Favorite Artists

Nach vladimir.ursinovich
aktualisiert over 5 years ago

And not in any particular order. (except for the first artist)

  1. Soichiro Suzuki is, dare I say it, the most unique and enigmatic artist to awake from the 80s underground in music. He approached music styles very different compared to most other artists during the time. Children's music blending in with traditional folk and ambient to popular music, and from that to ambient-acoustic soundscapes varying from western country finger-picking to bluegrass (and so forth). And not to mention his Everything Play project where he blended Folk with soundtrack music to ambient. He was also a part of a post-punk band during the late 70s. Kudos to Suzuki for all that.

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  3. Life-changing...

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  7. Creates some of the most beautifully haunting/eerie soundscapes (and not to mention his paintings)

  8. Favorite hardcore artist. Dark, full of energy and chaos.

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