Label:Harthouse – HH 026
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM
Stil:Hard Trance


AAdventures Of Dama8:30
BFirst Trip5:00

Mitwirkende (Credits)


Published by Moonquake/Musik-Edition Discoton
Vocal samples on Adventures Of Dama are taken from Julie Khaner
in the film "Videodrome".

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Nighthorse (12", 33 ⅓ RPM)Harthouse U.K.HART UK14UK1993
Vor kurzem bearbeitet
Nighthorse (12", 45 RPM, Promo)HarthouseHH 026Germany1993
Neuer Eintrag
Nighthorse (12", White Label)Harthouse U.K.HART UK14UK1993
Neuer Eintrag
Nighthorse (12", White Label, Stamped)Harthouse U.K.HARTUK14UK1993


  • delirium303s Avatar
    Vor 4 Jahren bearbeitet
    I just remember when I have heard Adventures Of Dama the first time. I had visited my relatives in my birth-city Tübingen in 1993 and my oldest cousin and me decided ad hoc to go to the disco/club Cinderella, a place where different music had been played on different weekdays. For sure we went on friday because this was the day for techno and similar sounds. It was a warm summer evening, the fuss of the beautiful university town at the Nekar river rised up and the well dressed boys and girls of Tübingen fan out to go clubbing or to other parties. In front of the club the lowered down cars drove slowly so the waiting revelers could see and hear them, the weekend show in full effect. The bass of the club boomed us the way and after we passed the entrance we checked the crowd for the beautiful girls. My cousin and me had a good time near the dancefloor, with a cool drink in my hands I just smiled to him when slowly the sharp stabs of a total new, emotional melody screwed more and more into the rythm of the just playing track. It goes on and on, the melody got more and more to the foreground and I suddenly knew: Oh man this is big! This is finally again a track which will influence my life. This fazer-like stabs, this clear diamonds pearling out of the speakers let me close my eyes and suddenly the bassdrum hits double strong: I was amazed!! The crowd salutes the dj by shouting and yelling, wolf whitles all over and: Woooow!! A wonderful clear soundscape was added suddenly to the stabs and the bassdrum, I knew from one second to the other: I NEED THIS TRACK. I need this track name, I need the artist name.
    Some short time before this night we spent a night at the OZ club in Stuttgart (later I found out that Stuttgart play an important role for Adventures Of Dama, the guys are from this city), less than an hour away from Tübingen and in the moment on the dancefloor of the Cinderella club it came in my mind that I had already heared a little part of this beautiful track before but now I was blewn away. After this track my thoughts circled only around this tune and the rest of the night was damned to the background.
    My parents and me went back into the north of Germany where we lived. Some weeks went by and I could not identify the track (in this early 90s there was no internet and it was a much more harder way to find out something, especially if you didn't have lived in one of the big cities).
    But we had been intented followers of the HR3 clubnights every saturday night between 9-12 - so every clubnight by Väth, Fenslau, Dag and Spoon was recorded onto tape at the house of my grandma in Gütersloh. My parents lived at the border of NRW to Niedersachsen unfortunately the radio signal of HR3 was distorted there and a recording of the three hours senseless. For this reason we always recorded the three hours in Gütersloh and on one saturday I was alone there to record it while my brother and a friend had been by car already to my hometown Espelkamp, where they had to do some preperations for the party weekend ;)
    Sven Väth was in order to play for the clubnight and suddenly I jumped out of my chair with the headphones on my ears: The intro!! The stabs, the diamonds, this melody!!! There was it again. This dream of my last weeks, this holy grail!
    Väth played the full track and for my luck he gave the artists name - perfect! Short after midnight I jumped into my car, put the fresh recorded BASF 90 into my stereo and reeled to the track while pushing the throttle control. Unbelievable! I had it. With a big smile on my face I steered the car on the Bundesstraße, accelerated it and the sound of the melody stroked my soul with the nice sound of my beloved car we ate the street. The Magnat woovers thundered the basses out of my open windows and with teary eyes I drove as fast as I could to my brother and my friend who had been waiting on a field with their cars near my hometown where we wanted to party the night.
    When I stopped in front of them they layawayed out of their seats with red eyes, green clouds volatilezed into the clear starry sky. They smiled when I jumped with happiness out of my car and I hoicked my arm into the sky with a cassette tape in my hand.
    "Dudes!! I have it =D !!! Its called Cybordelics."
    • jezzferns Avatar
      "This track exists at the very upper echelons of the Harthouse pantheon"

      Never have truer words been spoken.

      Adventures of Dama is a truly awesome piece of music. I First heard this back in 94 and it's still one of my favourite tracks. It's an excellently composed piece with the perfect mix of uplifting trance sounds, thumbing beats and trippy acid.

      Anyone who's heard it will surely never forget the raw energy and exhilaration, really putting the current crop of uplifting trance rubbish into context.

      Anyone compiling and list of the top 10 Harthouse releases (an impossible task?) would surly have to include this monster.

      • Universes Avatar
        Vor 16 Jahren bearbeitet
        In Huli mythology, dama are invisible deities which control the weather and attack people causing illness, sterility or death. Most of them can also bring good fortune, but a small minority are completely evil.

        'Adventures Of Dama' will bring any listener the good fortune of having heard it, but of course being a Harthouse record, it's at least a little bit evil!

        It is the type of track that has Harthouse indelibly stamped all over it. It starts off with futuristic thundering whooshes and progresses to a typically uncomfortable bumpy Harthouse groove, fused with heavy cutting acid. The ‘light relief’ is provided by a tripomatic almost child-like melody, before the track winds down with the repeated spoken vocal.

        This track exists at the very upper echelons of the Harthouse pantheon.
        • mantaylors Avatar
          Vor 16 Jahren bearbeitet
          This is a tune which spans through a wide range of musical taste. It is a well excepted tune from the early tecno scene also the hard trance scene. The tune "Adventures of Dama" was regulary played at the techno club "orbit" also at the legendary rave "Dizstruxshon". Played regulary by the tecno legend Sven Vath also by rave legend "Dj M zone"

          The tune starts off with a nice melody which breaks out to a steady stomping tune. The tune also samples a voice which is sped up at the start ,but by the end of the tune slows down to reveal the sentence "ease your self conciousness". A well known tune which can be easily overlooked.




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