My personal favorite Electro-Industrial artists

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aktualisiert about 1 year ago

All my favorite "Industrial" artists are in this list. They are listed in "order". However, this order is more or less a guess.
I also added the genre to each of them since "Industrial" is just a somewhat top term. I used Electro Industrial as top term because I dont want to cause confusions with other sort of Industrial genres like Industrial Metal. I am aware that E Nomine actually doesn't exactly fit into it. I will update the list from time to time, adding new artists or changing orders. Also, please keep in mind that there are many mentionable artists missing. Its just a personal Best Of.

  1. X-Fusion

    EBM, Dark Electro, Black Metal, Goa

    For me this is my favorite artist of all time. I really love the dark and demonic sounding tones fused with good lyrics and catchy samples. His newer releases are even better than his earlier ones! Sadly this project is doing a long break. Maybe forever.

  2. Amduscia

    Harsh EBM, Dark Electro, TBM, Trance

    They are my absolute favorite of all the Mexican Harsh EBM bands. They sound like a big mix of Hocico, Alien Vampires and C-Lekktor. Sadly Edgar passed away in 2010. This was also noticeable in the sound of the band. I prefer their releases from before 2011 but have to say that even without Edgar they still make really good music. Just missing trancy catchy synths.

  3. C-Lekktor

    Harsh EBM, Dark Electro, TBM

    Mexican Harsh EBM infused with very dark and well written lyrics and tones. "The Silence Procession" is probably one of the best Harsh EBM albums ever. "X-Tension In Progress" added Hardstyle electronics to the mix but it was later outsourced to an own project named "Circuito Cerrado".

  4. Alien Vampires

    TBM, EBM, Dark Electro, Trance, Black Metal

    Molag Bal decided to give his gift to aliens and we got Alien Vampires. Crazy BDSM drug addicts which actually manage to create amazing music. Ranging from Trance to Dark Electro over Black Metal. Really one of my favorites.

  5. Centhron

    EBM, Techno

    They have a very own sound which bases a lot on EBM and Techno. I really love their sound and lyrics, which are sometimes very "dirty". The voice of the frontman is very memorable. Allvater was a extreme development of the bands sound and lyrics. Music for Valhalla!

  6. Noisuf-X

    TBM, Rhythmic Noise

    This is X-Fusion's club side. Well, honestly it sounds completely different. I am usually not much into this type of music but the way how Jan serves it here is really astonishing to me. Catchy rhythms with well placed samples. Invasion is my favorite album. He produces Techno since before the 90s, it is no wonder that he is pretty much a Techno god.

  7. Agonoize

    Harsh EBM, Dark Electro

    Probably one of the most famous bands of the genre, especially in Germany. Probably the German counterpart to Hocico or Suicide Commando.

  8. SIN D.N.A.

    Dark Electro, Harsh EBM

    Those guys come straight out of hell. Afterlife was one of the best EPs I ever listened to. They already make music for many years but didn't release anything before 2011. Hoping for some new material anytime soon.

  9. Xenomorph

    Psy-Trance, Darkpsy, Industrial

    Probably the darkest Trance producer there is. There are many others that try to create a dark Trance sound but Xenomorph definitely pulls it off the best. No wonder since the artist also has roots in Metal and Industrial. Generally speaking he is a VERY skilled music producer and definitely someone to check out. He also spawned several side projects. Since 2008 he has kind of a break. Hope he will return one day...

  10. 10



    Dark Electro, Harsh EBM, Futurepop

    Void Malign and Timewave Zero are the best examples the cyber generation of music can offer. Masterpieces!

  11. Suicide Commando

    Dark Electro, Harsh EBM, Industrial

    Another godfather of Harsh EBM. "Aggrotech" wouldn't be what it is without him. There are to many copycats though. Also he left the Harsh EBM genre with his last 2 releases and tries to further invent a own sound again. Did I mention how much I hate the term "Aggrotech"?...

  12. Phosgore

    TBM, Power Noise, Hardcore

    The band was a total surprise to me in 2009. Has a very unique and own radioactive TBM sound. If a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with Industrial and Hardcore tendency would make music, it would sound like Phosgore.

  13. SAM (19)

    TBM, Rhythmic Noise, Power Noise, Trance

    Their first album belongs to my favorite albums of all time. Asskicking music for brainwashed rivetheads. Probably discontinued because there weren't any news since 2014.

  14. Reaper (2)

    TBM, EDM

    Wish he would release more stuff but what he released is absolutely godlike. Even his latest album which is more experimental and has EDM sounds.

  15. Heimatærde

    EBM, Dark Electro, Medieval, Electronic, Rock

    Very unique sounding Medieval Dark Electro. Very catchy rhythms with medieval instruments!
    I am mainly referring to their earlier Dark Electro releases (Pre 2010)
    I still like their newer material but not as much as I used to.

  16. Detroit Diesel (2)

    Harsh EBM, Dark Electro

    Once again a project with mainly war thematics, this time build upon Harsh EBM and Dark Electro. Absolutely stunning. Sadly the band officialy disbanded in 2017. Whether they return or not is unknown.

  17. Feindflug

    Industrial, Power Noise

    Well known Electro-Industrial band with an army and war sound/thematic. Volk Und Armee is their best work. Sadly no releases since 10 years now. Disappointing.

  18. Nachtmahr (2)

    TBM, Imperial Industrial

    Honestly was one of the first bands leading me into the Industrial and EBM genre. Very controversial due to the aesthetics. I enjoyed releases like "Feuer Frei!" a lot. Nowadays sadly not that much anymore.

  19. Nitro/Noise

    TBM, Industrial

    They have a very own sound. Leader of the band belonged to Detroit Diesel once but decided to make a own project with his wanted war sound. Now we got some crazy war Industrial machine that jumped out of the world of Wolfenstein. Really good stuff!

  20. [:SITD:]

    EBM, Dark Electro

    Well known band which belongs to the forefront of modern EBM in Germany. I enjoy their earlier releases the most but even their newer ones are well done.

  21. Skyla Vertex

    EBM, Industrial, Electro

    The lyric writing is absolutely amazing. I really love this project. Wish it would release more though.

  22. Reaxion Guerrilla

    Dark Electro, Harsh EBM

    I already listened to the first demos of the band and found it very interesting. Somewhere between Hocico and Alien Vampires. Definitely a must listen. Hoping for a new release soon.

  23. Dawn Of Ashes

    Dark Electro, Black Metal

    Really used to like them. Their 2004-2009 Dark Electro era is amazing. The Black Metal stuff isn't much of my taste anymore. Anathema had some nice tunes though.

  24. Hell:Sector

    Harsh EBM, Dark Electro, Black Metal

    A perfect hellish Harsh EBM sound with a tiny pinch of Black Metal aesthetics.
    Didn't release much yet but what he released is really good! Underground gold.

  25. 25



    TBM, Techno

    Finest Techno music infused with Industrial.