Various ‎– Terrordrome III - The Party Animal Edition (The Ultimate Hardcore Party Nightmare!)



Strontium 9000 Totally Tranceparant Jungle 2000 1:40
Dyewittness* & The Nightraver Featuring DJ Trevor & MC Cyclone The Future (Original Mix) 4:50
Chosen Few Ravedome 4:46
Annihilator Into The Wild Style 3:48
Keng Induce Trance 3:09
Force DJ Team* Do It! 4:47
Pineapple Jack Go Out Of Your Mind 5:06
Tellurian Get Stupid 4:21
Hyperact House Aggression 3:44
DJ Fistfuck Pussy Poison 4:32
Original Gabber* Pump That Puzzy (Technohead Mix) 5:07
Evil Maniax 4xFunk 4:54
Haardcore Straight Up 5:08
E De Cologne* ...Die Extase Versprechen 4:44
DJ Dano Oooooh Shit (Shit'E' Brooklyn Mix) 4:17
Chosen Few Party! 4:28
Search & Destroy Madness Revisited 5:00
Titanium Steel* Untitled 4:41
Technohead Jetset No.1 4:31
Cyanide Feeling 4:56
Chosen Few After Hourz (Technohead Mix) 4:56
Tellurian So Damn Tough 3:51
Reyes No Escape 4:46
Triplet Hairy 4:49
Speedfreak* Body Hammer 5:27
Original Gabber* I Wanna Be (A Motherf**king Hustler) 4:31
Technohead Accelerator No.2 4:38
Cyanide I'm Gonna Get You 4:01
High Energy Revolution 3:55
Search & Destroy Don't Need Nobody 5:00
The Party Animal Megamix By DJ Chosen Few 38:19
Technohead Jetset No.1 2:39
Dyewittness* & The Nightraver The Future (Original Mix) 4:21
Chosen Few Party! 2:12
Search & Destroy Don't Need Nobody 3:05
Chosen Few After Hourz (Technohead Mix) 2:59
Keng Induce Trance 2:14
Hyperact House Aggression 2:24
Reyes No Escape 2:25
Evil Maniax 4xFunk 2:14
Annihilator I'll Show You My Gun 2:35
Search & Destroy Madness Revisited 2:40
Tellurian So Damn Tough 2:15
DJ Fistfuck Pussy Poison 2:21
E De Cologne* ...Die Extase Versprechen 3:52



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24. August 2005
geändert over 12 years ago
bezogen auf Terrordrome III - The Party Animal Edition (The Ultimate Hardcore Party Nightmare!), 2xCD, Comp + CD, Mixed, 0041122CON

Despite the mega aggressive cover and the name, this release is far hard from what the name and sleeve would suggest. This is probably the “gentler” from this series. Below are some favourite tracks:

The Future – a vocal hardcore track with a Happy Hardcore/Trance crossover beat, a crazy 303 programming and the screaming of people as if in a live show. Unfortunately the track stops after 4 minutes despite credited with 6:12 minutes on sleeve :-(

Do It! - Forze DJ Team provide a cool track with old-school breakbeat and sounds from early rave days but with the inevitable 4/4 Rotterdam beat ;)

Go Out Of Your Mind – under his Pinapple Jack alias, the Prophet gives us a Hardcore-Trance crossover with a very trancey sound. More Trance than Hardcore actually, still Mokum released it on vinyl the year after.

4xFunk – Evil Maniax give us a track similar to Do It!, again with old-school breakbeat sound.

Oooooh Shit – the hardest track on this collection. With a distorted kickdrum all through, vocals by Rob Gee and additional production by Lenny Dee it surely had all the craziness you could have back then :)

Party! - Chosen Few is one of the greatest Hardcore artists ever in my opinion. This track has the vocal sample “Party” and a very nice melody and a cool beat, not too hard but certainly not mellow, the good old Chosen Few style. Check also the his track Ravedome here.

Madness Revisted – this is a 1994 remix of a track called What Kind of Madness by Martin Damm in 1993. You might have heard the original on Thunderdome 2. It sings “What kind of madness rules the world today.....”

Don't Need Nobody – again Martin Damm under the Search & Destroy alias and from the same EP where Madness Revisted is released, this is another favourite of mine. Samples the Prodigy's hit “No Good – Start The Dance” ;)

Despite having loads of the big names which made history in Hardcore, like Paul Elstak, Scott Brown, Chosen Few, The Prophet, E-De-Cologne, DJ Dano, The Speed Freak and Technohead to name a few, this release is still lacking something. Probably the tracklist wasn't the best Mokum could compile, but then again this release is in collaboration with Mokum so there was little room for variety.

The supposed bonus mix CD is decently mixed and at 38 minutes is reasonably long. Volumes 1, 2 and 4 have the mix CD too short and frankly is only a waste of space and money!

My copy came with 2 stickers, one with the Mokum logo and the other the same as the cover. Was lucky to find them in even though I got my copy used.

Except for collection and completists, you may safely skip this.