Night Of The Living Drag Queens
Mr. Motherfucker2:00
Twist My Sister2:10
Let's Go To War2:22
Die My Bride2:56
Scary Song2:55
I Love Me2:26
Full Metal Jackoff2:17
Crossdressing G.D.S.O.B.1:55
I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend1:57
Motel Killafornia2:32
She's A Man1:39
Foot In Mouth3:25
Going To Hell2:00
Songs From The Recently Deceased
Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun1:02
Hooray For Horrowood2:19
Creature From The Black Lagoon3:26
Oogie Boogie Baby Baby3:00
Monster Monster 13 Oh Yeah0:47
The Rocket Ship Oddity 133:34
Bride Of Frankenstein2:28
The Witch Is Dead4:34
Back In Blacula2:01
The Last Halloween - The Story Of Trick Or Treat Pete3:19
I Was A Teenage Ghoul Scout2:17
Welcome To The Strange2:57
They Only Wanna Eat Your Brains2:14
Plan 9 From Outer Space3:04
Neon Black3:44
La La For Lon Chaney Jr.0:50
Special Bonus Creature Feature
I Love To Say Fuck4:46
I Love To Say F**k (Evil Dead-ited Radio Mix)3:11
Viva Las Violence
Viva Las Violence2:12
The Devil Made Me Do It3:05
Give Her To The Monsters3:05
Smother My Brother3:13
Planet Of The Apes2:59
Evil Is Good3:22
We Have To Kill You Now3:36
Kung Fu You2:02
Murder Pie4:44
Eat Drugs First2:58
Celebrity Skinned1:52
Dead And Breakfast2:26
Bark At The Moon3:59
Galactic Chicken Shit ..Live3:14
Rare Treats
Bride Of Frankenstein - 1997 Original Demo2:36
Whoopdee God Damn Da Doo - 19973:01
Snotty Nose Knappy Hair - 19973:28
Break Her Teeth - 19971:58
Natalie - 19972:27
Hello Hooray (Alice Cooper) - 19973:21
Nobody (Accoustic Live Radio Session) - 19972:53
Hit & Rape (Accoustic Live Radio Session) - 19972:28
Kill Miss America (Accoustic "Out Of Tune" Live Radio Session) - 19974:13
19766 (Stupid Radio Edit Live) - 19972:32
Graverobbing USA (7" B-Side) - 19982:47
Rock'n'Roll (7" B-Side) - 19983:52
19766 (B-Side From Rare Treats) - 19992:31
Fox On The Run (The Sweet, 1999 Sessions) - 19992:56
Anti You (1999 Sessions) - 19991:54
Dawn Of The Dead (1999 Sessions) - 19993:40
Levity Ball (Alice Cooper, 1999 Sessions) - 19992:36
I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges, 1999 Sessions) - 19993:15
Shoot To Thrill (AC/DC, 1999 Sessions) - 19992:47
Love At First Fright (1999 Sessions) - 19993:35
I Wanna Rot - (Alternate Lyric Version) - 20032:31
The Late, Late, Late Show
Blood, Feathers, Lipstick...The Monologue1:00
Galactic Chicken Shit2:19
Hit And Rape2:12
I Dismember Mama2:52
God Damn I Am3:24
The Wolfman Stole My Baby4:42
13th Commandment0:44
Bloodsuckers Anonymous2:10
Kill Miss America2:22
Count Down...Planet 134:15

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    Cover von Little Box Of Horrors, 2006, CDLittle Box Of Horrors
    5×CD, Compilation; Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered
    "I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison" Records – Prison 105-2, "I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison" Records – Prison 116-8, "I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison" Records – Prison 116-2
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    Cover von Little Box Of Horrors, 2006, CDLittle Box Of Horrors
    5×CD, Compilation; DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC; Box Set
    Restless Records – REST 73800US2006US2006
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