Controlled BleedingBlistered Bags Of Fodder Swaying

Label:Artoffact Records – AOF277CD
10 x CD, Compilation, Remastered
Style:Ambient, Experimental, Industrial, Noise


Death In The Cameroon
1-1Controlled BleedingSkin Evening13:57
1-2Controlled BleedingParis Lights16:35
1-3Controlled BleedingRibs In Scavenger's Sack30:07
Feet Hacked Rails
2-1The Art BarbequeDeath In The Cameroon2:25
2-2The Art BarbequeHybler Bees Respond To Stimulous0:55
2-3The Art BarbequeChest Cavity Dance Beat3:10
2-4The Art BarbequeDredging Phil4:54
2-5The Art BarbequePlatitude3:16
2-6The Art BarbequeAir / Sand2:32
2-7The Art BarbequeUntitled Return1:27
2-8The Art BarbequeRoast's On4:43
2-9The Art BarbequeMindarnoking Orch.3:50
2-10The Art BarbequeHerd Scarpe2:04
2-11The Art BarbequeMindarnoking Scrape2:39
2-12The Art BarbequeNiger Life (Note: This Niger, As In The River)2:06
2-13The Art BarbequeAnts / Rake2:10
2-14The Art BarbequeHumming Lymphnodes / Seated4:55
3-1Controlled BleedingVocal Chant #14:27
3-2Controlled BleedingFirelight5:34
3-3Controlled BleedingLetters To The Life Cycle Pt. 15:34
3-4Controlled BleedingDry Lungs4:53
3-5Controlled BleedingSlithering Blade2:28
3-6Controlled BleedingMusic For Earth And Water Pt. 34:36
3-7Controlled BleedingHeadcrack Pt.1 (Music For Four Guitars)3:50
3-8Controlled BleedingMoonshards2:24
3-9Controlled BleedingHeadcrack Pt. 27:04
3-10Controlled BleedingVocal Chant #23:23
3-11Controlled BleedingHeadcrack Pt. 32:44
3-12Controlled BleedingUntitled #14:09
3-13Controlled BleedingUntitled #22:38
3-14Controlled BleedingUntitled (The Missing Headcrack Piece - Total Noise Remix)4:59
Between Tides
4-1Controlled BleedingHorde4:25
4-2Controlled BleedingRebirth In Cameroons
HornsVox Populi*
4-3Controlled BleedingHot Bread / Mic-O-Bay-U4:23
4-4Controlled BleedingIn The Box5:18
4-5Controlled BleedingUnder Burned Hills
Arranged By [Keyboard]Chris Moriarty
4-6Controlled BleedingShaved Sound4:12
4-7Controlled BleedingBetween Tides3:11
4-8Controlled BleedingThe Scorched Ground4:41
4-9Controlled BleedingAfter The Rain
SoloistChris Moriarty
4-10Controlled BleedingUntitled #12:15
4-11Controlled BleedingUntitled #23:20
4-12Controlled BleedingUntitled #313:47
4-13Controlled BleedingUntitled #46:18
5-1Controlled BleedingChain4:18
5-2Controlled BleedingInland II6:49
5-3Controlled BleedingBreak / Curd
Performer [Assistance]Chris Moriarty
5-4Controlled BleedingGun Bent Back3:59
5-5Controlled BleedingBrained By Funk3:37
5-6Controlled BleedingBy The Drain (FUJD)11:11
5-7Controlled BleedingAfter The Heat2:41
5-8Controlled BleedingUntitled
SoloistChris Moriarty
5-9Controlled BleedingRhythm To Body Bag5:10
5-10Controlled BleedingScat Duet0:45
5-11Controlled BleedingScat Party Fuck2:43
6-1Controlled BleedingLand Filter3:03
6-2Controlled BleedingWhispers (In The Moisture)3:08
6-3Controlled BleedingBoiling Eggs (Part 1)3:53
6-4Controlled BleedingHead Sand4:39
6-5Controlled BleedingBoiling Eggs (Reprise)3:38
6-6Controlled BleedingWidening The Holes (In The Floor)5:44
6-7Controlled BleedingThe Oven Song5:17
6-8Controlled BleedingUnderside Of Lung Trees3:41
6-9Controlled BleedingLetters To The Life Cycle (Part 1)5:25
6-10Controlled BleedingSaddled In The Trench4:13
6-11Controlled BleedingMusic For Last Words4:33
6-12Controlled BleedingThe Ties That Bind4:16
6-13Controlled BleedingWidening The Holes (Curd Mix)5:44
6-14Controlled BleedingScat Duet (Curd Mix)0:55
Music For Stolen Icon
7-1Paul Lemos & Joe PapaCurb Life4:50
7-2Paul Lemos & Joe PapaDeep Paths7:45
7-3Paul Lemos & Joe PapaUnder Heaven12:45
Music From The Scourging Ground
8-1Controlled BleedingBright Shadows3:36
8-2Controlled BleedingIn Blind Embrace5:08
8-3Controlled BleedingNear The Water (Vocal Mix)2:41
8-4Controlled BleedingAn Awakening3:59
8-5Controlled BleedingThe Turning3:17
8-6Controlled BleedingThe Shallow Sky6:23
8-7Controlled BleedingAfter Separation5:38
8-8Controlled BleedingVoices Of The Dead4:35
8-9Controlled BleedingThe Peacock (Music For Four Guitars)2:49
8-10Controlled BleedingIn Dark Waters15:03
Music For Gilded Chambers
9-1Controlled BleedingConfirmation (Part One)3:47
9-2Controlled BleedingScourging Ground6:15
9-3Controlled BleedingFaith
SaxophoneLinda Paganelli
9-4Controlled BleedingTides Of Heaven7:56
9-5Controlled BleedingByways5:33
9-6Controlled BleedingA Silken Barb4:39
9-7Controlled BleedingThe Vigil2:34
9-8Controlled BleedingHealing Time
VocalsPaul Lemos
9-9Controlled BleedingConfirmation Part Two - Germany2:00
Songs From The Drain
10-1Controlled BleedingAsh And Stone4:41
10-2Controlled Bleeding...On Eating Garbage3:11
10-3Controlled BleedingMusic For Earth And Water (Parts 1-3)10:48
10-4Controlled BleedingNear The Fire (Instrumental Version)2:58
10-5Controlled BleedingRed Stigmata4:33
10-6Controlled BleedingUnder Heaven4:58
10-7Controlled BleedingThe Groan3:25
10-8Controlled BleedingIn Subcrisis3:48
10-9Controlled BleedingMusic For Glass And Bone5:12
10-10Controlled BleedingThe Hidden Section4:05
10-11Controlled BleedingGlass On Wire6:38
10-12Controlled BleedingLoop Cycle3:51



Vinyl-sized bound book containing 10 CDs and 24 pages, including artwork reproductions and an essay by Paul Lemos.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Stickered on outer plastic bag): 628070627721



  • lorenjan's avatar
    Edited 2 months ago
    There are people on Earth who would choose this music over oxygen. I am one of them. I felt very lucky to find some of these albums in record stores back in the early 1990s. They opened my eyes, and my mind, to the possibilities of independent experimental music.

    I have been planning a review of this box set now for a few years. I will eventually get around to it. It's a massive collection---over 8.5 hours of music---and incredibly well put together. And it will take me more time to do it justice.

    There is one thing I want to say right now, though, and this is important: these CDs are not the brickwall-limited, loudness war casualties that they are accused of being by that one reviewer. The reviewer in question is very obviously not a mastering engineer. The Core album, which is the example he uses, has an average ReplayGain value of -9.63, which is well within the bounds of reason (and maybe even a little on the quiet side) for a CD in 2018.

    Peak limiting is ubiquitous, and when correctly applied, is transparent to the listener (and can even be advantageous from a listening perspective, depending on the playback equipment and environment). You can't just open a waveform in your audio editor and decide that the mastering is crap just because it looks like the transients have been clipped off...Anything that uses peak limiting at all is going to look like that. "Brickwalled" means more than just "this mastering engineer limited some of the peaks", and the visual example from Core that the reviewer uploaded to Amazon is nowhere near "brickwalled".

    (For an actual example of a brickwalled album, please see the original version of Hesitation Marks by Nine Inch Nails.)

    I listened very closely side-by-side to this new master of Core compared with a vinyl rip I made from the Core LP. I took care to match the loudness levels of each recording using ReplayGain (in the foobar2000 player). There are noticeable sonic differences between the two versions, but I didn't hear any distortion on the new version. There's a little tape hiss, since this record was recorded on analog tape, but that hiss is also equally present on the original vinyl. If anything, the vinyl version is a little more compressed than the CD version. (Vinyl masters often use extra compression to get above the natural pops, clicks, and rumbles of a turntable-and-cartridge setup.) The remaster sounds like it was performed with care.

    Listen yourself, then make up your own mind. Some of the old CDs and LPs are still readily available here on Discogs, so you can compare these with the original versions, and pick your favorites. But to my ears, they did a great job on this box set, especially considering the age of the source material. It was obviously a labor of love, and its existence is a blessing.
    • devotown's avatar
      For those who want to obtain this massive set, hop on over to Bandcamp. The band's own store offers this new for an amazing $50 plus shipping.
      • stmayhem's avatar
        Amazing deluxe set of some of the best CB music! This brings some long out of print releases together, refreshed, remastered. I wish Music For Stolen Icons II was included, but I have it on cd already, so not a big gripe. A must for any CB fan!!!
        • blowerorama's avatar
          Edited 3 years ago
          *****FIVE STARS
          A superb collection and clearly a labor of love. I have much to say about Controlled Bleeding and this set you will see below, but I want to dispense with the HIGHLY misleading review below (cut and pasted from amazon no less! How lazy and boorish can you get?) complaining about noise and audio CD quality. Or the packaging, etc. It's tough to know exactly what REAL problem merited only one star, other than petulance and unfamiliarity with audio production.
          This one star review below is so disappointing for so many reasons. Let's address the easiest issue of all, which is to say, apparently, issues with the ReplayGain, pejoratively called Brickwalling, by the reviewer. If your audiophile grade equipment has too much gain in the presets, which is what it sounds like, you CAN in fact, rip the CD, or open it directly in foobar2000 player, highlight all the tracks, and using the right-click, have the ReplayGain analyzed and adjusted accordingly. That will immediately reduce whatever "noise amplification" you believe you are hearing. But this unfortunately has gone so much further than it should have on a forum like Discogs. This is a beautifully packaged set, as I recall it was even delayed to get the packaging done right for it, of a lot of music that is hard to locate all in one place. If you are a longtime fan of Controlled Bleeding, you should have some sense of what you are getting into. If you are not, and are new to the band, then you are in for a fantastic adventure. This is because the albums range so widely in genre that it is not possible to characterize it as just one thing: there are early harsh noise experiments, quiet ambient-like pieces, some fearless experimentation that might have rough edges, but is 100% authentic and uncompromising. It is well worth the cost to have all this in one place, and with a beautiful book to go with it.
          But the most disappointing issue is the betrayal, from a supposed fan, to not understand that through this insensitive review, and it's follow-up, could not show the judiciousness and discretion to keep the matter confidential. No wonder everyone in society distrusts each other to the extent they do. As far as the critique itself goes, I do not see that this problem pervades any or all of the CDs that I got in my copy of this set. And as I say, if you are used to the audio gain of vinyl through a pre-amp, and then try to compare it to a remastered CD, or even more misleading compare the remastered CD gain to a homemade rip on a CD-Rom, and base that single factor to put out a one-star review, and even admitting in the review that EACH CD has not even been checked for this result, then the review is automatically disqualified and clearly not a reliable indicator of the actual contents of this box set.
          So let's say that even if you are a casual or occasional CB fan, it's highly doubtful you have heard all of the material in this set. What today's listeners seem incapable of anymore, in my opinion, is to actually ENGAGE with the music they are listening to. What I mean by that is, listen to this for what the artist is saying through his or her work. Take stock of what that music is saying, process it, digest it. We are better served as true fans, and caring persons, to think on this issue. If it is people, and the music as a form of communication that we use to express ourselves, if it is that which we wish to understand and learn from; then to lift language from another context, may the listeners be granted the patience to "hear them, read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest them" before passing judgment or breaching confidences in a public forum, that does not reflect well on the reviewer in any way. This music, throughout these 10 CDs, are a window into a personal journey undertaken by a group of young men through obviously difficult and painful periods of their lives, but like everything, they survive to tell another story, mark another chapter, evolve and experiment with new forms fearlessly, and Lemos would be the first to admit, such whiplash shifts in genre might have come at their own detriment commercially, because they were not catering to anyone's commercial demands, but producing what music came directly from the viscera.
          I do not think it is accidental that so many of the titles of the tracks, from the very title of the box set itself, or the band's name, summon images of pain, sickness, and malaise. Or at the very least, efforts to manage that pain, the mortal coil put through rigors and ordeals as if placed on the Inquisitor's rack, stretching and breaking everything but the spirit within. That is the true depth of Controlled Bleeding. It is not afraid to show you the hard thing, or conceal the pain: for many that might be a lot. But there is a raw and tender beauty buried in this that is more beautiful, precisely because it is so rare, and can only emerge in this economy of trial and struggle. If that is a journey you want to be a part of, or can empathize with, then this is a great place to test your mettle and test, taste, and judge. A well done work that I cannot praise highly enough.
          • DeadMouse's avatar
            (This was taken from my personal Amazon review which includes an attached picture to show the graphic comparison of this brickwalled audio versus my own vinyl ripped CD-R)

            I was super excited to purchase this, if only to finally get the album Core on CD of which I've cherished my record for the last 30 years. The instant that I pressed play on my CD player, the sound was extremely loud and distorted even though my volume was at a low setting. Even when I turned the volume down, the sound was still distorted. So I decided to take examine the wave files of this box set's CD versus the CD-R that I had made having ripped and remastered from my own pristine vinyl copy. I attached a screenshot showing the differences between the two: the top wave file is that of this box set, the bottom is from my own ripped vinyl CD-R. You can clearly see that the top wave file, this box set's audio, has been brickwalled whereas my remastered vinyl to CD-R version on the bottom looks as it should, normal. I was hoping that perhaps this was the only album to have suffered this treatment but no, apparently all of them have suffered from this treatment as I have checked several of the other CDs as well.

            One could argue that a lot of Controlled Bleeding's "music" is noise/noisy/distorted anyways regardless of the brickwalling, and yes, that is true of some of their releases. But the difference between brickwalled distortion and normal distortion is, at least to me, discernible as normal distortion/noise has a certain nuance and subtlety; brickwalled distortion has no nuance, it's just overly harsh, loud and audibly exhausting to listen to. Unfortunately, this entire box set seems to suffer from being brickwalled and therefore condemns itself permanently to the shelf rather than wanting to be played. The "book" that the CDs are housed in is also rather cheap feeling and you feel like you are going to damage the spine of the book just trying to open the pages upon which the CDs are housed into. This should have been an awesome release, especially for the price; and even though the shoddiness of the "book" can be forgiven, as it's the audio that we're buying this for anyways, that too has been ruined relegating this to basically a trash bin purchase as I find no joy in listening to overly harsh distorted brickwalled audio. I might be an amateur when it comes to remastering vinyl to digital but I must say, my CD-R remaster of Core from my 30 year old vinyl sounds 1000x better than this!

            Caveat emptor!


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