Scott Walker - Scott 4 as reviewed by chris-martin

27. Oktober 2019
There's quite a few copies for sale now, grab one while they are there. It IS a great LP.

Scott Walker - Scott 4 lazylistener

17. Mai 2019
Wait, how did this get OOP while the rest are still readily available?

Scott Walker - Scott 4 krudster

29. Juni 2019
Madness. Maybe the enhanced status of 4 meant it just sold through the run quickly. Can't be that hard to print more.

Scott Walker - Scott 4 albertocaeiro

22. Januar 2019
The 3 Discoggers below, nejakdivne, dpfrag and jolyon all praise the manufacturing quality of this 2014 re-ish. What about the mastering itself? A Hoffman forum poster said his Back To Black copy "distorts on the louder passages". Here:

Don't know if he's trying to say if his complaint is a plant pressing issue or an engineer's mastering issue. I'm not asking for perfection, so I would immediately bite, if anyone can confirm this B2B's (presumably, digital) remastering shines for the most part.

Scott Walker - Scott 4 TheRecordAngel

17. August 2019
I have to agree with the Stevehoffman thread. My copy, which I have since sold on, is very bass heavy compared to the original UK pressing, which I have owned since the late seventies. There is general distortion and some of the subtleties of the music, especially in the middle and higher frequencies are lost. This seems to be the case with so many Back to Black pressings. Great packaging and presentation and sadly lacking in the important bit, the music itself. You'd be better off with the CD, frankly. I have pre-ordered the half speed Abbey Road master, hopefully this one should equal or better the original.

Scott Walker - Scott 4 jolyon

29. Mai 2019
It all sounds good to me and I have a high end system that allows good pressing and mastering to shine and shows up bad pressings/bad mastering.

Scott Walker - Scott 4 nejakdivne

3. Juni 2018
Wonderful pressing, if only all reissues were put together with care like this - a good example how it should be done. Not a single pop, very clean looking record in nice hard gatefold sleeve.

Scott Walker - Scott 4 dpfrag

2. Oktober 2015

Sounds lovely, hearing things I had not heard before... but in a nice subtle, not over powering way. Well recommended. High quality vinyl also, looks to be virgin vinyl perhaps (?)

Scott Walker - Scott 4 jolyon

15. Mai 2015
Really nice pressing - superior to most reissues these days.