Genesis ‎– The Video Show

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Virgin ‎– GENDVD 1
DVD, DVD-Video, Multichannel, PAL, Compilation, Dolby/dts
26 Nov 2004
Electronic, Rock, Pop
New Wave, Art Rock, Pop Rock, Synth-pop, Prog Rock


Position Title/Credits Duration
1 No Son Of Mine 6:41
2 I Can't Dance 4:55
3 Hold On My Heart 4:43
4 Jesus He Knows Me 5:19
5 Tell Me Why 5:05
6 Invisible Touch 4:10
7 Throwing It All Away 4:22
8 Land Of Confusion 5:33
9 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (New Edit) 6:23
10 Anything She Does 6:05
11 In Too Deep 4:43
12 That's All 4:26
13 Mama (Edit) 5:18
14 Illegal Alien 4:40
15 Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea 11:14
16 Paperlate 3:10
17 Abacab (Edit) 4:15
18 Keep It Dark 4:14
19 No Reply At All (Edit) 4:05
20 Man On The Corner 3:42
21 Turn It On Again 3:50
22 Duchess 3:59
23 Misunderstanding 3:11
24 Follow You, Follow Me 4:01
25 Many Too Many 3:36
26 A Trick Of The Tail 4:27
27 Ripples 8:05
28 Robbery, Assault, And Battery 6:22
29 Congo 3:46
30 Shipwrecked 4:29
31 Not About Us 4:22
32 The Carpet Crawlers 1999 4:09


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€19,90 + €41,90 Versand
(insgesamt etwa $65,05)

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