MC1R20th Anniversary

Style:EBM, IDM, Industrial


MC1RAngle Of Pitch (Basementgrrr Remix)5:49
MC1RSick Existence (Mortal Void Remix)5:31
MC1RPharmakon (Jihad Remix)5:49
MC1RForce Of Inertia (I'd Be Dissapointed If I Cared Enough Remix By Fïx8:Sëd8)5:19
MC1RDark Secrets (Symphonic Dark Electro Remix By Tri-State)4:14
MC1RFalse Friend (Pyrroline Remix)4:06
MC1REngross The Mind (OBJECTized Vocal Dissection)3:09
MC1RFor You (Slow And Deeper Rmx By Majestic)4:16
MC1RAtmospheric Tides (Needlewire Remix)4:42
MC1RAnother World (Glowing In Red Rmx By tEaR!doWn)5:58
MC1RTruth (TSP Rmx)4:50
MC1RObjectionable (Mind.Area vs. AI-zero Rmx)3:38
MC1RFalse Friend (F.A.L.S.E. Rmx By Anankastic Autonomy)4:32
MC1RApocalypse Inside (Syntech Rmx)4:35
MC1RWaste (MRDTC Remix)4:29
MC1RAngle Of Pitch (Amnistia Modification)3:57
MC1RAdrenalin Junkie (Papas 80s Hardware Mix)3:22
MC1RReloved Friend (Philipp Muench Remix)5:49
MC1RAdrenalin Junkie (Huron Remix)6:23
MC1RDysthymia (Affective Disorder Rmx By Framework)5:10
MC1RSyngeneic (Globular Cluster Mix By Spherical Disrupted)7:24
MC1RCrotchety (LPF12 Remix)3:39
MC1RForehoding (20-20 Hindsight Rmx By FTANNG!)7:42
MC1RApocalypse Inside (X-Treme Version By Steffen Lehmann)5:06
MC1RAwakening (takhtahk Remix)4:29
MC1RInsomnia (Tonblende Remix)8:56
MC1RAtmospheric Tides (Signalstoerung Remix)5:22
MC1RCircle Of Confusion (BBCom Remix)5:44
MC1RLast Dream (Autumn Remix By L-A-L)6:22
HeaddreamerCity Of Dust (Ray Of Hope Remix By MC1R)4:59

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    Cover of 20th Anniversary, 2014-04-04, CD20th Anniversary
    2×CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Not On Label (MC1R Self-released) – noneGermany2014Germany2014
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    Cover of 20th Anniversary, 2014-04-04, File20th Anniversary
    30×File, FLAC, Album
    Not On Label (MC1R Self-released) – noneGermany2014Germany2014
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      Edited 10 years ago
      Since realizing this act with his last release i am fascinated about these varied soundscapes of his interpretation of ebm kinda music. Mentallo and the fixer meets skinny puppy vs Tekkno. Here you find the whole range of fantastic produced quiet, melodic electro themes to heavy rotating floorstompers.

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