Ten Grand Goldie5:19
Am Landwehrkanal3:00
Möbliertes Lied4:28
Zivilisatorisches Missgeschick3:58
Seven Screws3:53
Alles In Allem4:15
Grazer Damm6:25

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    Cover von Alles In Allem, 2020-05-15, VinylAlles In Allem
    LP, Album
    Potomak – LP 195991Europe2020Europe2020
    Cover von Alles In Allem, 2020-05-15, CDAlles In Allem
    CD, Album
    Potomak – CD 195992Europe2020Europe2020
    Neuer Eintrag
    Alles In Allem
    10×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps; 10×File, WAV, Album
    Not On Label (Einstürzende Neubauten Self-released) – none20202020
    Vor kurzem bearbeitet
    Cover von Phase IV: The Box Set, 2020-05-15, Box SetPhase IV: The Box Set
    Box Set, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition; LP, Album; LP; CD, Album; CD; DVD, DVD-Data
    Potomak – LP 196001Europe2020Europe2020
    Vor kurzem bearbeitet
    Cover von Alles In Allem, 2020-05-15, FileAlles In Allem
    10×File, FLAC, Album, 24-bit/44.1kHz
    Potomak – noneGermany2020Germany2020
    Neuer Eintrag



    • Spraels Avatar
      So very fascinated by this one.
      This album is a tale of the human condition.
      E Neubauten, you did well.
      This is one of the most beautiful of the albums published during this Corona pandemic.
      • Vinylophilists Avatar
        Excellent pressing.
        Extremely good quality recording / sound quality. Very happy to have this, and I do like the music.
        • skuhn8s Avatar
          Vor 2 Jahren bearbeitet
          Blind-buying Lament pissed me off, and then the last couple shows I caught came across as some kind of effort to replace Leonard Cohen in the musical landscape. So is the music here better than Lament and the stupid cover photo they chose? Sorry for sounding like a curmudgeon, but these guys really left the program since Silence is Sexy (Alles Wieder Offen is pretty good still).
          • wOnderFAbBs Avatar
            Agreed, the pressing is high quality, deep and quiet as befits such a record.
            • TheThreshers Avatar

              Some good stuff on here, with 'Am Landwehrkanal' being the song that grabbed me the most.

              However, wearing muzzles in the promo video is an insult to their fans. Industrial music was always about thinking for yourself, not kowtowing to corporate billionaires.
              • VincentPresleys Avatar
                Played three times the first day I got it. I love it. I was really put off by Lament and the horrible auto-tuned vocals. This is some of the best mellow / pretty EN. Not for people looking for anything like their early work.
                • gnombyXs Avatar
                  Music-wise i think it's a grower, there are many subtle details that need repeated listens to be discovered and appreciated. Taschen is one of my favourite EN songs ever.

                  Sound-wise this is and excellent pressing: the record comes in a poly-lined inner sleeve, it's very nicely mixed and mastered; my copy is pretty silent without any noticeable click or pop.
                  • henrybogardes Avatar
                    Worst album they ever made. Listen it so many times but I can't get the feeling of the old releases. It's all about money. Shame on you.
                    • hollytargas Avatar
                      Records come in wide-spine sleeve with poly-lined inners and a special 6-side 12" insert. Both records are flat, clean pressings of 150gr Vinyl. Very good sound quality with deep bass, clear voices and (nearly) no surface-noise and no distortion. The additional tracks and alternative versions are imho definitely worth listening to. I do not need the CD Versions, but with the book and the DVD-Extra this box for me is a good deal. Please check out the music for yourself. I like it! And for all the german readers: zu "Am Landwehrkanal" fiel mir spontan "Rio Reiser goes auf der Reeperbahn nach um halb eins" ein - was meint Ihr?
                      • berlin0666s Avatar
                        Please check it out the official website before. They still having copies. For 99€


                        For Sale on Discogs

                        Sell a copy


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