Was ist Gothic Rock?

Goth rock first appeared in the UK in the late 1970's, it is generally a dark and serious form of rock music, with style elements stemming from 'Post Punk', 'Post Rock' and 'Psychedelic Rock', later on incorporating elements of 'Synth Wave', with bands and releases using more electronic elements and fusing elements from other styles into the sound. Sometimes synonymous with "Death Rock", "Goth Rock" bands' sound can vary quite a bit from artist to artist, album to album and song to song. Song structures, tempos and instrumentation are fairly experimental, and the style is mostly cohesive due to it's themes, aesthetics and lifestyle. Themes incorporate a spectrum of issues from political angst to alienation in the modern world to romantic tragedy, most of the lyrics and vibe tending to be gloomy and depressing (like some might interpret, describe or express much of England's weather). Later becoming in some ways more of a counter-culture/underground movement than just a musical style by individuals who felt alienated by mainstream society and wished to express their rejection of the status quo through music, art and fashion. 'Ethereal' (sometimes called 'Ethereal Goth') is a closely related and similar style.

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