One Love11:11
Out Of Time9:46
Orange Night7:25
Electronic Pulsation9:20
Virtual Landscape7:27
Visiting Venus9:15

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    Cover of One Love, 1995, CDOne Love
    CD, Album
    Spirit Zone Recordings – SPIRIT ZONE 09Germany1995Germany1995
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    Cover of One Love, 1996, CassetteOne Love
    Cassette, Album, Dolby B
    Outside Media – OUT 016 MCPoland1996Poland1996
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    Cover of One Love, 1997, CassetteOne Love
    Cassette, Album
    Wizard (4) – WSZ 200.143Bulgaria1997Bulgaria1997
    Recently Edited
    Cover of One Love, 2019-12-17, FileOne Love
    9×File, FLAC, Album, Reissue
    Not On Label (Electric Universe Self-Released) – noneGermany2019Germany2019
    Cover of One Love, , CDOne Love
    CD, Album
    Spirit Zone Recordings – SPIRIT ZONE 09GermanyGermany



    • rec.7's avatar
      I am aLways far away if I listen to these traxx. great auraL drug to drift away, 5 stars !

      • _2trancentral_'s avatar
        Edited 7 years ago
        This is a rare variant with different colour of digipak to the more common release. This one is dark blue, while the usual one is violet.
        • 2trancentral's avatar
          Edited 11 years ago
          From digipak, translated from german:

          "...and so, in the galactic system, emerged the plan for the Earth, as an intergalactic exchange-centre for informations. It was an incredible plan. The Earth was a wonderful place, located at the margin of a galactic system, and easily approachable from other galaxies. She was close to many galactic gateways (portals), the trajectories (intergalactic flight-paths) that exist for the energies to travel throughout the universe."
          • TheTreeTribe's avatar
            Edited 12 years ago
            A classic and must-have from 1995 - the glory years of Goa trance. This entire album is just a classic blend of spacey, soothing, uplifting, hypnotic melodies that promise a wonderful galactic ride with a smile on your face all the way through.

            Both previous reviewers have pretty much covered the music thoroughly, highlighting the classic-ality of One Love. My review differs in just one aspect from the others - my rating for this is a 5/5, simply because all tracks on the album are light and enjoyable - something that can't be said very often.
            • Wotzenknecht's avatar
              The title track is one hell of a ride : two leading melodies that never cease to spiral up and down just as the male and female principle's everlasting fight for equilibrium. Just when it starts to get very repetitive comes another blast of acid synths, finally leading to a one octave-up melody to enpower the uplifing aspect of this masterwork. 'One love' should really last one hour, perhaps more.

              Then you have 'Orange Night', very deep and, well, nocturnal. Then you have the very simple yet beautiful 'Equilibrio'. Most of these tracks are built like a flow in which you are invited to drift with a grin on your face. Pure bliss without even falling into new age considerations, just as goa trance sounded in the mid-nineties, although this release is far more deep and melodic than psychedelic. Unfortunately the album loses a bit of its focus after Electronic Pulsation and falls into something more chilling and "acid-ambient" (?) which is hard to really consider after such a powerful succession of timeless classics.

              Anyway, this cult album is worth chasing for 'One Love' itself and you'll find way enough energy and life in the other tracks to brighten your mood and spirit for a long time. While the former user wrote "Dance or die" ; Considering the pure ride offered here, I'd rather go for "Live and dance" !
              • Skeleton-Man's avatar
                Edited 18 years ago
                One cool and classic 1995 ride! For those of us that aspire to the original Psytrance of 95-98 this is one of the must's.

                I's say the album has an overall typical mid-nineties trance sound. Not very complicated so if you like todays progressive you'll probably also enjoy this album for its quiter parts that, I think, works quite well as deep trance. Very simple, very repetitive, very mindwidening. If you like deep trance you know what I mean and this album will not dissappoint you. Check out for instance the last two minutes of Out Of Time and tell me you don't get hypnotized. Or the middle part of Galaxia. Or Equilibrio or all of Electronic Pulsation. I'm sure you get my drift. This is pure bliss for deep trance gems. The melodies EU rips out for you are so happy and mind uplifting and filling it's impossible not to follow the flow. And once on the ride, this is a 1st class ride.

                Well, there are parts of this album I am not too crazy about. A song like Orange Night, for instance, has a mid section where not much is going on and the same goes for a couple of the other songs. Also I am not crazy about the heavy use of the acidic synth sound that is used throughout the tracks. Don't get me wrong. At the right time it workes wonders. I just like that there is not an acid lead to pave the way so much of the time. Well, I guess any good album needs to also contain a challenge to the listener. It can't be all about seconds ;o)

                So in conclusion, if you like 95-98 Psytrance this is definitely an album you'd wanna check out. As your can hear, I am not crazy about all the parts of all the tracks but I hear no fillers and if put on at the right time, I'm sure, each and any of these songs would rock my butt off! Dance or die.

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