Theme Sax
Crazy Hammond
Union Ave.
Take Me Baby
Matti B
Travelin Dem Spaceways

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    Cover von Sähkömies, 1994-00-00, VinylSähkömies
    LP, Album
    Puu – PUU-1Finland1994Finland1994
    Cover von Sähkömies, 1994, CDSähkömies
    CD, Album
    Rough Trade Germany – RTD 126.3618.2Germany1994Germany1994
    Cover von Sähkömies, 1994, VinylSähkömies
    LP, Album, White Label
    Puu – PUU-1Finland1994Finland1994
    Neuer Eintrag
    Cover von Sähkömies, 1997, CDSähkömies
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Source – 724384840426France1997France1997
    Neuer Eintrag
    Cover von Sähkömies, 1999, CDSähkömies
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Warp Records – WARPCD47UK1999UK1999
    Vor kurzem bearbeitet
    Cover von Sähkömies, 1999, CDSähkömies
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Warp Records – WARPCD 47, [PIAS] – 678.2047.29Benelux1999Benelux1999
    Cover von Sähkömies, 1999, CDSähkömies
    CD, Album
    Warp Records – WARPCD 47, Zomba Records – RTD 126.3618.2Europe1999Europe1999
    Neuer Eintrag


    • scoundrels Avatar
      Jimi Tenor's debut, SAHKOMIES (named after Puu's parent label Sähkö) got re-released on Warp once they had picked him up as an artist, and it shows all the hallmarks of Tenor's work: the retro sound of "Theme Sax" suggests a lounge sensibility, and the organ noodling and clicks of "Crazy Hammond" only reinforce this, as a gentle beat and deep bass underpin the sax of "Union Ave." But then suddenly, "Take Me Baby" dives into 80s electro madness, bringing the spacey blips of "Matti B" along with it for what seems like an oddly long time. "Teräsmies" brings back the weirdo jazz, and "Travelin Dem Spaceways" has a dub feel. Strangely enough, "Union Ave lll" almost feels Middle Eastern with its wavering tones and scant percussion. Interesting, though not always concise.


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