Traumprinz - Diva Kwality-Products

16. August 2020
I have a white label of this with "TRAUMPRINZ 6" stamped on both sides in red ink.. is this very rare / anyone else seen one of these before?

Traumprinz - Diva JonasFJ

18. November 2020
Super rare only two exists.. Probably worth millions ! !

Traumprinz - Diva stefan.drawert

16. April 2019
Did not - the two used the same sample pack and TP made a great track out of it, BK not so.
People should calm down & look into things before accusing and blaming.
Sad trolling!

Traumprinz - Diva Polfakarr

29. August 2018

Wow..Traumprinz added some vocals and did not give credit to the original artist. It's a good Edit, but pretty fucked up move. That's what the original artist commented at his soundcloud:

"Brett Knacksen" schreibt bei 5:38: @lyckadj: but I was very unhappy that he just took my track without asking and pressed it on vinyl. I was totally surprised why Traumprinz aka Prince of Denmark needed to steal another track .. And to publish"

Traumprinz - Diva OCCIDENTAL

10. April 2018

* * * Traumprinz does it better * * *

Traumprinz - Diva Black_Footpath

29. März 2018

Maybe Brett Knacksen is Traumprinz . . . . .


Traumprinz - Diva adigiacomonyc

4. März 2018
part of me wants to believe they're friends... but dang!

Traumprinz - Diva puschi

13. August 2017
geändert over 3 years ago
sampled from this one i think

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Traumprinz - Diva ukgeez

16. November 2017

T o o T r u e

But remember where Black Box got their sample from:

Traumprinz - Diva Quintdresden

26. April 2017

Now up on their website! Mothercave repress, Kettenkarussell new&repress, Traumprinz 02&06 repress, various Staub represses, Mind Over Matter repress, Edward repress, Reiling quick!

Traumprinz - Diva Quintdresden

18. Dezember 2017

The website is . Of course most of the stuff is now sold out, but new releases were added that are also worth listening, especially Leafar Legov's new ep.

Traumprinz - Diva Scooby_do

7. April 2017
The Traumprinz = Pom Pom theory gets a bit more weight after listening to this one

Traumprinz - Diva Andersb73

12. März 2017

Everybody has an off-day. This is Traumprinz's. When I first listened to this I honestly thought it was a joke. Got that sinking feeling when I realised it wasn't. He's made some incredible music, and I'm lucky enough to own some of it. This release proves he's human after all.

Traumprinz - Diva Fatjo

3. August 2017
No way! This is fire! People were on the floor with arms up and shouts of joy..

Traumprinz - Diva derbalint

4. April 2017

don't expect traumprinz when it says kasha...word word word word