever. Sadly it is just as difficult to get as VBBZS. You'll find a way. Or contact me... The Black Friday box has a vinyl version!

  3. Bushido (2) - CCN III

    8 zum Verkauf ab 27,78 $

    For me this album was a blast from the past. It is just as good as Sonny Black and is for everyone who likes the old and raw Gangsta-Bushido. Sadly not as collaboration but I guess that is still better than with a Fler Trap auto tune mix. Gosh no.

  4. Bushido (2) - Sonny Black

    16 zum Verkauf ab 11,11 $

    Same as with CCN 3. This was the album that brought Anis back to his Gangsta roots. FINALLY. I honestly lost all hope after those extremely weak releases from before. It was indexed between 2015 - 2017 for pre-caution. In the end it was removed from it. I find it horrible how the BPJM rapes artists but this is another topic... This sells for high prices now due to the past index. Theoretically Bushido could re-release it.

  5. Bushido (2) - Von Der Skyline Zum Bordstein Zurück

    2 zum Verkauf ab 61,11 $

    After the disappointing Staatsfeind Nr. 1, a really good and welcome release. I really like the raw sound/beats and the Bushido lyrics. At least it sounded to me like that most of the lyrics were written by himself. Some might hate his lyrics but I prefer it over all this fake pop writer stuff. Sometimes the lyrics were even kind of funny and typical Bushido. None of the tracks really feel like they don't belong on this release. For some reason many people disagree with me when we are talking about this album. Guess it is really a matter of taste. It was indexed for "stealing music". I don't care whether it is stolen or not. Actually it might be that I like this album so much because of the excellent sampling taste.

  6. Bushido (2) - Mythos

    6 zum Verkauf ab 8,88 $

    Wow. What a nostalgia release! The sound is just so oldschool and sounds like 100% Bushido. This release is a worthy 20th year anniversary release. I think it is addressed towards his oldschool fans. Also the box was really epic with it's MPC design! It fits just so well to his beats and his history. Well done Anis!

  7. Sonny Black & Saad - Carlo Cokxxx Nutten II

    3 zum Verkauf ab 33,22 $

    Many didn't like of the idea of Bushido/Sonny Black producing CCN with a different artist but Fler but I disagree. I really like this album and think it is able to capture what CCN is or was about. Saad did a really good job trying to take over the "Fler" part.

  8. Bushido (2) - Black Friday

    13 zum Verkauf ab 22,22 $

    I didn't like it as much as Sonny Black or CCN 3 but I gotta say it is really good. I like how he tried to mix his own Sonny Black/CCN 3 sound with some more experimental and Non-Gangsta topics. Unlike many other albums like Heavy Metal Payback or Zeiten Ändern Dich, this one really sounds like Bushido. It also doesn't sound fake or forced. I find it weird how this release happened to be, considering all this label and clan beef shortly after.

  9. Bushido (2) - King Of Kingz

    The good old beginnings of Bushido. If you want some of the beginnings of German Rap, get this. I guess for many it will sound really amateurish nowadays but it is a really cool part of history and the nostalgia is strong with this one.

  10. Bushido (2) - Demotape

    2 zum Verkauf ab 316,67 $

    Same as with the KOK release. I could say the same thing about this Demotape. Difference is that this sounds even worse in terms of quality. But who cares about this? It got it's own charm.

    I would theoretically also mention the 030 Squad - Westberlin Presents tape here. Since I bet it would sound similar since the producers are the same. Sadly this tape is absolutely unobtainable for below 10.000 Euro and there was never even a tape rip or anything as far as I am concerned. Maybe one day I can listen to it myself. Oh and yes, I am looking for a tape rip!


  11. Bushido (2) - 7

    6 zum Verkauf ab 2,17 $

    I am very conflicted with this release. I really love the tracks and the general ghetto feeling. It was more Popish but you still felt like Bushido and his lyrics and experiences in it. So yeah, I do really like this album in some way. It hugely helped me through difficult times in my life.

  12. Bushido (2) - Electro Ghetto

    Now we are coming to the albums which I still like but aren't that much over the top anymore. This is a bit of a odd release to me. It still sounds like Bushido and most tracks have this certain Bushido-Gangsta feeling but for me this is also the release that crossed the borders between Gangsta- and Pop-Rap, to my disliking. There are many strong tracks and featurings on this one like the tracks with Azad. Electro Ghetto itself is also a amazing track with a good beat. The Beatlefield Remix is not as good, which means the Re-Release is definitely worse than the original. Try to get your hands on the original version, including the strong track Gangbang. Seems like since 2018 this is no longer indexed. Maybe re-release it Bushido? Pretty pls?

  13. Bushido (2) - AMYF

    1 zum Verkauf ab 33,32 $

    I loved how Bushido/Anis tried to record a album which sounds very personal but not too Popish at the same time. This is pretty much the best of both worlds. Might not reach his older releases but it definitely was the best release in a long time! It is also extremely versatile with different styles and beats. Might be his most personal release.

  14. Sonny Black & Frank White - Carlo Cokxxx Nutten 2

    2 zum Verkauf ab 5,56 $

    This was a disappointing CCN release. Half of the tracks were Pop oriented. An absolute no go for a CCN release. I really liked the beginning with the Intro, Reloaded & Carlo Cokxxx Flashback. Where are the Bushido beats? WHERE?! Still, I guess it is ok but doesn't reach any of the other CCN's.

  15. Bushido (2) - Staatsfeind Nr 1

    13 zum Verkauf ab 2,17 $

    This release was the first major disappointment for me. I feared of this after Electro Ghetto since the album was more commercial and Pop oriented. And this album was even worse. One of the few tracks I liked were Augenblick, Ab 18 and Endgegner. I still listen to it from time to time but generally speaking it really feels a bit boring in my opinion.

  16. Bushido (2) - Heavy Metal Payback (Ltd. Deluxe Box)

    2 zum Verkauf ab 16,67 $

    This album is like 7 and Staatsfeind Nr. 1 but more like a B-Side compilation. It was kind of 08/15. Why was this even named after a really cool old B-Side track? Not a single track is as good as the original track with Fler. The Steelbox was really cool plus there are many tracks on both discs but they still feel really lacking...

  17. Bushido (2) - Zeiten Ändern Dich (Limitierte Deluxe Box)

    1 zum Verkauf ab 22,21 $

    I don't know... I really didn't like it much and still don't. Maybe I should have watched the movie to it. There are barely any tracks that I find good. Airmax Auf Beton is really interesting though. Yeah ok, there is the track Ein Mann Armee that I like. Mainly because the beat sounds epic and like something Kollegah would rap on, lol. Cool steelbox though.

  18. Bushido (2) - Jenseits Von Gut Und Böse (Ltd. Deluxe Edition)

    2 zum Verkauf ab 11,00 $

    One of the albums that came from his grown up time. I guess it was cool to act adult and stop using evil words and stuff. This album was absolutely boring. I liked the idea that it was produced in NY but this is absolutely not noticeable except in the track Gangster, which is also the only track I can recommend. Cool lenticular box with Bushido Samurai art though. But by far his worst solo release. The featurings with J-Luv are unlistenable to me.

  19. Berlins Most Wanted* - Berlins Most Wanted

    3 zum Verkauf ab 7,17 $

    Sounds like a bad JBG rip off. Why was BMW reformed for this? Where is King Orgasmus One? And why is Kay One on it? Really a shame for me. Huge disappointment.

  20. Bushido (2) & Shindy - CLA$$IC

    4 zum Verkauf ab 7,78 $

    I absolutely don't like Shindy and this album pretty much sounds like Shindy but with Bushido's voice as featuring on it. Not even kidding. I bet Shindy produced 80% of the album. Nope, definitely not my cup of tea.

  21. 23 (4) - 23

    10 zum Verkauf ab 3,33 $

    Oh man. Definitely his worst release. I hate Sido and this definitely didn't help the release much. Why was it released as 23 anyway? Bushido & Sido - 23 would have made more sense but what do I know. Sounds more like some Pop album. I guess 2010-2011 were really bad years for me and Bushido.