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Labels I'm interested in.

I copy the label information available on Discogs or any other associated website.
Genre descriptions are generic and non-comprehensive. I just pull a few style tags from releases from the label and try to choose tags that match the general sound of the label.

  1. Ambient/Techno/House/IDM/Leftfield

    Based in Berlin, Germany. Owned and Operated by PLO Man, C3D-E + All Rest No People.

    Contact: [email protected]
    Booking: [email protected]
    Sites: SoundCloud

  2. Deep House/Tech House/Minimal/Techno

    Founded in Romania, but from 2011 based in Hungary.
    Managed by Norbert Dunai, Giovanni Verrina and Coldfish.

    Sublabels: All Inn Black, All Inn Limited, Nilla

    Contact Info:
    [email protected]
    Sites:, Facebook,, SoundCloud, Bandcamp

  3. Deep House/Tech House/Minimal

    Blind Box Series was a vinyl-only record label founded by Julien Sandre and Italian duo Konstress.

  4. Techno

    Distributed worldwide by N.E.W.S

    Contact Info:
    Rob De Straange: [email protected]

    Sites: mSoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter

  5. Deep House/Tech House/Minimal

    Parent Label: Constant Sound
    Sites: Bandcamp

  6. Deep House/Deep Techno/Minimal/Tech House

    Founded 2015.
    Labels run by Burnski.
    Constant Studio was set up 2017.

    Sublabels: Aesthetic, Cardiology, Constant Black, Constant Digital, Infiltrate, Instinct (3), Pilot UK, Trapid, Vivid (2)

    Contact Info:
    Constant Studio / Demos - [email protected]

    Sites: SoundCloud, Facebook, Bandcamp,, Twitter, YouTube

  7. Techno/Downtempo/Experimental/Acid/Abstract

    Likemind Records is run by Paul Smith from London, UK. The tracks all come from a small bunch of people: Jimmy Billingham (HOLOVR), Nurmad Jusat (Nuron & Fugue), Steve Pickton (Stasis), Steve Rutter & Michael Golding (Redcell aka B12), Kirk Degiorgio (Elegy, As One), and Andy Turner (Tura aka Plaid from Black Dog).

    Sites: SoundCloud


  8. 8

    ORAL_records is an independent experimental and friendly sound art label from Montreal, Quebec, run by audio curator Eric Mattson since 1999. Label released over 80 albums and EPs by such artists as Akufen, Martin Dumais/Aun (2), Monoton, Alexandre St-Onge and many others on CD, CDr, LP, 12-inch and variety of formats, including high quality limited editions and art objects, etc.

    Contact Info:
    Eric Mattson
    [email protected]

    Sites:, SoundCloud, MySpace, Bandcamp, Twitter

  9. Techno/House/Minimal/Electro

    Bihn's Label

  10. Deep House/House/Dub Techno

    Label owned and operated by Mike Huckaby.

    Parent Label: Deep Transportation

  11. Minimal/Minimal Techno/Tech House

    Romanian house label
    MP's Label

  12. House/Techno/Minimal

    Pastaga Records is a vinyl only label focused on quality underground music. Very limited quantities and no re-press, run by London-based French, Pastaga.

    Sites: Facebook, SoundCloud,

  13. 13

    Minimal/House/Tech House

    Label for self releases by MOi

    Parent Label: Mulen Records
    Sites: Facebook

  14. Deep House/Breaks/Techno/Tech House

    Label / collective based in Berlin, Germany.

    Contact Info: [email protected]

    Sites:,, Facebook, SoundCloud, Bandcamp

  15. 15


    Electronic music label based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
    Until its closure at the end of 2020, the team behind Gosu also ran a vinyl record shop in Frankfurt, focusing on selected new and 2nd hand records.

    Sublabel: Sturo

    Contact Info:
    Gosu GmbH
    Weckmarkt 9
    60311 Frankfurt am Main
    email: [email protected]

    Sites:, Facebook,

  16. 16


    House / techno label based in Germany.
    Run by Manuel Schatz

    GOSU Child

  17. Techno/Minimal Techno/Tech House

    Label owned by Fumiya Tanaka.


  18. Minimal/House/Minimal Techno

  19. House/Deep House/Tech House

    Electronic music label based in London, UK, founded by Domenico Rosa and Riccardo (24).

    Contact Info: [email protected]

    Sites:, Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube

  20. 20


    Environ was born in the spring of 1995 in the college town of Oberlin, Ohio. The Detroit-inspired "Premise EP" (produced by the label's founder, Morgan Geist), a veritable Roland orchestra of crisp beats, emotive chords and acid basslines, sold out its small initial run through Dan Curtin's Deep Distribution. Dreamy Dutch duo The Connection Machine, then fresh from releasing their groundbreaking debut on Carl Craig's innovative Planet E label, joined the maiden voyage with a slow-motion remix clearly intended for the head rather than the feet.

    Released one year later in 1996, Geist's "REMnants EP" reinforced the the label's efforts to create its own sound that would speak to both the mind and the body. Alongside the Chicago and Detroit influences, bits of hip-hop, jazz and classic soul bubbled up through the six tracks. With its varied styles, the record received both DJ and critical support from across the musical spectrum. Unfortunately, Environ would soon discover that trying to forge a unique path was not necessarily compatible with selling records.

    When the collaborative "Titonton & Morgan EP" (produced by Titonton Duvante and Morgan Geist) was sent to American dance distributors in early 1997, its complex programming and schizoid moods were met with ambivalence. The record was branded as too inaccesible, and with presales dismal, the project was scrapped. The remaining U.S. test pressings were sold and generated enough of a buzz in Europe that the EP was licensed by Phono (the UK label would later issue a compilation of the first three Environ releases). And while "Titonton & Morgan" went on to sell quite well, the necessity of a license was a blow to the label's independence.

    After the disappointing experience with the third record, Environ was put on hiatus until late 1998, when a P&D deal was struck with Ideal UK. Four EPs were released that year: two volumes of disco-techno hybrid 12"s by Nebula Jersey, plus an innovative house EP called "What Is Today's R&B?" (produced by Morgan Geist) that toyed with same temporal shifts espoused by hip-hop and R&B. Joining these projects was "The Mechanical Birds," an eccentric and vibrant EP from a NYC disco producer by the name of Daniel Wang.

    Signing Wang (already a cult hero via his outstanding Balihu disco label) marked an important shift for Environ. Besides the obvious stylisistic swerve, Wang's EP was the first solo release by an artist other than the label's founder. Inspired by Wang's vibrant productions and increasingly dissatisfied with the P&D arrangment, Environ was brought back home to the States in 1999 with a new project: Metro Area, the brainchild of Geist and Darshan Jesrani. With the record's hot pink and lime green artwork and fresh sound, the domestic renaissance of the label felt as exciting and brave as the first release.More
    Parent Label:
    Environ LLC
    Contact Info:
    244 court street
    2F brooklyn
    NY 11201

    [email protected]

    Sites:, SoundCloud, MySpace, Bandcamp

  21. Techno/Ambient

    Every Dog Has Its Day series by Jeff Mills for Axis

    Parent Label: Axis

  22. Techno/Deep House/Abstract/Experimental/Minimal/Downtempo

    German label created by Jens Kuhn in 2006.
    Distributed by Hardwax (Berlin, Germany).

    Contact Info: re[email protected]
    Sites: Facebook, Bandcamp

  23. Deep House, House, Ambient

    Label based in Berlin, Germany.

    Contact Info: contact: [email protected]
    Sites:, Bandcamp, SoundCloud,, Facebook

  24. Minimal/House/Techno

    Alex & Digby

    Label: [email protected]
    Booking: [email protected] / [email protected]

    Sites: SoundCloud

  25. House/Deep House/ Abstract

    London-based label established in 2002, specialising in deep, experimental, House and House-influenced music.

    Founder and Owner Paul Hammond

    Contact Info: [email protected]

    Sites: Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Twitter