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    Nino RotaFederico Fellini La Strada

    Label:Le Chant Du Monde – CM74307879
    2 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, Stereo, Gatefold
    Genre:Classical, Stage & Screen
    Stil:Score, Soundtrack


    La Strada
    A1Tema della Strada1:53
    A2Mi ha anche dato 10.000 lire1:11
    A3E' arrivato Zampanò!1:34
    A5La Trattoria4:15
    A6Solitudine di Gelsomina1:47
    A7Il pranzo di nozze1:06
    A8Il bambino malato1:08
    A9Zampanò e la vedova1:48
    A10Io me ne vado!0:52
    A11I tre suonatori - La Processione1:50
    B1Il matto sul filo1:53
    B2Il circo giraffa1:46
    B3Gelsomina e il matto1:58
    B4Addio del matto1:10
    B5Il viaggio continua1:17
    B6Partenza dal convento0:43
    B7Zampanò abbandona Gelsomina0:48
    B8Zampanò sulla spiaggia - Finale1:12
    Le Notti di Cabiria
    B9Le Notti di Cabiria2:05
    B11Aspettando Giorgio3:33
    C1Donne di Vita (Mambo di Cabiria)4:50
    C2Via Veneto - Il Divo5:10
    C3Cabiria e il Divo (Mambo di Cabiria)2:48
    C4Il Trasloco2:16
    C5E se anche lo racconto chi ci crede?1:12
    C6Spiando dal Bagno1:41
    D1Il Pellegrinaggio2:53
    D2Pic-nic al divino amore3:10
    D3Lla Ri Lli Ra - La Trattoria3:50
    D4Cabiria e il ragioniere - Fra Giovanni - Sulla Strada4:45
    D5Fra 15 giorni ci sposiamo1:57
    D6Ma La Vita Continua - Finale2:42


    Hasty and uncaring release for a special "Centenary Limited Edition" with numerous mistakes in the titles:
    - Track A3: E' arrivato zampan!
    - Track A6: Solitudine di gelsomina
    - Track A9: Zampan e la vedova
    - Track B7: Zampan abbandona gelsomina
    - Track B8: Zampan sulla spiaggia - Finale
    - Track D6: Tra 15 giorni ci cposiamo

    Le Chant Du Monde 2020 Release CM74307879
    Centenary Limited Edition

    The score to Frederico Fellini’s 1954 film La Strada was composed by Nino Rota. Its main theme recurs throughout the film being played by the characters, firstly on violin then on trumpet. Fellini initially wanted to use a soundtrack by Arcangelo Corelli which he played on tape whilst filming. Rota wasn’t particularly on board with this idea so wrote his own piece that was rhythmically identical to match the on screen movements. Rota’s final score included parts that were reminiscent to Larghetto from Dvořák's Opus 22 Serenade for Strings in E major.

    Barcode und andere Identifikationsmerkmale

    • Barcode: 3149020941058



    Angahuans Profilbild
    Vor einem Jahr bearbeitet
    This is truly lovely. I've been looking to own this version on vinyl for ages. It might sound flat to some, but It truly reminisces the original sound of the films and other original Rota releases. His complex spirit lays sometimes in these messy, warped parts, that's the beauty and human side to this release. Like a real band of raw Fellini characters could be playing. Whereas some modern adaptations of Rota became too clean and cheesy, almost like elevator music. This version keeps the humor and true emotion alive and makes listening to this record always a moving experience.
    I'm quite convinced they used this release as source material, and maybe chopped it up here and there to fit the wax.

    That's the down side of this release, it feels It feels indeed a bit hastily. The back cover is full of grammatical errors. Track A11 just cuts of before finishing, in the middle of C3 the volume just drops, like somebody is switching down the volume, and C6 seems unfinished. There are also some questionable fades clearly added, compared to the original recording.

    The cover is sweet, but misses the joyous complexity of the two films, used in some other releases, and it even forgets to mention Nights of Cabiria, which still occupies the mayor part of this release. The back has some random Fellini quote, whatever, nothing to do with the music, Rota or the themes of the films.

    Again thrilled to own this on wax. There is no better version of this legendary, and underrated piece of film music. A true pity it was a bit mistreated just like Gelsomina was. So, genius music in my opinion, but if you just want the music, buy the cd.