Runout Difficult to Identify

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aktualisiert 2 months ago

Difficult runout etchings to identify

  1. Ian Sefchick


  2. Plastylite

    The P in the photo

  3. Alex Sadkin

    ABS going down

  4. Claude Rie


  5. Dave Crawford (2)

    D inside a C

  6. Don Holden

    dh connected

  7. Duncan Stanbury

    Last name or DS cursive

  8. David Cheppa

    DC or DS Cursive in etching

  9. Glenn Meadows

    Signature cursive, Also an M inside a G (which looks like a C)

  10. Eddy Schreyer


  11. Gene Thompson

    ƐRT and Cursive Gene (looks like Sene or Sine)

  12. Ron McMaster

    MM or RM

  13. Mack Evans

    W over M next to Ɛ

  14. Martin Wegner

    MW but connected and squiggly.