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Stöbern Sie in Listen der Discogs Gemeinschaft. Listen können zu allen Themen erstellt werden - bemerkenswerte Albumcover, erfolgreichen Produzenten oder Alben, die Sie an den Urlaub erinnern - die Möglichkeiten sind endlos! Listen können Künstler, Veröffentlichungen, Label oder sogar andere Listen enthalten.

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Liste Nutzer Beschreibung Erstellt
How is this not on vinyl yet? LivShearer

about 2 hours ago
x_x. x_x.

i want dat

about 7 hours ago
Discotto Nature Series suadero

about 7 hours ago
DREAMS dusty-lee

about 10 hours ago

my IAMX collection

about 11 hours ago
Best albums capt_cucumbers

about 13 hours ago
M. StageScene Communications (Artists) mstagescenecomms

about 14 hours ago
M. StageScene Communications (Projects) mstagescenecomms

about 14 hours ago
Records I paid less than $20 for villainboi1232

Every album I've ever paid less than $20 for on vinyl

about 14 hours ago
“Bloody Roots” - “Roots Of Aliens And UFO Sightings In Metal” 👽 👽 🛸 🛸 crimsonmetal74

“Your Weekly Heavy Metal History Lesson”... From the fantastic SiriusXM radio show hosted by Ian Christe. “Know Your Roots!”

about 15 hours ago
4 Sell Monte23

about 16 hours ago
Fusioni radionua

about 16 hours ago
CLAIRE'S LIST youri.cocquyt

about 16 hours ago
Kleez Mix - 450 New Religion kleezrotterdam

about 19 hours ago
Genesis on 8-track Alan_Burns

Thought this might be interesting (at least to me, and maybe a few others!) - to list one of my favourite band's releases on a format that really...

about 22 hours ago
MCA France LP 410.xxxx (1971-1979) killbill74

French MCA Records LP albums (1971-1979) distributed by 410.001 (1971) > 410.010 (1973) C.E.D. (Compagnie Européenne du Disque) 410.011 (1974) >...

about 23 hours ago
MCA France SP 110.xxxx (1971-1979) killbill74

French MCA Records SP singles (1971-1979) distributed by 110.001 (1971) > 110.052 (1973) C.E.D. (Compagnie Européenne du Disque) 110.053 (1974) >...

1 day ago
Mes Vinyles Cpt_Kebec

1 day ago
My Favorite Post Bubble Japanese Albums (1991-Pres.) melthewriter79

1 day ago
VENDE-SE ! victorodriguezz

1 day ago
Venta jcmari

1 day ago
Owned Records Slim.Shifu

All the records i own.

1 day ago
Wishlist janet.vap

1 day ago
Bleep Radio #606 - September 24, 2023 isoprax

Bleep Radio airs each Friday at 11:15am EST from Hamilton, Ontario and has been broadcasting since 2004. These records made up this broadcast....

1 day ago
Avoid These Reissues cringebruh

Reissues of wanted collectible cd's made deliberately to maintain original records beign valuable and retrieving spent money on it by making so...

1 day ago