Turquoise Days - Further Strategies Charon49

5. März 2020
Confirmed! Also my copy has a warp on the first record.

Project Pitchfork - CH`I Charon49

9. Juli 2017
geändert over 4 years ago
Track 3 is clearly based on Aphex Twin's "Flaphead". On later versions this can be heared only in an unremarkable way.

Ortrotasce - Ortrotasce Charon49

26. Juni 2015
I just figured out that the included download code shows a wrong internet address. It is NOT but

:wumpscut: - Wreath Of Barbs Bag Charon49

23. Oktober 2014
geändert over 6 years ago
A warning to all owners of this bag: please store the energy drink separatly. The tin can will be corroded slowly by the liquid and one nice day all other content is damaged as it happened to me. :-(

Sara Noxx - Society Charon49

21. Oktober 2014
Please check the scans - the front cover states clear what is given in notes.