Joe Gibbs & The ProfessionalsAfrican Dub All-Mighty Chapters 1, 2, 3 & 4

Label:17 North Parade – VP 4106
Serie:Reggae Rewind
4 x CD, Compilation


African Dub "Chapter One"
1-01African Dub
Written-ByW. D. Riley*
1-02Universal Dub
Written-ByJ. Mittoo*
1-03Midnight Movie
Written-ByJ. Mittoo*
1-04Ghetto Skank
Written-ByE. F. Thompson*, J. Gibson*
1-05Lime Key Rock
Written-ByErrol Thompson, J. Gibson*
1-06Lovers Serenade
Written-ByD. Brown*, E. F. Thompson*, J. Gibson*
1-07Treasure Dub
Written-ByS. A. Reid*, N. S. Weir*, T. L. Cowan*
1-08Schooling The Beat
Written-ByC.Dodd*, K. L. Anderson*
1-09Campus Rock
Written-ByE. F. Thompson*
1-10Half Ounce
Written-ByC.Dodd*, J. A. Moore*
Written-ByK. L. Anderson*
1-12East Africa
Written-ByW. D. Riley*
African Dub "Chapter Two"
2-01Chapter Two
2-02The Marijuana Affair
Written-ByA. S. Reid*
2-03Angola Crisis
Written ByAngola Crisis
2-04Peeping Tom
Written-ByG. A. Brevett*
Written-ByG. A. Brevett*
2-06Idlers Rest
Written-ByR. S. Reid*, J. Gibson*
2-07My Best Dub
Written-ByBob Marley
2-08Third World
Written-ByJ. Gibson*
2-09Heavy Duty Dub
Written-ByB. S. Llewellyn*, C. Dodd*, L. Sibbles*
2-10Musical Arena
Written-ByJ. Gibson*
2-11Mackarus Serenade
Written-ByJ. Gibson*
2-12Jamaican Grass
Written-ByJ. Gibson*
African Dub "Chapter Three"
3-01Chapter Three
Written-ByJ. Gibson*
3-02Rema Dub
3-03Tribesman Rockers
Written-ByA. N. Ellis*
3-04Freedom Call
Written-ByF. Simpson*, L. Ferguson*
3-05Jubilation Dub
Written-ByD. Brown*, E. Thompson*, E. Thompson*
3-06The Entebbe Affair
Written-ByJ. Gibson*
3-07Angolian Chant
Written-ByL. Sibblies*
3-08Zion Gate
3-09Jungle Dub
Written-ByA. N. Ellis*, E. Gordon*, W. Jarrett*
3-10Dub Three
Written-ByC. Dodd*, J. A. Moore*
African Dub "Chapter Four"
4-01Crucial Attempt
4-02Behind Iron Bars
Written-ByE. Mc Daniel*, W. C. Cobbs*
4-03Ghetto Slum
Written-ByJ. Mittoo*
4-04Yard Music
4-05Iron Gate
Written-ByB. Llewellyn*, L. Sibbles*
4-06Power Pack
Written ByA. Burrell
Written-ByB. Atkinson*, J. Mittoo*
4-07Free The Children
4-08Fashion One
Written-ByA. Ellis*, C. Dodd*
4-09Rhythm Tackle
Written-ByC. Dodd*, T. D. Evans*
Written-ByLittle Roy

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Mitwirkende (Credits)


African Dub "Chapter One" originally released in 1975.
African Dub "Chapter Two" originally released in 1977.
African Dub "Chapter Three" originally released in 1978.
African Dub "Chapter Four" originally released in 1979.

From liner notes:
Track 1-01 is a recut of "Love is not a gamble" originally recorded by The Techniques at Treasure Isle.
Track 1-02 is a medley of Jackie Mittoo's "Who done it" (Studio One), Burning Spear's "Slavery Days" (Jack Ruby/Fox), Jackie Mittoo's "Hot Milk" (Studio One), and Ken Boothe's "My heart is gone" (Studio One).
Track 1-03 is medley including Delroy Wilson's "I don't know why" (Studio One) (often known as "Movie Star"), Errol Dunkley's "Black Cinderella" (Fe Mi Time), and Sound Dimension's "Drum Song" (Studio One).
Track 1-04 is a straight version of Dennis Brown's vocal of "My kind".
Track 1-05 versions Dennis Brown's "Poorer side of town" (original rhythm is Ken Boothe's "When I fall in love" (Studio One)).
Track 1-06 versions Dennis Brown's "Play Girl".
Track 1-07 is a remake of the Jamaicans' "Ba Ba Boom" (Treasure Isle).
Track 1-08 is a remake of Bob Andy's "Unchained" (Studio One).
Track 1-09 versions Dennis Brown's "Let me live".
Track 1-10 is a recut of the Soul Vendors' Studio One instrumental "Psychedelic Rock" (usually known as "Rockfort Rock"). (The song is actually an adaptation of Celia Cruz's 1948 mambo hit "El Cumban Chero" according to Jean Scrivener). Joe Gibbs used this rhythm track for Big Youth's "Chucky No Lucky" and "Waterhouse Rock", as well as Trinity's "Kingston Two Rock".
Track 1-11 is a remake of the Soul Syndicate's "Riot", first cut fot Keith Hudson.
Track 1-12 is an alternate mix of track 1-01.
Track 2-01 is a reggae recut of the Techniques "Queen Majesty" (Treasure Isle).
Track 2-02 is a remake of the Paragons' "My Best Girl" (Treasure Isle).
Track 2-03 is a remake of "I'm still in love" by Alton Ellis (Alton Ellis). This track was used by Joe Gibbs on Trinity's "Three Piece Suit" and Althea & Donna's "Uptown Top Ranking".
Track 2-04 is a version of "You have caught me" by The Melodians (Treasure Isle).
Track 2-05 comes from The Melodians' 3come on little girl" (Treasure Isle).
Track 2-06 is unidentified.
Track 2-07 is The Wailers' "Hypocrites" (Wail'M Soul'M).
Track 2-08 is a slower version of Bob Andy's "Unchained", different version from track 1-08.
Track 2-09 is a medley revisiting The Heptones' "Pretty Looks" (Studio One), "Johnny Dollar" a.k.a. "Mad Mad" by Alton Ellis (Studio One) and "I'm just a guy" by Alton Ellis (Studio One).
Track 2-10 is a version of the Soul Brothers' "Sugar Cane" (Studio One).
Track 2-11 remains unidentified.
Track 2-12 is derived from a Studio One adaptation of the melody from "Spanish Harlem" melody, recorded by The Cables as "What kind of Word".
Track 3-01 is a remake of the rhythm for Augustus Pablo's "Rockers meets King Tubby's uptown".
Track 3-02 is a recut of the Treasure Isle hit "Everybody Bawking" popularized by U Roy over the Melodians' vocal.
Track 3-03 is a recut of the rhythm for "Why birds follow spring" originally voiced by Alton Ellis at Treasure Isle but popularized by the Clancy Eccles production of Lord Creator called "Kingston Town".
Track 3-04 is a dub of Giibs production of the Mighty Diamonds' "Ghetto Living" (a synthesis of the bassline from Righteous Flames' "Born to be loved" and the melody from Bread's "Make it with you").
Track 3-05 is a dub mix of Dennis Brown's "Repatriation".
Track 3-06 is a dub of "Hypocrites" rhythm from the Wailers's Wail'M'Soul'M.
Track 3-07 is a dub of Dennis Brown's "Love me always" (a cover of the Heptones' Studio One original).
Track 3-08 is a recut of the Studio One "Ten To One" rhythm (originally voiced by the Mad Lads but popularized by Cornel Campbell).
Track 3-09 is a remake of "Live & Learn", originally voiced by Alton Ellis at Studio One.
Track 3-10 is recut of Sound Dimension's "Psychedelic Rock" (known as "Rockfort Rock").
Track 4-01 is a recut of the Soul Vendors' "Swing Easy" (Studio One) (the melody coming from the musical Fiddler on the roof.
Track 4-02 is a remake of Dawn Penn's "You don't love me (no, no, no)" (Studio One).
Track 4-03 is a remake of the Soul Vendors' "Frozen Soul" (Studio One), also known by The Heptones' vocal cut "Love won't come easy".
Track 4-04 doesn't have an identifiable original.
Track 4-05 is a remake of The Heptones' "Fattie Fattie" (Studio One). This version dubs an Althea & Donna recut of unknown title.
Track 4-06 is a remake of the instrumental "Drum Song" by Sound Dimension (Studio One).
Track 4-07 comes from Horace Andy's "Something on my mind" (Studio One).
Track 4-08 is a dub of Dennis Brown's remake of "Girl I've got a date" (originally done by Alton Ellis at Treasure Isle).
Track 4-09 is a remake of The Paragons' "Danger in your eyes" (Studio One).
Track 4-10 is a version of Little Roy's "Tribal War", in this case a dub of the George Nooks version recorded by Thompson and Gibbs.

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