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    A1Symphony: Allegro - Larghetto - Allegro - Adante Larghetto
    Act 1, Scene 1
    A2Chorus: How Excellent Thy Name, Oh Lord
    A3Air: An Infant Rais'd By Thy Command
    A3Trio: Along The Monster Atheist Strode
    A5Chorus: The Youth Inspir'd By Thee, Oh Lord - How Excellent Thy Name, Oh Lord
    Act 1, Scene 2
    A6Recitative: He Comes (Michal) - Air: Oh God-Like Youth! (Michal)
    A7Recitative: Behold, Oh King, The Brave, Victorious Youth (Abner, Saul, David) - Air: Oh King, Your Favours With Delight I Take (David)
    A8Recitative: Oh Early Piety! (Johnathan)
    A9Air: What Abject Thoughts A Prince Can Have! - Recitative: Yet Think, On Whom This Honour You Bestow (Merab)
    B1Air: Birth And Fortune I Despise! (Johnathan) - Recitative: Go On, Illustrious Pair! (High Priest) - Air: While Yet Thy Tide Of Blood Runs High (High Priest)
    B2Recitative: Thou, Merab, First In Birth (Saul, Merab) - Air: My Soul Rejects The Thought With Scorn (Merab)
    B3Air: See With What A Scournful Air (Michal) - Air: Ah! Lovely Youth! (Michal)
    Act 1, Scene 3
    B5Recitative: Already See (Michal)
    B6Chorus: Welcome, Welcome, Mighty King!
    B7Accompagnato: What Do I Hear? (Saul) - Chorus: David His Ten Thousands Slew - Accompagnato: To Him Ten Thousands (Saul) - Air: With Rage I Shall Burst His Praises To Hear (Saul)
    Act 1, Scene 4
    B8Recitative: Imprudent Women! (Johnathan, Michal) - Air: Fell Rage I Shall Burst His Praises To Hear! (Saul) - Recitative: The But The Smallest Part Of Harmony (High Priest) - Accompagnato: By Thee This Universal Frame (High Priest)
    Act 1, Scene 5
    B9Recitative: Rack'd With Infernal Pains (Abner)
    B10Air: Oh Lord, Whose Mercies Numberless (David) - Symphony
    C1Recitative: 'tis All In Vain (Johnathan)
    C2Air: A Serpent, In My Bosom Warm'd (Saul) - Recitative: Has He Escap'd My Rage? (Saul)
    C3Air: Capricious Man' (Marab)
    Act 1, Scene 6
    C4Accompagnato: Oh Filial Piety! (Jonathan) - Air: No, Cruel Father, No! (Jonathan) - Air: Oh Lord, Whose Providence Ever Wakes For Thier Defence (High Priest)
    C5Chorus: Preserve Him For The Glory Of Thy Name
    Act 2, Scene 1
    C6Chorus: Envy! Eldest Born Of Hell
    Act 2, Scene 2
    C7Recitative: Ah! Dearest Friend (Johnathan) - Air: But Sooner Jordan's Stream, I Swear (Johnathan) - Recitative: O Strange Vicissitude! (David, Jonathan) - Air: Such Haughty Beauties (David) - Recitative: My Father Comes (Jonathan)
    Act 2, Scene 3
    C8Recitative: Hast Thou Obey'd My Orders (Saul, Jonathan) - Air: Sin Not, Oh King, Against The Youth (Jonathan)
    C9Air: As Great Jehovah Lives (Saul)
    C10Air: From Cities Storm'd, And Battles Won (Jonathan)
    Act 2, Scene 4
    D1Recitative: Appear, My Friend (Jonathan, Saul)
    D2Air: Your Words, Oh King (David)
    D3Recitative: Yes, He Shall Wed My Daughter! (Saul)
    Act 2, Scene 5
    D4Recitative: A Father's Will (Michal)
    D5Duet: Oh Fairest Of Ten Thousand Fair (Michal, David)
    D6Chorus: Is There A Man
    Act 2, Scene 6
    D8Recitative: Thy Father Is Cruel (David) - Duet: At Persecution I Can Laugh (David, Michal)
    Act 2, Scene 7
    D9Recitative: Whom Dost Thou Seek? (Michal, Doeg) - Air: No, No, Let The Guilty Tremble (Michal)
    Act 2, Scene 8
    D10Recitative: Mean As He Was (Merab) - Air: Author Of Peace (Merab)
    Act 2, Scene 9
    D12Accompagnato: The Time At Length Is Come (Saul)
    Act 2, Scene 10
    D13Recitative: Where Is The Son Of Jesse? (Saul, Jonathan)
    D14Chorus: Oh Fatal Consenquence Of Rage
    Act 3, Scene 1
    E1Accompagnato: Wretched That I Am! (Saul) - Accompagnato: 't is Said, Here Lives A Woman (Saul)
    Act 3, Scene 2
    E2Recitative: With Me What Wouldst Thou? (Witch, Saul) - Air: Infernal Spirits (Witch)
    Act 3, Scene 3
    E3Accompagnato: Why Hast Thou Forc'd Me (Sameul, Saul)
    Act 3, Scene 4
    E5Recitative: Whence Comst Thou? (David, Amalekite) - Air: Impious Wretch, Of Race Accurst! (David)
    E6Dead March
    Act 3, Scene 5
    E7Chorus: Mourn, Israel
    F1Air: Oh Let It Not In Gath Be Heard (Jonathan) - Air: From This Unhappy Day (Michal) - Air: Brave Jonathan His Bow ne'er Drew (David)
    F2Chorus: Eagles Were Not So Swift As They
    F3Air: In Sweet Harmony (Merab) - Solo And Chorus: O Fatal Day! (David)
    F4Recitative: Ye Men Of Judith, Weep No More! (High Priest)
    F5Chorus: Grid On Thy Sword

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    3 LP Box set. Contains CD-size booklet in plastic spacer insert.

    Barcode und andere Identifikationsmerkmale

    • Barcode: 4001406356872
    • Matrix / Runout (Side A): DMM A C-6, 35687-01-1 [stamped] CS-B-III [etched]
    • Matrix / Runout (Side B): DMM A C-6, 35687-01-2 [stamped] CS-B-III [etched]
    • Matrix / Runout (Side C): DMM A C-6, 35687-02-1 [stamped] CS-B-III [etched]
    • Matrix / Runout (Side D): DMM A C-6, 35687-02-2 [stamped] CS-B-III [etched]
    • Matrix / Runout (Side E): DMM A C-6, 35687-03-1 [stamped] CS-B-III [etched]
    • Matrix / Runout (Side F): DMM A C-6, 35687-03-2 [stamped] CS-B-III [etched]
    • Labelcode: 3706

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    Titel (Format)LabelKat.-Nr.LandJahr
    Neuer Eintrag
    Saul (2×CD, Album, Reissue)Teldec4509-97504-2Germany1995
    Neuer Eintrag
    Saul (2×CD, Album, Reissue)Teldec2564 68698-3Europe2010
    Neuer Eintrag
    Saul (2×CD, Album, Reissue)Warner Classics0825646869831Europe2015
    Neuer Eintrag
    Saul (2×CD, Album, Reissue)TELDEC242 651-2GermanyUnbekannt