Electro Labels

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electro, bass, ghetto, some synth pop/minimal wave, some disco/italo/house, some acid.
only labels that feature at least some vinyl.

  1. [k]rack-troni[k]

    Birmingham (UK) based Electro-Breakbeat label run by Sir Real and 8-Bit Apocalypse.

  2. 7b Records

    Zurich based label publishing electro from Switzerland.

  3. Abstract Forms

    UK electro, techno and acid label run by Deixis.

  4. Ace Records (US)

    Label from Florida, 1990s bass music.

  5. AC Records

    German electro, techno and acid label.

  6. A.D.S.R.

    Electro synthpop label from Germany run by Skanfrom.

  7. Aerobic Audio

    Belgian label, essentially oriented electro.

  8. Afrosyntrix

    Electro sublabel from Moods & Grooves from Detroit.

  9. Angelmaker Records

    Dutch electro label run by Vincent Koreman (Ra-X).

  10. Area Code Records

    A small Miami-bass style electro label.

  11. Atak Records

    US electro label releasing dancefloor tools.

  12. Audio Illusion Recordings

    UK electro label focusing on breaks, experimental and hardcore.

  13. 13



    Italo Disco and proto house re-edit or bootlegs, non legitimate releases label from UK.

  14. Automatik-Datamatik

    German label, based in Dortmund and founded in 2008 by Interfunk.

  15. Barba Records

    Croatian label. Techno, electro, house at times and some acid. Idea is to broaden the palette of what a 'techno' label can be.
    Features releases by DJ Stingray and Heinrich Dressel.

  16. BaseLogic

    Run by Ed Chamberlain. Abstract electro on the verge of IDM.

  17. Bass4Bots

    German Electro label based in Berlin. Robot electro.

  18. Bass Agenda Recordings

    New label from the UK.

  19. Bass Force

    Detroit Electro label by Big Daddy Rick.

  20. Bass Station Records

    US electro bass label from 1987.

  21. Battery Park Studio

    Electro label based in Germany, founded in 2010 by Prototype.

  22. Battle Trax

    UK electro label, founded in 1996 by Bass Junkie.

  23. Beathazard

    Label based in Barcelona (Spain), founded by Downrocks and devoted to Electro.

  24. Binary Types

    Electro label based in UK.

  25. Bordello A Parigi

    Recent dutch Italo-Disco label founded by Otto Kraanen.

  26. Bot. Records

    Sublabel of Satamile Records NYC.

  27. Bound Sound

    Bass music label from the US. Early 90ies.

  28. 28



    Breaks/electro label from London, UK.

  29. Buffalo Frequency

    UK label /w tracks by Spinks.

  30. Bunker Records

    Electro label from The Hague, NL.

  31. Black Label

    Dutch elektro label.

  32. Breakin' Records

    Electro label run by Edward Upton AKA DMX Krew.

  33. Brutalist Sunset

    Abstract electro label run by Steve Conner (one half of Bitstream) from the UK.

  34. Central Processing Unit

    Sheffield based electro/techno label started in 2012.

  35. Citinite

    Launched in 2006. Owned and run by Manny Zambrano featuring electro/ghetto.

  36. City Beat Records

    Electro-funk label from FFM, Germany.

  37. Cultivated Electronics

    Electro label based in UK. Features electro, techno, acid.

  38. Crème Organization

    Dutch electro label started in 2001 by DJ TLR.

  39. Cut It Up Def

    Florida Bass/Electro label.

  40. Cutting Records

    New York electro and freestyle label founded in the early 80ies by Aldo Marin and Amado Marin.

  41. 41



    Cult Label from the UK, specialized in nu-skool electro and jazzy IDM. Inaugurated on 28th August 1994, defunct since 1998.

  42. Climax Productions

    Belgian New Wave, Electro, Synth-pop & Minimal Label.

  43. 43



    Electro and techno label from the Netherlands.

  44. Clone Classic Cuts

    Dutch label, devoted to repress of old classic tracks of various genres (Electro, Italo Disco, House).

  45. Clone West Coast Series

    Clone sublabel.

  46. Combat Recordings

    Fierce electronic dance music between electro, breakbeat and dubstep,

  47. Control Tower

    UK electro label owned by The Dexorcist and Radioactive Man.

  48. Copilote Recordings

    Electronic French label ran by Syrob73.

  49. Cyber Dance Records

    Label based in UK, devoted to electro disco and founded in 2005 by Ali Renault, Casionova and Spruxxx.

  50. Cyberian Knights Records

    US based electro breaks label from the Cyberian Knights crew, continuation from Millennium Breaks Productions.

  51. Cytown Records

    Denmark electro label.

  52. Das Drehmoment

    Berlin based record label for electronic music primarily influenced by Old/New School Electro, Italo Disco, Robodisco, New Wave, Minimal, Synth Pop and Dark Electronics.

  53. Databass Records

    Ghetto Tech sublabel of Twilight 76 from the US.

  54. Dataphysix Engineering

    Label of Dopplereffekt.

  55. D-Bass Records

    Detroit electro label.

  56. D.C. Recordings

    UK record label active since the 90s and run by J. Saul Kane aka Depth Charge.

  57. DeadLock Records

    From booty to minimal acid electro, staying true to it's deep roots in the detroit electro scene.

  58. Debonaire Records

    Label based in Miami (US), founded in 1987 by DJ Debonaire and devoted to Electro and Miami Bass.

  59. D.E.T. Only

    Sublabel of Twilight 76 and Databass Records.

  60. Detelefunk

    DETroit ELEctro FUNK. Founded by Detroit Grand Pubahs.

  61. 61



    Electro label run by Brian Flanagan AKA Gique / Datathief.

  62. Digital Distortions

    Run by John Bushby. Releasing mainly electro/ breaky/steppy type stuff.

  63. Dirty Needles

    Various Compilations with breakbeat, breaks & electro from the UK.

  64. Dissident

    Started in 2007 by Andy Blake and ended in November 2009, Dissident was based in London (UK) and was devoted to Disco House, Acid House, Electro Disco and more.

  65. Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB)

    Dutch label, based in Rotterdam.Specialized in modern electronica, IDM, experimental.

  66. DM Records

    Florida based bass/electro label.

  67. Dominance Records

    Electro, breaks and hip hop label out of Dessau, Germany, run by Matthias Kretzschmer (FMK) and Matthias M. Weise (Sbassship).

  68. Dominance Electricity

    Electrobass / electrofunk / synth sublabel of Dominance Records.

  69. Dopamine Records

    Electro-Label based in Miami, Florida.

  70. Dona-li Records

    Electro label based in Catalonia, Spain.

  71. dumb terminal

    Run by MANASYt.

  72. Direct Beat

    Techno Bass label from Detroit, sublabel of 430 West.

  73. Drivecom

    Advanced Electro Works Resource from Spain. Conducted by Boris Divider.

  74. Dynamix II Records

    Label based in Miami (US), devoted to Electro/Bass music and founded by Dynamix II.

  75. Egyptian Empire Records

    80s Electro label from Los Angeles, USA.

  76. Electro Avenue Records

    Electro label, based in UK, founded in 2009 by Lloyd Da Zoid and Will Phillips aka Diplomat.

  77. Electrocord

    Cologne, Germany based electro label, founded by BolzBolz and Gregor Luttermann aka Rootpowder

  78. Electrofunk Records

    Started by Mr. De and DJ Assault in 1996.

  79. Electrolab

    UK electro label.

  80. Electron Industries

    Run by J. Saul Kane for the more electronic guises of The Octagon Man, aka Depth Charge and Sem aka Deadly Avenger as well as other new and established artists.

  81. Electronic Corporation

    German electro & techno label, managed by MAS 2008 and Interfunk and H.E.I.M. Elektronik

  82. Electrix Records

    Division of Tortured, aimed at creating dancefloor electro.

  83. Electunes

    Label based in Vienna, Austria.

  84. Erotic City Communications

    Electro and techno label based in Florida (US) and directed by DJ Grumptronix. Sublabel of Hallucination.

  85. Ersatz Audio

    Label based in Detroit (US) and founded by ADULT..

  86. Falco Invernale Records (F.I.R.)

    Electro, Synth-pop, Disco label from France.

  87. Fdb Recordings

    French underground independent eclectic electronic label
    (Electro, Drum & Bass, Breaks,...).

  88. Fingers Ltd

    House/Electro/Techno label from the Netherlands.

  89. Firstcask Records

    Electro and acid from Belgium.

  90. 90



    UK electro label.

  91. Frajile Records

    US Electro Label

  92. Fresh Up Records

    Label based in UK and devoted to old-school sounds.

  93. Fundamental Bass Intelligence

    American label (based in Charlottesville, Virginia), founded by Stjärna and Morphogenetic, dedicated to the variables of Electro Funk and Techno Bass.

  94. Fundamental Records (4)

    Label from spain releasing box sets.

  95. Funk Lab Records

    Florida-based breaks label. An outlet for Funk Lab releases and collaborations with others.

  96. Firewire

    UK electro label of Bi-Wire on-line records shop.

  97. Freak Beat Records

    An 80s label that put out some Electo Hits.

  98. Frustrated Funk

    Label located in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and founded by Klen. Has close bonds with Clone and its associated labels.

  99. Gassoline

    The Wee DJs label.

  100. Genetic Music

    German electronic label. Minimal electro/wave.

  101. Gooiland Elektro

    Elektronik sounds transmitted from the Gooiland area in Holland for bohemian spirits, libertine hearts, decadent souls and hedonistic minds worldwide.

  102. GTI Recordings

    Disco D's Ghettotech Label.

  103. Hallucination

    Breakbeat & electro label from Florida (US).

  104. Harbour City Sorrow

    Sublabel of Frustrated Funk.

  105. 105



    Finnish Skweee label founded in 2006 by Perttu Eino Häkkinen aka Randy Barracuda and Tatu Metsätähti aka Mesak.

  106. 106



    Electrofunk / Hip Hop label from Dessau, Germany.

  107. Hertz-Schrittmacher

    Minimal, electro, synth-pop. Focusses on Elektro-Beats of bands from the 90s up to now.

  108. Hip Rock Records

    Florida bass/electro label.

  109. Human Shield Record Company

    Label from UK, run by Peter Mangalore, Tommy Walker III and Ali Renault.

  110. Interpersonal XP

    Dutch electro label, ran by Steve Rachmad,

  111. Interdimensional Transmissions

    Electro label run by Ectomorph.

  112. Interr-Ference Communications

    Reference Analogue Audio sublabel run by I-f.

  113. Intuit-Solar

    Detroit-based record label specializing in Detroit electronic music.

  114. Invasion Planète Recordings

    Minimal electro/wave/experimental label run by A//, known as Le Syndicat Electronique, It & My Computer & Eva VIII and based somewhere in the south of France.

  115. 115



    Miami-based Electronic/Electro/IDM/Breaks imprint.

  116. Jamarc Records

    Miami label specializing in Bass and Electro records and featuring the early productions of artist Maggotron and DXJ.

  117. 117



    Bass and Electro label from Florida active during the 80s.

  118. Jive Electro

    Jive sublabel active largely in the 1980s as a platform for electro productions of the Jive production team The Willesden Dodgers. Resurrected in the late 1990s with the Old School Vs. New School compilations.

  119. Joey Boy Records

    Oldschool Bass Music from Miami.

  120. Kommando 6

    Electro label from from Augsburg (Bavaria, Germany) ran by Beta Evers, closed 2006.

  121. 121



    Dutch Electro and Techno label run by Dexter and Steffi.

  122. 122



    Electro-label founded by Ruben Andersen, Denmark, Feb. 2002.

  123. 123



    Miami, Florida record label owned by Noel Williams and sister label to Tashamba.

  124. Kône Records

    Electro label from Geneva, Switzerland.

  125. Kostamus Records

    Finnish label founded by Imatran Voima.

  126. Kraftjerkz

    Electro label based in US and founded in 2007 by Kid Ginseng.

  127. Kuad Recordings

    Electro/Bass Label from Miami,FL. Owned by Dj/Producers Ash-Rock,Merlyn, and JimiTheGenius.

  128. Kust Musik

    Swedish label run by Johan Inkinen

  129. Last Known Trajectory

    UK electro label.

  130. Lunar Disko Records

    Founded in Dublin to promote the Italo, Electro and Chicago sound.

  131. M.A.P. Records

    Detroit electro label.

  132. Majammy Records

    Bass, breaks and hip hop label from Miami from the 90s.

  133. Marguerita Recordings

    Label out of Utrecht (NL) headed up by Cosmic Force with a mission to release uncompromising Electro with a street tough no nonsense attitude.

  134. Maschinen Musik

    German label founded in 2003 by Dr. Schmidt.

  135. Mass Transit Records

    Miami based electro label run by Chris St. Cavish (known as DJ a05 & DJ MTA),

  136. 136



    Electro/techno label from Spain.

  137. Murder Capital

    Sublabel of Viewlexx, run by I-f.

  138. Microciudad Recordings

    Spanish Electro/Freestyle label.

  139. 139



    Sublabel of Elektrolux, focusing on the more club-oriented, electrofied, but also experimental efforts.

  140. Minimal Wave

    Label based in US and devoted to music that was previously unavailable, especially cassette material from the 80s.

  141. 141



    Founded in 1985 by Juan Atkins.

  142. MNX Recordings

    Glasgow based techno/electro/industrial label linked with club Monox in the city.

  143. Motor City Electro Company

    Established in Detroit in 1999 by DJ Nasty. Sublabel of Twilight 76 Records.

  144. Monoplaza Records Co.

    Sublabel of Ersatz Audio.

  145. 145



    Florida based electro label owned by Larry McCormick aka Exzakt.

  146. Moustache Records

    Label based in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), founded by David Vunk and devoted to Electro, Disco and House with Italo influences.

  147. Mighty Robot Recordings

    Electro label from Glasgow.

  148. Millennium Breaks Productions

    Label from Florida started in 1999 by founder/owner DJ J-Break.

  149. MinimalRome

    Rome-based collective and record label, founded in 2003 by Composite Profuse and Feedback (7) and devoted to Electro.

  150. Music Specialists

    Miami record label that released electro/bass/freestyle records

  151. Nature Records

    Italian label devoted to neo-electro and IDM sounds. Part of the Final Frontier family of labels & artists.

  152. 152

    New Flesh

    New Flesh

    French label founded by Umwelt.

  153. Newtown Music

    Florida based label specializing in bass music.

  154. No Emb Blanc

    Sublabel of Genetic Music.

  155. OD Records

    French Electro Techno label.

  156. Original Street Techno Recordings

    Electro/Ghetto from Spain.

  157. Orson Records

    UK electro label from Orson Bramley (Transparent Sound).

  158. Outside Recordings

    Electro, Glitch and IDM record label based out of Charlotte, NC and Los Angeles California.

  159. Over-X-Posure

    German electro label active through the 90s and the early 2000s.

  160. Panic Trax

    90s UK electro label with miami bass and UK bass scene influences.

  161. Panzerkreuz Records

    Bunker Records sublabel.

  162. 162



    The Miami Booty Bass heritage label founded in 1981 by Bo Crane.

  163. 163



    Electro label from Scotland.

  164. Phlegmatik

    Electro & experimental label from The Netherlands

  165. Pi Gao Movement

    Detroit based electro/techno label run by Ultradyne.

  166. Plant Records

    Dutch label for electronic music founded by David Rottmeyer.

  167. 167



    Italian electro label.

  168. Point.One Recordings

    UK electro/techno label.

  169. Prat Records

    Electro/breakbeat label from France.

  170. Pretension Records

    Electro label run by Bass Kittens' Jon Drukman and Volsoc's Justin Maxwell, focusing on advanced programming technologies.

  171. 171



    Electro label from Germany run by Anthony Rother.

  172. Puzzlebox Records

    Founded by Keith Tucker and Anthony "Shake" Shakir in 1996 now run by Tucker with the help of Wanda Dixon.

  173. Pyramid Transmissions

    London-based label which was founded in 2000 by Andy Jaggers (ADJ) and John Cranmer (Pathic).

  174. Rag & Bone

    Twisted breaks, electro, techno, BASS label from London, UK.

  175. Rave Or Die

    Sublabel of New Flesh Records by Umwelt.

  176. Red Laser Records

    British Italo-Disco label based in Manchester, founded by Il Bosco around 2012.

  177. Robotmachine Records

    German label founded in 2010 by Dynamik Bass System. Devoted to electro.

  178. Rock Well Records

    Freestyle and early electro, a subsidiary label of Hot Productions in Miami.

  179. Rottenrow Records

    British label based in Glasgow, founded by brothers John and Steven Clark aka Dirty Hospital.

  180. Remote Audio

    UK Electro label run by Kurt Baggaley (Scape One) and Rob Euroh.

  181. Rotters Golf Club

    UK Electro label.

  182. Roulette Rekordz

    Belgian label for electro, experimental & breakcore stuff.

  183. Satamile Records NYC

    Electro label, based in New York City, New York, founded in 1995.

  184. 185



    Very small UK Electro label launched in 1998.

  185. 186



    UK electro / IDM label run by Silicon Scally and distributed by Baked Goods.

  186. Science City

    German electro label from Leipzig. Detroit style electro.

  187. SD Records

    Label founded and owned by Syncom Data.

  188. Shameless Toady

    UK electro label.

  189. Shelter (3)

    French label founded by Umwelt.

  190. Shewey Trax

    Los Angeles indie electronic music label with an emphasis on showcasing the work of artist Live Better Electrically.

  191. SMB Records

    Dark Electro/Breaks/Breakcore label founded in Leytonstone (UK) in 1999, and later moved to France.

  192. 193



    High quality electronic music label from the Netherlands, founded in 2010.

  193. Solar One Music

    German label founded in 2006 by Nico Jagiella and Robert Witschakowski. Focus on electro, experimental & idm.

  194. Southern Outpost

    Electro label formed in 1998 by Patrick Wacher, Philip Chan & Daniel Horth, Based in Sydney, Australia.

  195. Spacebar Sentiments

    US Based Electro and Breakbeat label focusing on mutant, freaky, low-end electronics, and hi-fidelity, forward thinking Electro.

  196. Spinyl Records

    Middling mid-90s funky/florida/douchebag breaks tracks.

  197. Star Whores Records

    Started in 2000 by Serafín Gallego alias Alek Stark.

  198. Strange Life Records

    Run by Danny Wolfers AKA Legowelt.

  199. Stripe Records

    Brighton, UK based electro label started in 2000 as an outlet for quality electro/ techno.

  200. Stilleben Records

    Electro label from Sweden run by Luke Eargoggle.

  201. Subsonic Device

    German label devoted to Electro and Breaks.

  202. Suction Records

    Toronto based label founded in 1997 by Lowfish (Gregory de Rocher) and Solvent (Jason Amm).

  203. Suntown Records

    Miami label that released some classic bass/electro records.

  204. Supersoul Recordings

    Electro, Disco/Italo and House label from Berlin.

  205. 206



    US electro label with an emphasis on locked groove releases.

  206. Shiver Records

    Acid/electro/techno label featuring Erik van den Broek releases. Early 90ies.

  207. Signal Recordings

    Now defunct label which released the first Bitstream material.

  208. Simulacron

    Network and label from Augsburg (Germany). Founded by Dystronic in 2004.

  209. 210



    Early 1980s Italo-Disco label from Genova.

  210. 211



    Early electro label from Miami, Florida owned by Noel Williams and sister label to Konduko.

  211. Techno Kut Records

    Founded as a cooperation of Unknown DJ (Andre Manuel) of Techno Hop Records and Grandmaster Lonzo (Alonzo Williams) of Kru-Cut Records in 1988.

  212. 213



    Miami-Bassed Programmers of Elektro.

  213. 214



    Electro sublabel of Tellé Records, releasing Imatran Voima tracks.

  214. 215



    UK electro label from the early 2000s.

  215. Thorn Entertainment

    Part of the Detroit-based Twilight 76 label/distribution camp

  216. Thorn Industries Records

    UK breaks/industrial/electro label.

  217. Titan's Halo Records

    Spanish label.

  218. Tomorrow Records

    UK electro/electronic label.

  219. Top Secret/Test Series

    Viewlexx sublabel from Den Haag/Delft releasing techno, acid and electro-nix.

  220. Touchin' Bass

    UK ghetto tech / booty bass / electro label founded by Andrea Parker in 2002.

  221. Trama Industries

    Electro label based in Dublin, Ireland. Run by electro/techno act Decal

  222. Transient Force

    Big US label offering a unique catalog in the world of Electro music. Transient Force is a combination of many different styles of Electro gathered by artists worldwide.

  223. Transparent Sound

    Label by UK's longest running electro act.

  224. Truckstop 76th

    Italian label founded in 2002 by Seventysix and devoted to Acid, Techno and Electro.

  225. 226



    Viennese (Austria) electro label run by DJ Glow.

  226. Twilight 76 Records

    US electro label from Michigan set up in 1994 by DJ Godfather, DJ Dick and DJ Starski.

  227. 228



    Experimental techno & electro label owned by DJ Controlled Weirdness.

  228. 229



    Dynarec's label.

  229. 230



    Electronix label from The Netherlands ran by I-f.

  230. World Electric

    German Electro Label run by BolzBolz, based in Germany and U.K, founded in 1997.

  231. Vertical Sound Recordings

    Bristol based nu-skool breaks imprint.

  232. 233



    Disco label run by Ali Renault.

  233. Vynalogica

    Label by the Centre for Electronic Music (CEM) in Amsterdam. CEM invites some artists to record the material for a vinyl EP in their analogue studio, which is then released on Vynalogica.

  234. Vinyl Junkie (2)

    Breakbeat Electro label from Florida.

  235. WéMè Records

    Belgian label based in Brussels ranging from electro/experimental/idm.

  236. Zero One Music

    US electro/breakbeat label.

  237. 238



    UK techno/electro label co-founded by Jackmaster.

  238. Zusammen Records

    Sublabel of Invasion Planète Recordings releasing experimental electro.

  239. Zerohour Doom & Glamour

    Electro/minimal from Australia.

  240. Zoid Recordings

    Home of The Freakazoids from UK.

  241. Zyntax Motorcity

    Electro label from Germany releasing dark and mystic stuff.

  242. X0X Records

    Electro label from Finland.