MandalaAustralia EP (Pacidic Ocean)

Label:Noom Records – NOOM 010L-6
Vinyl, 12", Single Sided, EP, Limited Edition, Green
Stil:Trance, Acid


APacidic Ocean (303 Miles Under Water)19:00

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Mitwirkende (Credits)


Limited bonus with the first 1000 copies of the Australia EP. Recorded live somewhere summer 94.

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  • Labelcode: LC 5220
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Australia EP (12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided, EP, Promo, White Label, Stereo)Noom Records010-6Germany1994



  • Mr.TomServos Avatar
    Vor 4 Jahren bearbeitet
    I love this track in terms of what it represents (a work of acid art more than a track made to sell lots of copies and move people on dancefloors, though it probably did at least a fair amount of both of the latter), evolving/dynamic character, and freewheeling 19-minute duration ... but I'll admit, listening to it now in 2019, some parts of that 19-minute journey are better than others. More narrowly, there's a dissonant and slightly echoic tone/ping synth that layers into the track in the middle/latter stages, and I don't think it does much for the track (indeed, it sort of detracts from the overall vibe, at least for me). I also think the tune is a bit aimless in parts, or at least lingers in particular sections longer than it needs to.

    Now to be clear, the atmosphere is absolutely underwater and exploratory, and I especially enjoy the marine mammal sounds, so Tom and Ray certainly nailed the aural quality of the environment they were trying to invoke with this one. And to be fair, I do like the sonic character of much of the track; I just don't know if it's still worthy of the vaunted place I long assigned it in my mind.

    So call me a heretic and call me blasphemous, but I can only follow what my brain thinks at any given time. And at this point in 2019, I think this record is still worthy of a 5/5 for what it represents---unabashed artistic and acidic eccentricity---but the actual music on it has slipped down into the 4/5 category for me.

    I now await the angry villagers, torches, and pitchforks, lol.
    • neurodynamos Avatar
      Vor 9 Jahren bearbeitet
      Possibly the best live acid I've ever heard for me - turning back the acid clock IMO with amazing whale song !

      Incredible ! And here for you all to listen on Youtube

      sorry any other past or current acid trance or techno can take a bow to this really truthfully maybe Hardfloor in the 90's !

      If you feel down or need energizing then 19 minutes of pure bubbling acid trance mind creation is here for you.

      Recorded live somewhere summer 94. - That would be my lifetime moment I think if I had been there.

      the white promo label vinyl not the colored vinyl sounds better IMO but the levels are nearly the same

      anyway I'd love to hear from anyone that was there at the time in those rarest of moments !

      please ;)
      • djgylends Avatar
        Vor 16 Jahren bearbeitet
        Wicked sublime exploration into underwater euphoristic acid trance. Benevolent creatures guide your way through a labyrinth of rapacious sharp fanged toll collectors to an undiscovered wilderness where you can live apart from authority, dependant only on you and your community's physical utilization of the surroundings.



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