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Manic Depression ‎– MD101
Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
18 May 2018
Electronic, Rock
Post-Punk, Darkwave, Coldwave, Synth-pop


A1 Glow 5:00
A2 Icy Cold 4:09
A3 Betrayed 3:25
A4 Disease 5:41
A5 Perspektive
Vocals – Luca Gillian
B1 If You Were Here 4:34
B2 Rivers 3:58
B3 Black Gloves 4:15
B4 Redeem Yourself 4:17
B5 Lie 4:23



Limited to 500 copies.

Barcode und andere Identifikationsmerkmale

  • Barcode: 8016670132639


🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 USA RESIDENTS: please contact me for shipping to your country 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

🔥 🔥 Express Courier Registered Mail (DPD Europe) for items over 250 grams (heavy vinyl, boxes, multiple items..! THIS kind of special delivery is available for ONLY Germany, UK (unless it will go out EU), Spain, France, Belgium, Holland and Austria:
-from 250 grams up 1 Kg : 16,99 EURO
-from 1 Kg up 3 Kg : 18,99 EURO
-over 3 kg on request, but still cheap !!
** NOT AVAILABLE for the Isles of these above countries.

🔥🔥 As actually all the postal shipping costs are going much high worldwide I STRONGLY recommend you to ask me the costs to send your item(s) WITHOUT the classic jewel case, of course when possible. TRUST me the difference is quite big, and I always ship very protected and safe. 🔥🔥

I ACCEPT FAIR OFFERS FOR ALL MY ITEMS FOR SALE! As actual marketplace does NOT have a counteroffer option please check the item price soonafter your offer because I usually change/reduce its price to let you decide if to buy it at my new price.IF you have any doubts,questions or wish to see photos of an item, please ASK BEFORE PURCHASING

🔥 🔥🔥 🔥Please keep in mind I will be out of town from 22 to 28 July, included. I check and answer my emails daily, so just some shipments will be delayed after those days.

►Note 1: that I am NOT a professional seller or store or whatever related to business, so please keep in mind all is from my private collection. Some of my items were never played/used so they are graded Mint (or NM). Last but not least, I normally use professional envelopes and vinyl mailers.
►Note 2: I know/live very near to member music-will-never-die so this means that if you need items from both you can save postage. Inform me in advance about and we'll ship your orders into one unique package.

►►►IMPORTANT: As a private individual seller (second-hand and personal owned stuff) I add this privacy policy (GDPR, 25th May 2018): I ONLY use your data details (delivery address,email,etc) to ship the stuff you ordered from me and I DO NOT use it in any other way; once the package has been shipped I will not retain your data anymore and I WILL NOT share them to anybody. If something is not clear please contact me about.

🔥 🔥 [b]Please check this list of available rare (mostly as new) SHIRTS I have to sell :

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🔥 🔥 I consider serious offers for my WHOLE collectionfor sale, BUT please not crap offers like 1 to 5 euro per item.

► Poste Italiane REGISTERED MAIL (faster and safer than below Standard Mail) with TRACKING CODE (Ask for its cost before ordering,depends from weight,dimensions,etc) is anytime required for items over 16 euro. PLEASE NOTE that Registered does not mean insured, it just means is tracked and to sign upon delivery. If you want to avoid any issue ask me for special insurance extra costs options.

►PAYPAL / BANK TRANSFER (complete bank details come with invoice) / Postal Money Order (EU only).
PLEASE NOTE THAT STARTING 1st JULY 2018 I AM NOT ACCEPTING ORDERS AND SELL ANY ITEM TO AUSTRALIAN ADDRESSED PEOPLE. Why? Ask to the Australian GST Tax Law starting 1st July. Write me if you need any info or this is not clear.

STANDARD MAIL for items under 7 euro (presumed delivery time: 15-27 working days) costs EUROPE :

Up 50 grams (1 CD without jewel case /Cardboard Sleeve) = 3,99 EURO
Between 50 and 100 grams (soft digipak CD or 7" or Cassette) = 4,99 EURO
Between 100 and 250 grams (for 2 CD's /3 soft CD's /heavy 7" and Cassette) = 6,89 EURO
Between 250 and 350 grams (3-4 CD /soft LP-12" VINYL /Video) = 7,79 EURO
Between 350 and 1 Kg (4-9 CD /heavy LP,12",2LP) = 9,99 EURO

STANDARD MAIL for items under 7 euro (presumed delivery time: 20-37 working days) costs Canada :

Up 50 grams (1 CD without jewel case /Cardboard Sleeve) = 4,99 EURO
Between 50 and 100 grams (soft digipak CD or 7" or Cassette) = 5,99 EURO
Between 100 and 250 grams (for 2 CD's /3 soft CD's /heavy 7" and Cassette) = 9,79 EURO
Between 250 and 350 grams (3-4 CD /soft LP-12" VINYL /Video) = 10,49 EURO
Between 350 and 1 Kg (4-9 CD /heavy LP,12",2LP) = 14,99 EURO

►Over 1 Kg AND for the rest of the world = ask me before ordering for the exact cost to your country.
IF you live in RUSSIA, GREECE, EAST EUROPE (ex-USSR,Poland,Slovakia,Latvia etc..) PORTUGAL, SOUTH-CENTRAL/NORTH AMERICA (except USA and Canada), AFRIKA, ISRAEL, ASIA and/or you are a new buyer with a feedback rating lower than 5 and/or your feedback score is lower than 95% the Registered Mail (delivery with tracking code,not standard mail) is ANYTIME required (ask the cost before ordering,is calculated/based on total weight/packaging/handling costs,etc..).
PLEASE NOTE that Registered does not mean insured, it just means is tracked and to sign upon delivery. If you want to avoid any issue ask me for special insurance extra costs options. Items sent uninsured are not the responsibility of the seller. Read AND accepted by buyer when placing an order.

The Poste Italiane Registered Mail (with tracking code,not standard mail) is also required for any item priced from/over 16 Euro. Due to Christmas chaotic days (every year from 13th December to 09th January) is required also for orders from/over 13 Euro.PLEASE NOTE: For South-Central America,Mexico,Russia/East Europe and Asia the delivery can take even 2 months, so you understand/accept here that this eventual delay is quite out of my control and responsability; my only required service is to ship and give the tracking number of Registered Mail package (required for these countries). Read AND accepted by buyer when placing an order.

🔥 🔥 Express Courier Registered Mail DPD Europe : for this fast registered delivery (express courier directly to the address, within 2-5 working days) keep in mind these 3 points:
-buyer's telephone number is always required
-if none is at buyer's address to receive and sign for it the package will remain at courier storage place for free for first 2 days: from the third day a fee will be charged to buyer; after 7 days the package will come back to seller for another shipping cost fee,the same one buyer paid first time. ALL these costs must be paid from the buyer as you are the only one responsible/liable to be not at your given address to receive the package. So be fast to call and plan another delivery with express courier as you can check the delivery status on DPD site. 🔥🔥🔥 Last but not least you, as buyer, are not allowed to request/call directly to DPD to ask to deliver the package to another different address without asking me first, otherwise obviously you will have to pay me back the ammount DPD will later invoice me. Read AND accepted by buyer when placing an order.

ORDINI PROVENIENTI DA MEMBRI ITALIANI : Visto l'aumento esponenziale degli utenti ITALIANI non paganti e di quelli che usano e/o creano altri accounts per comprare da me dopo che li ho bloccati e/o che si lamentano di cose ridicole (tipo "mi hai fatto pagare 10 euro di spedizione ma vedo scritto 9,90 euro sul francobollo del pacchetto ricevuto" oppure "avevi detto che era nuovo ed invece non è sigillato") TUTTI gli ordini di membri italiani residenti come anche quelli dei NON residenti in Italia al momento saranno accettati SOLO se verro' prima contattato via messaggio privato diretto qui su D iscogs. Siccome siamo tutti ben a conoscenza della pericolosita' e conseguenze dei reati di calunnia/ diffamazione/ etc NON scrivero' mai pubblicamente i nomi,cognomi,nicknames,indirizzi o quant'altro; se avete bisogno di informazioni e avete domande basta scrivermi qui su Discogs. Letto ed accettato da tutti gli utenti sopra citati.

🔥 🔥 ALSO REMEMBER: In order to save on shipping costs offer I can propose you to ship 1 CD *without* the standard jewel case (if not a special case or digipak), up 50 grams. If you wish that jewel case nonetheless, please let me know before your payment, and I'll invoice you with shipping up 250 grams accordingly. However, please keep in mind that buying 1 new empty standard jewel case yourself is thousand times surely cheaper than the corresponding shipping price difference.

🔥 🔥 My stated shipping costs AND my final invoice include the official postage rates + the packaging and handling costs. When buying you fully understand and solely accept this and all my other rules here written. Please also note that I am and will be never responsable or part "in crime" for any customs checking delay and fee you will eventually have to pay in your country to receive my packages. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, as per paypal and discogs rule, any eventual return (if no mistakes were made from me) will be totally at buyer's cost. This means that any neutral or negative feedback left to me because you don't agree with this returning policy will be removed from the system. Any complaint (and/or neutral/negative feedback without having me contact first) will be reported to Discogs as one of the most important sellers marketplace rule is "I wrote all exactly in my selling terms so you know it in advance,no later claims". Read AND accepted by buyer when placing an order.

🔥 🔥 Read always any my sale condition comments! In my grades the first one is about the media (the part you play!) and second one is about booklet/inlay ,eventual digipak or box!The standard regular jewel/plastic cases are NOT graded .
AS PER DISCOGS RULE : "Standard Jewel Cases: Standard Jewel Cases are not graded as they are replaceable" so no claim condition will be considered,as they are replaceable.
If I notice any very little visible sign I suddenly check it better under a bright light,so no issues will be hidden to me. NOTE about handmade/soft digipak/CD-r items: most of them are strictly self-productions, which are NEVER in a Mint condition as described in the Goldmine standard's definition used in Discogs. Handmade covers, self-pressings, sprayed labels, handnumbered limitations and stuff like that never have a feeling like an untouched product, just because it was made by labels/artists who are NOT dedicated and good as the manufacturing robots. To avoid any discussions about their condition status please read always what I exactly write in any sale comment description. They are just as I've received them from the labels or distributions. If in doubt, don't hesitate to contact me towards a product. IF I write into a sale item condition VG+ (or worst) you are required to ask me for some pictures about, this to prevent any problem when the item has been received and for you it looks not so good (obviously). Any later complaint will not be accepted, so I request ,as sale rule, that you ask me further info and pictures before ordering. AND please note that MINT does not mean SEALED because not all labels seal their releases. In the case one item I sell is still SEALED then it will be for sure written in its sale description. Read AND accepted by buyer when placing an order.

USED VINYL (so NOT Mint and/or Sealed) : I grade them for the 80% by listening and 20% visually. This means that a vinyl can play really great even if visually it has some wear/signs (which may be from manufacturing/label storage), so please ask me anytime BEFORE buy (especially if you usually look deep at every little part of the vinyl/sleeve) and I will gladly check for you the whole 100% vinyl/sleeve conditions. Told this, I will not accept any later claim or issue about. By buying you accept this my rule in full and my sale comments. Last but least, generic (black/white) innersleeves are NOT graded as they are replaceable. Read AND accepted by buyer when placing an order.

►BEFORE leave me a negative or neutral feedback PLEASE contact me in advance to try to solve any problem. Remember that I will always leave my feedback only AFTER yours for me (this for me means you got the stuff well and safe).
IF you leave me a neutral or negative feedback without having first contacted me about the issue your feedback will be removed ,as per Discogs Marketplace Feedback rule ( ) at point 7; same thing will happen if you're offensive to me, no matter which words (soft or strong) you will write,as at point 8:
1)Leaving or receiving feedback with the intention of artificially enhancing one's reputation (shill feedback).
2)Offering to sell, buy or trade feedback.
3)Registering multiple accounts, or working with others, in order to exchange feedback to artificially increase ratings.
4)Placing fake orders with the intent of damaging another person's feedback rating.
5)Leaving feedback with the intent to force or intimidate another user into taking a specific action, particularly action violating Discogs policies.
6)Using the feedback section to conduct personal attacks on users.
7)Leaving feedback solely to complain about an item or order, without first having messaged the buyer or seller to seek amicable resolution.
8)Use of profanity, offensive language, potentially libelous language, or language intending to discredit another user ("liar," "thief," "bad person," and so on).
LAST but not least I will not ship to any Rostock and Wolfenbuettel german addresses and near these cities. Read AND accepted by buyer when placing an order.

►►►Opening a PayPal claim without contacting me first is a violation of Discogs marketplace rules:
"If, as a buyer, you are unhappy with your purchase, please do the following no later than 60 days after the order has Shipped:
Before leaving feedback, use the order page to notify the seller, then allow the seller four days to respond with a proposed solution."

►About orders paid AFTER they've been "cancelled per non-paying buyer": DISCOGS staff manager wrote on a member's forum thread (537c7ba7d07b09503c1fe9eb) "Once an order has been updated to "Cancelled (non-paying buyer)" the seller has no obligation to complete the order and ship the items; in this case he must refund the buyer and the issue/order must to be considered closed. Therefore the buyer CANNOT leave any neutral or negative feedback to seller". In the good case i want to go ahead anyway with the deal after I got that late and unexpected payment my negative feedback will be ONLY removed when you will write into order page that you have received the items and everything, from conditions to shipping to communication, was 100% OK. I don't want a buyer that pays AFTER a Cancelled for Non-Paying Buyer and then creates problems as revenge because i honestly cancelled the order for his lack of communication and payment. So,only once the package has arrived you and you write into order page that all was 100% OK I will remove my feedback. This will protect my excellent seller feedback from unprofessional buyers. NO problems for me to pay anytime the Discogs selling fee, I just want to protect myself from bad buyers behaviour, threats,retaliations and revenge. LAST but not least,for all these reasons, a buyer who will pay after the order has been cancelled MUST pay for Registered mail instead of Standard mail,so I will be sure he will get it.
BASED on last 2015 DISCOGS UPDATE rule: if you haven't paid me and you got a NON PAYING BUYER feedback you have to consider your order(s) as cancelled and items will be re-listed for sale soonafter. To reinstate and/or pay for a cancelled order, please contact me first for product availability because the re-listed items may be already sold to someone else. Read AND accepted by buyer when placing an order.

Please read carefully all my rules here to avoid any misunderstanding ;-)

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