Core Illness4:10
Bandwidth Barons4:27
One Of Us5:31
Ziggurat Seven7:11
Identities Are Fluid11:52
The Conquistador Closes His Eyes5:44
Texas Prayer Machines10:01

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    Cover of Alterity, 1999-11-11, CDAlterity
    CD, Album
    Hymen Records – ¥708Germany1999Germany1999
    Cover of Alterity, 2012-04-18, FileAlterity
    8×File, FLAC, Album, Reissue
    Hymen Records – ¥708Germany2012Germany2012
    Cover of Alterity, 2012-04-18, FileAlterity
    8×File, MP3, Album, Reissue, 320 kbps
    Hymen Records – ¥708Germany2012Germany2012
    Cover of Alterity, 2023-09-08, FileAlterity
    12×File, FLAC, Album, Remastered
    Not On Label (John N. Sellekaers Self-released) – noneBelgium2023Belgium2023
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    • ucci's avatar
      Put this on whilst on a bus leaving Karenga near Kidepo National Park, Uganda. The tribal sounds really fit in well with the savannah desert landscape and leaving the Karamoja tribe behind me as the dry conditions turned into lush green fruitful scenery.
      • genocyber's avatar
        overlooked dark gem of an album. 1 0 / 1 0.
        • noizstepper's avatar
          very strange and intensive idm work. When I bought it over ten years ago, i wasn't very familiar with IDM and was more into Metal-Industrial-Tekno-Punk. But when I listen to it now: still amazing, what he did back than just sound like modern IDM piece of today!
          • neckro's avatar
            Technoid glitch? Tribal ambient? Futuristic soundtrack? Who cares, it's magnificent. One of those albums that unfolds more and more beautifully with each listen. Sellakaers has truly come upon his own sound here, and even though it fits well with the rest of the Hymen roster, this is really something unique. One of the best (and most overlooked) releases of 1999, and still a favorite four years onwards.
            • synctank's avatar
              Somewhere between Autechre and Haujobb lies Xingu Hill. If there were an industry award for sleeper of the year, Xingu Hill might just win with this delicious silicon tote of complicated electonic structures. With a scattered discography of scarce releases, Belgium native John Sellekaers manages to protrude from the woodwork on the increasingly notable Ant-Zen sublabel Hymen, for this beautifully composed 50 minute daydream. Packaged in a canvas wrap of exquisite artwar courtesy of the label's mediator S.alt, this innovative masterpiece of electronic purity incorporates near-perfect compositions of futurism and intricate sample arrangements. Scattered sounds and sponge-like spurts of tight resonance speckle this release along with dark undercurrents leaning against warm tones and clever beat interaction. Thoughtful structure and merging track lengths exhibit John's precise programming abilities and careful undertakings. Elements of IDM circa Autechre and Architect are slightly present here but 'Alterity' is certainly in a class all its own. After experiencing this complex slice of intelligent electronic art, one may find himself scouring for this notable act's entire back catalogue. Fans of Passarani and recent Haujobb are urged to give this one a listen. 'Alterity' will certainly make it on many critics top 10 list for 1999, including your humble reviewer's.

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