Label:Parlophone – 0190295818845, 0190295842932
Box-Set, Album, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Turquoise Opaque
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Gold
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, White
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Teal Translucent
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Blue Opaque
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Red Translucent
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Orange Neon Translucent
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Green Translucent
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Green Opaque
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Yellow Translucent
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Yellow Opaque
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Orange Translucent
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Pink Translucent
Land:UK, Europe & US
Genre:Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop
Stil:Trip Hop


A1Intro: I Switched My Robot Off
NarratorBen Mendelsohn
Engineer [Additional]Michael "Law" Thomas
Featuring, Written-By, PerformerVince Staples
Vocals [Additional]The Humanz
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
BLong Beach
EngineerJohn Foyle
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
Featuring, Keyboards [Additional], Written-By, PerformerPeven Everett
Vocals [Additional]The Humanz
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
ESaturnz Barz
Featuring, Written-By, PerformerPopcaan
Vocals [Additional]The Humanz
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
Engineer [Additional]Morgan Garcia
Featuring, Written-By, PerformerDe La Soul
NarratorBen Mendelsohn
SynthesizerJean-Michel Jarre
Vocals [Additional]Azekel, The Humanz
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
HMidnite Float
Bass [Additional], Synth [Additional], Drums [Additional]Anthony Khan
Featuring, Written-By, PerformerAzekel
SynthesizerJean-Michel Jarre
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
I1Interlude: The Non-Conformist Oath0:22
Engineer [Additional]J.U.S.
Featuring, Written-By, PerformerDanny Brown (2), Kelela
GuitarGraham Coxon
Vocals [Additional]The Humanz
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
JGrilling With His Face
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
Engineer [Additional]Samuel Egglenton
Featuring, Written-By, PerformerGrace Jones
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
LCharger (Alternative Version)
EngineerStephen Sedgwick
Engineer [Additional]Samuel Egglenton
Featuring, Written-ByPauline Black
Written-By, Drums, Synthesizer [Additional]Anthony Khan
M1Interlude: Elevator Going Up
NarratorBen Mendelsohn
Featuring, Written-By, PerformerD.R.A.M.
Vocals [Additional]Roses Gabor
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
NAndromeda (D.R.A.M. Special)
Drums, BassAnthony Khan
Synthesizer [Additional]Cheick Tidiane Seck
Vocals [Additional]Roses Gabor, The Humanz
Written-ByD.R.A.M., Gorillaz
OBusted And Blue
Vocals [Additional]Kelela
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
PBusted And Blue (Faia Younan Special)
Written-By, PerformerFaia Younan, Gorillaz
Q1Interlude: Talk Radio
NarratorBen Mendelsohn
Featuring, Written-By, PerformerAnthony Hamilton
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
RCarnival (2D Special)
Drums, BassAnthony Khan
Featuring, Written-By, PerformerAnthony Hamilton
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
SLet Me Out
Engineer [Additional]Paul Bailey (5)
Featuring, Written-By, PerformerMavis Staples, Pusha T
Vocals [Additional]The Humanz
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
TFive Whales In A Dream
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
U1Interlude: Penthouse
NarratorBen Mendelsohn
U2Sex Murder Party
Featuring, Written-By, PerformerJamie Principle, Zebra Katz
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
VGarage Palace
DrumsRemi Kabaka*
Featuring, Written-By, PerformerLittle Simz
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
WShe's My Collar
Featuring, Written-By, PerformerKali Uchis
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
XShe's My Collar (Kali Uchis Spanish Special)
DrumsAnthony Khan
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz, Kali Uchis
Y1Interlude: The Elephant
NarratorBen Mendelsohn
Y2Hallelujah Money
Featuring, Written-By, PerformerBenjamin Clementine
Vocals [Additional]The Humanz
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
ZPhoenix On The Hill
Drums, BassAnthony Khan
Featuring, Written-By, PerformerSidiki Diabaté
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
AAWe Got The Power
Featuring, Written-By, PerformerJehnny Beth
SynthesizerJean-Michel Jarre
Vocals [Additional]D.R.A.M., Noel Gallagher
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz
Written-By, PerformerGorillaz

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Presented across 14 individual pieces of 12” coloured vinyl (each one a different colour), packaged in individually art-worked sleeves. Each piece of vinyl features an album track, backed with an exclusive ‘b-side’ featuring alternate versions of Humanz album tracks plus further previously unreleased material.

Includes a 54-page, cloth-bound, foil-blocked, hardback book of Gorillaz artwork by Jamie Hewlett and a download card, all housed in a bespoke 12” vinyl case.

Initial copies sold exclusively on Gorillaz official website include this book signed by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett.

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  • Barcode (Text - US Release): 0190295818845
  • Labelcode: LC30419
  • Barcode (Text - EU Release): 0190295842932

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Titel (Format)LabelKat.-Nr.LandJahr
Neuer Eintrag
Humanz (2×CD, Album, Deluxe Edition)Parlophone9029585117Australia2017
Vor kurzem bearbeitet
Humanz (2×LP, Album, Gatefold)Parlophone0190295851194Europe2017
Humanz (2×CD, Album, Deluxe Edition)Warner Bros. Records, Parlophone560257-2US2017
Vor kurzem bearbeitet
Humanz (2×LP, Album, Deluxe Edition, Artbook)Parlophone9029585118Europe2017
Vor kurzem bearbeitet
Humanz (CD, Album)Parlophone0190295851200UK & Europe2017
  • benjigoos Avatar
    I don’t own this so I can’t really say but I think this is a super cool release, and actually almost worth the money and I genuinely feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t entirely hate it from what I’ve seen of it? The bonus songs are a bit of a mixed bag but there are soooo many gems that are exclusive to this version
    • Doodlevils Avatar
      what a waste of plastic wow ???? ? ? ?
      • rbarons Avatar
        "Initial copies sold exclusively on Gorillaz official website include this book signed by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett."
        Anyone know how many of the HAND SIGNED editions actually exist out there?
        • rbarons Avatar
          Going for a TON at auction on Ebay. Listing just ended at auction for a signed sealed set for $500 (USD).
          • SorysRgees Avatar
            Vor 2 Jahren bearbeitet
            Okay this boxset is often trashed for the price of it and I will join in saying if you pay full freight for this box set you are an idiot. However, Amazon often heavily discounts this boxset and if you can get it for less than 200 AUD it is worth the pick up then. I have a standard copy of Humanz on Vinyl, the deluxe album CD and this box set. Am I happy with this boxset? For the price I paid yes very happy but had i paid the more than double price commanded for RRP no I would have been absolutely livid. This boxset should have been made available for no more than 200 AUD from the get go.

            On to the music, I was and still am a big fan of this album it is by no means the best work of the gorillaz but i still love the music and the story behind. The artwork included with this boxset is something else and I thank this boxset for introducing me to little simz who i absolutely adore now and was lucky enough to get to see her live before covid in Australia. I quite like a lot of the bonus tracks to be honest and feel that add to the atmosphere that Gorillaz were going for in this record in terms of its concept. Remember as well these tracks are not available anywhere else bar here so if you are perfectionist or want the full set this is the only way to get these extra tacks. I am disappointed though that they didnt include the bonus tracks found on the deluxe CD version especially the apprentice as I love that song so much. So push comes to shove yes it is a little tedious to get up for every song but it forces you to listen to each song on its own which is something you dont really do otherwise and can lead to songs just becoming background noise. This boxset as well i believe is a critique of how ridiculous it is for people to be so absorbed within consumerism that they will buy something even if it is inherently inconvenient. For a comeback album after their hiatus, this setup Gorillaz for the Now Now and Song Machine series which I am glad happened.

            TL:DR if you can get it for a good price (Sub 150 USD) pull the trigger just dont pay full price it isnt worth that. The additional songs are no where near as bad as people make them out to be and I quite enjoy them
            • Impale_Productionss Avatar
              I'm really wondering how some sellers can offer this for 200 bucks as the official retail price was around 320 EUR!! At least this was what I paid for the first press from the official store.
              • floobadooos Avatar
                I appreciate that some records from this set are being individually sold as if they were singles, since there are a couple that I really want to own without buying the whole set (mostly Hallelujah Money/Phoenix on the Hill), unfortunately the shipping from the Netherlands to the USA is a deal breaker for me. Some of these B-sides are really excellent additions, I still listen to them digitally from time to time.
                • JoDaSojs Avatar
                  Almost pre-ordered this as an speculative investment before it came out. So glad I didn't, although I could probably use the exercise of walking over and flipping an album after every song. Bought the standard edition for listening and an artbook version as an investment that is worth less than I paid for it. My future as a flipper is grim.
                  • ealdormans Avatar
                    Vor 4 Jahren bearbeitet
                    Up to £299 on amazon now, you needed to be quick to get it at £87.
                    As for all the quibbles about price, songs per side ,12'' not 7'' etc. This set is not just a box of vinyl its a work of art in its own right.
                    What price art?
                    • SalvatoreNightwings Avatar
                      Vor 4 Jahren bearbeitet
                      350$ I knew it was too much. This box was in my amazon basket since a year. Sometimes it’s good to be patient. Now 135€ on Amazon Germany, still 320€ on official Gorillaz online store. So yes for 135€ I order it ! I will not be disappointing like a lot of fans who paid 300€.
                      I don’t care for the future value I just wanted to have it for a great price. Waste of money ? 300€ YES, but 135€... NO, not for the b-sides or demos but only for the packaging and the item hitself.




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