Son KiteColours

Label:Digital Structures – DIGCD015
CD, Album, Mixed, Slipcase
Stil:Psy-Trance, Progressive Trance


1Other Side9:37
3On Air9:36
4Game & Watch8:03
5Let Us Be
Lyrics By, VocalsC. Brink, M. Krantz
6The Stars Within Us7:43
8Made To Move9:06

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Mitwirkende (Credits)


Mastered @ High-Hat Studios, Sweden
Published by MPDQX Label Group.

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  • Barcode: 4031345501880

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Colours (2×LP, Album)Digital StructuresDIGLP 015Sweden2004
Colours (CD, Album, Unofficial Release)Digital Structures (2)DIGCD015Russia2004
Neuer Eintrag
Colours (2×LP, Album, White Label)Digital StructuresDIGLP015Sweden2004
Vor kurzem bearbeitet
Colours (9×File, MP3, Album, Reissue, 320 kbps)Iboga RecordsIBOGACD88Denmark2014


  • PhilipKs Avatar
    Vor 16 Jahren bearbeitet
    This album is truely a masterpiece.
    I can't say I don't enjoy any of the tunes on it.

    Definitely worth buying if you're looking for massivly intense tunes with a long buildup that grow on you each time.

    My favorite tune from the album although has to be Focus. Can't get tired of hearing it.

    Also check out Luke Chable's excellent remix on the tune Colours and Shiloh's Remix on Focus.
    • PKSs Avatar
      Vor 16 Jahren bearbeitet
      Son Kite (Marcus Henriksson and Sebastian Mullaert) from Sweden is back with their third album. This time they have made some sort of hype around themself, by releasing a series of "Colours". Pretty cool concept, which include two CD singles, this album and a live DVD. Son Kite started as an unknown duo, and released their first album “Minilogue” on Nova Tekk in 2000. My first experience with these guys was at the Arvika Festival in Sweden in 2000. They wasn’t very lucky at that gig, but after a ton of live performances around the world and another album (Perspectives Of...) on Digital Structures in 2001, these guys have really gained a good reputation, for their willingness to try out house, techno and progressive trance, and mix it all together. I love it when the musicians/labels do things well done and everything with the cover art and music is carefully thought through. That is what these guys have done. Here you get a pretty cool cover art, a concept and even a fat booklet with stuff you can read. Booklets like that is pretty rare to find in releases within "our" style. The reason is probably because it is expensive to do it like that.

      The first track starts with a long intro of relaxing light sounds. Then we get a voice sample, and the rhythms start drifting. Suddenly, the progressive bass line kicks in. The beats sound very monotonous, but the melodies and sounds around it vary all the way. Very typical Son Kite drift, when they make progressive trance. Or should we call it progressive house? The boarders between these two styles get pretty small now and then. Anyway, this builds up in a progressive way, and the sounds are light and happy. We also get a break, before things build up again. Track 2 continues the beat from track one because this album is mixed. This track goes the same style, but with less of those light sounds. Here we get some tribal drums mixed with the bass line, and they have put in a little bit of violin. This is probably the only progressive trance duo that use violin in their live shows too. I saw them in the heating sun at Samothraki Dance Festival in Greece, and was surprised to see they used violin on stage! Live ingredients like that is always fun. This track also builds up, and after a while a beautiful atmospheric, floating sound sneaks up on us. A perfect dj tool for a progressive trance dj. Then things take a different direction, and we get some electro sound influences. The electro sound from the eighties is back for full in many music styles these days. Then we get the track called On Air, which has been played a lot lately. This is a very floating progressive house track. Drifting as hell, with beats that some how reminds me of some synth pop! You also get some kind of synth pop melody in there. Track 4 is a pushing track, with a more heavy bass line. The melody you get here is pretty fluffy, but doesn’t sound too cheesy. The style reminds me a bit of some of the works by Dado (aka Synthetic, Deedrah etc.)

      Track 5 starts with a singing female voice. Then some techno inspired beats starts pushing. This track has a bit darker vibe, but after a while we get some pretty fluffy ingredients. It builds up in a smooth progressive way. The vocals come back a couple of times too. A bit too fluffy progressive house for my taste. Things get better in track 6. It starts off with some funky guitar. Then we get some banging beats, rolling along with a few sounds that almost drown in the heavy rhythm drift. After a while we get a little break with a twisted computer voice and some weird computer melody. Again I get this eighties electro feeling. This track can easily become a bit intense for home listening, but is perfect as a dj tool. Track 7 sounds better for the homelisteners. This one starts beautiful, with a floating atmospheric sound. The rhythms work it slowly into the track, and it goes from the floating atmospheric vibe to a funky house inspired vibe. This sounds a lot like some tech house music, but doesn’t sound bad. Track 8 is a pumping progressive track. Very groovy, with some nice metallic, tribal drums above. Another dj tool that could have been a bit more varied. The last track they give us on this album starts with the relaxing sound that we got in track one. Then some stumpy, pretty slow beats start pumping. This is my favourite track on this album. You also get this violin sound in there. Nice finish.

      Son Kite deliveres a strong album, floating between progressive house and trance. I don’t think it is as innovative as many people say it is, but I’m sure it is refreshing for many trance heads around the world if they never have explored the house and techy side of electronic music before.
      • Skeleton-Mans Avatar
        Vor 16 Jahren bearbeitet
        What's up with those crazy swedes? They give us Ticon, they give us Son Kite, they give us digital structures, progressive trance mayheem!! How come they are able to consistently turn out the biggest names in this genre? Now in my boombox is Son Kite's latest release. Will it be able to live up to the expectations?

        The thing about consistency is that while easy to comprehend as a concept it takes talent to practise. When it comes to progressive trance (not soccer, mind you ;o)) the swedes have cracked the task wide open. This baby delivers! At 5:09 in track 4 Game & Watch I just need a sample that says "Now, let's get back to the programme" for this music hammers on in such persistent and consistent manner you just want to let everything go and ... well, get back to the programme Son Kite is throwing at you. Progressive trance at its very best!

        Track 3 On Air is a cool ride too. After a chill intro at 1:54 Son Kite does what they do best in this track. A sexy middle progressive beat, a crazy break at 2:34 you start to love when you get it, and then onwards. They make it sound so easy these guys.

        And that's basically the album for you. All the tracks delivers, all have their individual personality and with some strong highs throughout the album lasting curiosity with this album is ensured. I have no doubts this will be played with equal satisfaction ten years from now as one of the great progressive trance album of this era. Recommended!

        About the artwork, I like a slipcase around the jewel case. Gives a nice feeling when you open the album and prepare for the music. And in the informative booklet a nice picture of Marcus & Sebastian sitting in the back of a car - and probably heading somewhere wild - let's you know a little something about the guys. But I mean, they look so nice and friends-next-door like it's weird to realize these guys also turn out some of the meanest trance on this earth. Wicked!
        • DeathPostures Avatar
          Vor 17 Jahren bearbeitet
          Step two of a four-stage rocket!

          In late April 2004, the wait was over... The progressive trance album everyone had been waiting for. The release of the “On Air Remixes” EP the previous month gave a mouth-watering foretaste of what was coming… A full album from the talented wizards behind Sweden’s biggest trance-export: Marcus Henriksson & Sebastian Muellart a.k.a. Son Kite. They’ve moved into release-concept territory with their ambitious “Colours” project, consisting of one album, two singles and a live-DVD... Very impressive! So, let’s see what the hype was all about…

          Let me take you thru the tracks…

          #01: Let’s start… Pay close attention to that Son Kite whistle – it’s the first and last thing you’ll hear on this album… The whole album is one big loop! ;o) The intro is long and lukewarm… Slowly it progresses, FX are added… Water, wind, violin, percussion, calm voice samples… and then bam! The smooth, groovy, crispy Son Kite baseline… Fast kicks and hi-hats are added creating chunky grooves leading to pure bliss… Amazing track!

          #02: The album is mixed, so we slip almost unnoticed into track two… The progressive groove continues here – the intro is sweet as candy… And then, an almost exploding bass grabs you… The bass is just so deep and brutal, but at the same time sweet and almost sexy! @ 6’00 the pace quickens and all hell brakes loose – A dark, mean, wall of bass-groove rips the track in half and slowly builds it up again… Holy phuck, this is good… Overwhelming track!

          #03: Pheeew, time to chill for a short while with the intro from last year’s summer-bash “On Air”. Allow me to copy/paste from my previous EP review: A very cool, floating, dream-like intro sets the mood… Someone hits a piano-key about 5-6 times, low voice-muttering samples in the back-ground, someone talking about radio – basically we’re just chilling out, having a good time… And then, at 2:22 the infamous Swedish progressive baseline cuts thru the silence like a scythe… This is the true essence of trance; razor-sharp percussion, beautiful synths, wonderful melody… And a build-up @ 5:15 that’ll annoy the hell out of you the first time you hear it, but after a few listens you’ll give in to the sheer genius that is On Air! So get your damn hands up in the air – this is a magic track!

          #04: “Let’s go back upstairs” … We mix smoothly into Game & Watch… But something’s changed here; it appears the kicks are harder and the bass is less polished… What gives? For a second you want to sound the cheddar-alarm, but no worries… Although this is the most full on sounding track on the album, it’s a sweet track that in no way compromises the groove… Hypnotic morning trance ala Son Kite! Nice track!

          #05: Ahh let’s take a trip back in time… Somewhat distorted melodies accompanied by a melancholy feel… Plus we get lyrics & vocals by C. Brink and M. Kratz… It’s not Michele Adamson standard, but very nice nevertheless… Also good use of stereo here… Nice track!

          #06: Go fly a kite – into the world of electro crash! Is progressive electro psy even invented? Well, it is now… We get the best of both worlds here… Old school kitschy computer sounds and classic robot voice box – combined with massive progressive rhythm patterns… Look forward to the sweet, sweet build-up part – can’t wait to hear that at a party… Electro acid flash! Lovely track!

          #07: Put another dime in the jukebox baby… Ambient intro … Just relax and float downstream… A subtle drum pattern is introduced… More delicate effects are added… The beat is slightly cut… The old Chicago warehouse techno atmosphere is present… And then: “Rhythm… rhythm… rhythm…!” A repetitive, simple voice reminds us that this is rhythm… Thanks! This is a very minimal track – and even a tad too minimal for my taste. It is funky however, especially for the last 3 minutes… Ok track!

          #08: After a long fade we progress into “Made to Move”… And this is a bouncy piece for sure… Focus has shifted back to percussion now, and we are treated to some cool steel oil drum beats… And yes the rumours were true; there is a definite Trommelmaschine influence here… And it sounds great! It’s a very danceable, tribal, progressive tune… Nice track!

          #09: The last track starts and ends exactly like the first track… The infamous whistle or whatever it is… What a nifty feature! This is a slightly slower track, but still so unbelievably groovy… All kinds of psychedelic bleeps and blops, birds whistling, water dripping… Beautiful melodies mixed with a distinctive wiggle-your-toe Son Kite beat… Sweet track!

          Woow, what a trip! This album is truly an experience… Epic trance at its best! A true journey showcasing the immense talent of the Son Kite guys… As I’ve said before they continue to distance themselves from the vast majority of trance labels – both production-wise and concept-wise! As always with Digital Structures the visual art is striking – great, tasteful cover art…However, I dislike the cardboard wrapper around the jewel case – what’s the point with those?

          Style wise this album embrace several electronic genres… It ranges from old school techno and house to cutting edge modern electronica… I like most of it, though there are tracks which doesn’t really scratch my itch… It is however miles ahead of the bulk of electronic releases nowadays…I’d even go as far as calling this a milestone album – instant classic! Get this or be left out!


          Favourites: 1(!), 2(!!), 3(!!), 6, 9



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