Was ist Psy-Trance?

Heritage from the Goa Trance, Psychedelic Trance is more dusky & repetitive than the original orientation of the style. There are also less multi-layered melodies; making the sound more techno-like. The style emerged during the year 1998 with German productions from X-Dream or Planet BEN. The Scandinavian artists also brought a major influence to the style with a colder and harder sound. Artists like Atmos, Koxbox or Son Kite made it popular till 2002.

With technology the style has developed immensely, starting to sound like the modern psy-trance at around 2003-2004.

Among the most influential artists in the genre are Infected Mushroom, GMS, Astral Projection, 1200 Mics and Talamasca. Some of the most popular names that have been active the past 15 years are artists such as Sesto Sento, Vibe Tribe, Phanatic, InterSys, Soniq Vision, Electro Sun, Space Buddha, Cosmic Tone, UltraVoice, Astrix, Safi Connection, Audiotec and Space Cat.

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