r ess5:12
see on see4:37
os veix34:38
d-sho qub6:26
st epreo4:08

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Released on vinyl, CD and a variety of file formats including a lossless 24bit WAV via

A bonus track "Xektses sql" is available on the Japanese CD and as an AAC file from the Japanese iTunes store.


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    Cover von Oversteps, 2010-02-22, FileOversteps
    14×File, WAV, Album
    Warp Records – WARP210, Warp Records – WARPCDD210UK2010UK2010
    Vor kurzem bearbeitet
    Cover von Oversteps, 2010-02-22, FileOversteps
    14×File, MP3, Album
    320 kbps
    Warp Records – WARPCDD210UK2010UK2010
    Cover von Oversteps, 2010-02-22, FileOversteps
    14×File, WAV, Album
    Warp Records – WARP210, Warp Records – WARPCDD210UK2010UK2010
    Vor kurzem bearbeitet
    Cover von Oversteps, 2010-03-03, CDOversteps
    CD, Album
    Beat Records – BRC-252Japan2010Japan2010
    Cover von Oversteps, 2010-03-22, VinylOversteps
    2×LP, Album; Box Set
    Warp Records – WARPLP210UK2010UK2010
    Vor kurzem bearbeitet
    Cover von Oversteps, 2010-03-22, CDOversteps
    CD, Album
    Warp Records – WARPCD210UK2010UK2010
    Cover von Oversteps, 2010-02-22, FileOversteps
    15×File, AAC, Album
    256 kbps
    Warp Records – noneJapan2010Japan2010
    Cover von Oversteps, 2010-03-00, FileOversteps
    14×File, FLAC, Album
    Warp Records – WARPCDD210UK2010UK2010
    Cover von Oversteps , 2010, CDrOversteps
    CDr, Album, Numbered, Promo
    Warp Records – WARPCD210PUK2010UK2010
    Neuer Eintrag
    Cover von Oversteps, 2010, CDOversteps
    CD, Album, Repress
    Warp Records – WARPCD210UK2010UK2010
    Cover von Oversteps, 2010-03-22, FileOversteps
    14×File, AIFF, Album
    Warp Records – WARPCDD 210UK2010UK2010
    Neuer Eintrag
    Cover von Oversteps, 2017, FileOversteps
    14×File, ALAC, Album, Reissue
    Warp Records – WARPCDD 210UK2017UK2017
    Neuer Eintrag
    Cover von Oversteps, , CDOversteps
    CD, Album, Unofficial Release
    Warp Records (2) – WARPCD210
    Cover von Oversteps, , CDOversteps
    CD, Album, Repress
    Beat Records – BRC-252, Warp Records – WARPCD210JapanJapan
    Vor kurzem bearbeitet
    • grid_mes Avatar
      I wasn't very impressed by this release back in 2010, but for some reason 11 years later i love it. Great beats and lovely intricate melodies.
      • grooveReducshuns Avatar
        if you prefer the earlier soundscapes of AE then this album will bring you back .. Melodic from the start ... Pressing quality is top notch which is hard come by these days. , but autechre put time into this production . Nice poster also made out of rice paper. Delicate stuff.
        • Veryinteresteds Avatar
          Never have i gotten really into this album until now (10 years after), and i can say that it is definitely part of autechre long list of amazing albums of varying experimental moods.
          • blammoAMSs Avatar
            Vor einem Jahr bearbeitet
            Looking for this item on Japanese websites, I found one with catalog number BRC-252X for 600 yen. Would anyone here know what was special about that edition? I know Japanese editions are often sold with a T-shirt wrapped in (or on), but they usually have the additions M, S, L, XL for the sizes, AND don't cost this much more...
            • 6rxs Avatar
              Had been listening since Confield so was sort of surprised when I hear this one. But after Untilted and Quaristice, this was sort of a welcome break from the manic, aleatoric drum machining of the last several years. I love their percussion, it's a big part of their current sound, but I always like to see artist challenge themselves, which is what I think they did on this record. For me, it's a got a really weird overall vibe, the synths are *very* digital/fm'ish... (i)known, qplay and O=0 are my standout tracks...some of my fav all-time tracks. If I were to recommend an good introductory record by Autechre, it would be this one. Definitely not the upcoming one, Exai. LOL Though that's one of their better ones as well.
              • musicologist78s Avatar
                The track "See On See" also brings tears to my eyes for some reason. Amazing stuff from Autechre.
                • the.knights Avatar
                  Wow this album will be a decade old soon enough. It has a ver concise and fully realised sounds, with the tone of some sort of imperialistic seaside future aeon flux music. It is definitely a more melodic and less percussive approach than much of their other work. This album should really not be underestimated. Recommend seeing them live if you get a chance too.
                  • Mau5Kidss Avatar
                    Aunque si bien, no es mi álbum favorito, no niego lo bueno que elaboraron el álbum. Con un regreso de las canciones ambientales y cálidas, que lo que empezaron en el grupo. OBVIAMENTE con nuevos sintetizadores, no los antiguos.
                    Lo único malo del álbum, es que como 3 canciones usan el mismo sintetizador pero con otro ritmo y tono. Pero lo demás esta muy bien. Un buen álbum, aunque es un poco fanservice xD, pero bueno :)
                    • GalaxyExplorers Avatar
                      Vor 8 Jahren bearbeitet
                      Revisited this one and Move of Ten after not hearing them since they came out. This one is not as good as Move of Ten. The rhythms are not as engaging. Melodically it's kind of a downer of a record. It's reminiscent of Chiastic Slide in that regard; by the time I've reached the last couple tracks I can't take any more of it.
                      • Cardia1s Avatar
                        Vor 4 Monaten bearbeitet
                        This is my third Favorite album By Autechre, the musics evoke always wide spaces, with vast landscapes and the constant presence of the sunlight even if "st Epreo" or "redfall" evoke more moonlight , also some of the tracks will toss the listener into mysterious places and there´s also a lot of action (and that´s up to your imagination). My favorite music are :"Ress", "Known(1)", "See on See","Youp" and "Os Veix3" wich is for me the best music of this Album and one of the best music from all Autechre productions.


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