Incredibly Overrated Labels

Nach noby noby
aktualisiert over 5 years ago

These are no good. Not all are equally bad though.

  1. 1



    Astonoshingly bland and homogenous. A few nice releases here and there but lacks quality control. The covert art is quite superb though.

  2. Beer On The Rug

    Some of the worst Vaporwave around.

  3. Brainfeeder

    Promising around its inception, but hasn't been able to put out almost any interesting releases.

  4. Fax +49-69/450464

    Apart from a few releases Fax outputs quite shitty music.

  5. Hymen Records

    Meh. Had some good releases in the early days.

  6. Hyperdub

    Horrible. I truly hate this label.

  7. Kompakt

    Does have some good releases, but mostly quite bland.

  8. Ninja Tune

    Extremely bland, hasn't been interesting for the last 15 years.

  9. Planet Mu

    Dull, simply not my taste. Some alright releases only in the very early days.

  10. Raster-Noton

    A piece of shit. Pretentious. Stupendously homogenous. I cannot fathom the hype their releases get.

  11. 12



    Some good releases but largely very mediocre, not worth the praise it receives. Still one of the better labels here.

  12. 13



    I don't get what people see in them.

  13. Ultimae Records

    Good aesthetic with a disappointingly mediocre roster. Yawn inducing.