Lou Reed / John Cale ‎– Songs For Drella

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Sire ‎– WMV 572-3 ZY
Box Set, Limited Edition
CD, Album, Digipack
May 1990
Art Rock


Unternehmen usw.



LP-size box including
- CD deluxe digipack edition with a velvet cover
(with liner notes by Bill Bentley and vintage Factory era photographs by Nat Finkelstein, Gerard Malanga, Billy Name, Stephen Shore and Ine Valeris)
- Inlay with german translation of lyrics by Diedrich Diederichsen
- Poster of Andy Warhol in orange and yellow

Barcode und andere Identifikationsmerkmale

  • Barcode (7599-26140-1): Box Set
  • Barcode (7599-26205-2): CD
  • Barcode (7599-38168-3): VHS


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149,00 € + Versand
(etwa 167,42 $)